Mental illness and running



  • Still alive. Go back tomorrow for a review and a plan
  • Top up hugs for by 'eck  (((by 'eck))).

    Welcome ctpotato.  Just been having a read of your blog.  Stay around and I'm sure you'll find plenty of support and encouragement. 

  • Hi ctpotatoe. Really like the blog image. Yeah, focusing on events does help, i find structure helps me a gives me a purpose and those days where its just hard to get up and face the world, if I've planned a run then it gives me a bit more of a push....which makes this snow suck so much image.

    Still finding today tough. But deicded tomorrow I'm just going to go out and hit the fields. It won't be fast but I'll try and just enjoy it...hopefully...

    by'eck...lots of hugs. I hope everything goes ok. 

  • Evening. Glad to hear about Moo getting the attention he needs. 

    Hugs to Caz and by 'eck. Wish they could be real ones.

    Big welcome to ctpotato. I'm into triathlon too so will read your blog with interest. I'm another one for writing it down to work things through. I started with a note book but then got worried about who else might see it so resorted to scraps of paper I could throw away.  (don't know why, there is only me and Mr Soup at home). I looked at some of my old stuff in the book recently and realised how far I've come. At times I still feel my arms tingling, especially at night but breathing through my abdomen seems to resolve it. Anxiety is still grossly misunderstood. Depression seems to be getting more publicity which is good, but at the expense of other mental health conditions  I fear. 

    Speaking of blogs, anyone got any contact details for Bricki? Bricki if you are reading this please pop in just to say you are okay. 

  • It is concerning about Bricki.  I've been doing some digging around to see if he's been active on Twitter and a Man Utd site he contributes to - but seems to have been quiet on there as well. 

  • I did the same too LR, I wondered if he was on his NY trip
  • I thought that was supposed to be next month.  Could have changed I suppose.

  • I am a bit worried too
  • His old blog - the running fella, hasn't disappeared
  • Difficult one - I'm a bit wary of asking others he's been in contact with on Twitter.  Not really fair if they don't know about his depression and he wouldn't want them to know.

  • Off into work early again. Can't decide whether to walk or drive at the moment.

    By 'eck - hope it goes OK today.

    SOLB - hope you're OK.

  • Thanks for the ((hugs)) - no need to worry about me, I am still lurking image but just very busy at work and trying to stay upbeat.

    I hope things go OK for the By Eck's today x

    *leaves spare hugs and tea for Bricki*

  • No-one in who was on moo's team so they sent us home after 4 hours
  • Oh, thats pants, by 'eck. Don't know what else to say.

  • by 'eck - is there any follow-up at all? I hope you are not left struggling again on your own. That sounds a bit of a shambles. Hope its better than that.

    Can I do a bit of my indulgence please? Mr Soup has now been admitted to Exeter Hospital for pain management and observation. image In one way I'm relieved because he was struggling so much but I'm now sat in the hotel room on my own and wondering if I should extend the room stay and phone work. I'm meant to be going home tomorrow for work on Wednesday. I will see what tomorrow brings and extend the room anyway. 

  • I'm so so Sorry to hear that soupy. Did he suddenly get worse?
  • Sorry to hear your news Soupy, hopefully he will be on the mend. You're right to see what tomorrow brings, no point in making solid plans at the moment until you know what tomorrow is, NHS can be quick to discharge if they think everything is under control.

  • Hugs needed all round methinks.  (((everyone)))

    You really could have done without that by 'eck.  Do hope you can get sorted soon.

    Soupy - I hope your employer is understanding when it comes to these things.  You certainly ought to stay around there if you need to.

    Caz - any word from SOLB?

  • Had a FB msg from her yesterday but nothing today.

    We should hear from moo's dietician on Wednesday, when she gets back. We are just fed up of doing everything we can at home and know that he needs their help, but it isn't forthcoming.

    Soupy, can he be transferred to a hospital closer to home?
  • Thanks for the comments regarding my blog, all very encouraging!

    It's interesting to read that others have been writing things down to help deal with problems and also interesting that there was worry others would see what was written.

    I'm worried about this too as my parents, brother and quite a few friends and colleagues have no idea about my issues, so they haven't read my blog. I will tell them one day as I know how liberated I feel when I've told others, but my mum worries too much as it is!

    Not sure when I'll run again as the pavements and roads are very dodgy, so I hit the turbo trainer again this evening which did the trick.


  • Not heard from Solb today, but I tend to mainly talk to people in the evening.  I did hear from her yesterday though.

    There seem to be a lot of quiet people at the moment.  I hope they are all ok.  I just wanted to let them know that I had noticed their absence.

  • CTP - it's been a major issue with me as to who to tell about my issues.  I've not told any family at all and am wary of doing so - partly because of the worry issue being much the same as with you.  I'm also wary of management at work finding out as well.  I suppose because of that, there are probably some things I don't say on here - but I'll come out with most things because the support I get back is worth taking the chance for.  It's more where things involve other people that I think it's sometimes not fair to put stuff on about them.  So I think it's just a case of using a bit of common sense and discretion at times.

    Weather forecast shows a thaw come the weekend.  Just means another frustrating week in the meantime.  Had my walk into work today as an alternative to a run.

  • CTP and LR - same. My family do not know and I'm not sure if i would ever tell them. Both my parents are doctors and this has stopped me going to a gp. I have had help through confidential support places which has been good...but I just can't tell GP/parents. Even though it would b confidential me telling a GP, it would inevitably get back to my parents somehow..and further more if I had gone to a GP for help I would have had to declare it to my new work, which I just can't do. It's tricky enough starting out in a big company, especially as a woman when it's male dominated, but add in the depression and I fear I would be hindered right from the off. Its a shame, but until peoples (especially work place) attitudes change towards mental illness, there will always be caution when employing people with one. I don't feel having had problems has in any way affected my working ability - if anything I focus more on work and work harder than colleages as it's a distraction...but public perception is still, sadly, that having had mental health issues, this makes me 'weaker'....*sigh*

    I hope all those who are struggling are ok. You have a lot of support here so just stay strong. 

  • Solb has reported in.  She's feeling a bit withdrawn which is why she hasn't been around

  • I am drinking peppermint tea
  • I've just finished peppermint tea image

  • For me, going to my GP happened when I got to a point that I just couldn't cope anymore. My main concern about going onto anti-depressants were possible side effects - more of a concern if I'm taking them without other people knowing.  As it turns out, I've been OK there.  I do feel I need more help though and have another appointment due soon - but my concern there is that I cannot just disappear off work at odd times for appointments without an explanation.

    I often think I should speak up at work - because if people don't then how will attitudes ever change.  Trouble is for us - we know our livelihood is at stake. 

    So I would say that if you really have to do something - make it the GP, take the chance and don't declare it at work.  You have to decide what's best - there are options - just all of them are tough ones.

  • Must have my bedtime herbal tea tonight - instead of alcohol.  I need a night's sleep which leaves me feeling less rough in the morning.  Not that my intake is excessive - but mornings are a problem right now so I've got to do everything I can.

  • speedy get well wishes to Solb. 

    I'm drinking Beck's Blue alcohol-free stuff.

    Hotel room extended to the weekend if we need it. I thought about moving him to closer home but its a 3 hour drive and I don't want to jeopardise his recovery. They seem to have a good plan for him in Exeter so its best for him if he stays there till they think he is fit for travel. I'll phone work tomorrow and take unpaid leave if I have to. 

  • Get well Solb

    Glad to hear you have a plan Soupy, travelling in this weather is not great so another day or so may make the homeward journey nicer.

    (()) to those that want.

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