Mental illness and running



  • Actually CJ, there is no snow here and the weather is even quite mild! image  

  • *packs her bags and heads of to join soupy*

    Purely to support you of course
  • Ooh - you have runnable non-icy paths!  Should have kept quiet - there'll be a mass exodus that way.

    Being sensible and off to bed now with my herbal tea. 

    Night all. xx

  • Unpack your bags by'eck. Hail stoning this morning. image 

  • I run/own the UK's largest independent site on anxiety and panic. I also wrote a book on my own recovery, the book has fantastic feedback on Amazon etc. If anyone on here wants a free pdf copy then they are welcome. Running was a part of my recovery for many reasons and it would be nice to give something back.

  • I phoned work who have been very understanding so I'm staying put. 

    Paul - that is a very kind offer, thank you. Its reassuring that recovery is possible and even more so that running helped. I will pm you my email if I may. I've just looked at your website and relate to the constant thoughts buzzing around in my head. My CBT course also told me not to try and stop thinking about them, because that just brought them to the fore all the more (try think of a polar bear then stop yourself thinking of it, and you imagine the polar bear all the more). But its easier said than done. 


  • It is easier said than done Soup

    I teach more to to with 'It's ok to think this way' as what we resist persists, it took a while and plenty of ups and downs for me to get where I am today. I never try and simplify it, I had a lot of ups and downs, but I refused to believe I could be me again and left no stone unturned to try and find 'ME' again.

    If you know the site then feel free to send me an email and if you want to read my story ill pass on a free pdf

    Thank you also for this thread and all that contribute, it's time to change attitudes and beliefs and that starts with people no longer keeping it to themselves and not been ashamed to say how they feel.

  • paul - it's always so inspiring to hear other people's stories image

    On this line of promoting more positive attitudes towards mental friend has set up a charity of raising awareness of depression. Its called 'the black dog exisits' and she has a great blog about it if anyone is interested.

    Hope people are having a good day. Chin up and stay strong (I currently have a hot chocolate beside me so the world seems a better place) 

  • Paul, I'd be interested in both the book and the website but sadly can't find the website or your email.  You don't seem to have your emailed enable, bur if you could email me via this site's email I can let you have my full email


    Thanks in advance image

  • Hope it goes OK with dietician, by 'eck.

    Treated myself to a reasonably sensible time start this morning.  This getting up early really doesn't suit me.

  • Mug of tea number 1
  • Oh, and Soupy, hope Mr Soupy's recovery is going OK.

  • Nice to hear from you Bear, been a bit quiet a couple of days, or have I had you accidently on ignore?  This is the website I googled and hope its the right one! 

    Going to pick Mr Soupy up now. image

  • Hi everyone sorry for butting in but I thought with your experience of mental issues, it might be a good place to ask :-

    Can you be depressed but are not suicidal and take part in marathons on a regularly?

    Any opinions will be appreciated.


  • Thanks Soupy - I found that one but it said it was by Paul David not Bywater, if that's the one then it looks good

  • Woody, feel free to but in any time you like.  Yes you can be depressed without suicidal thoughts and still running. It may be a mild depression or not as symptoms vary greatly. Lack of concentration, tearful (often without suicidal thoughts), not enjoying things as normal, feeling worthess, the list goes on.  Look at this symptom checker if in doubt and discuss with your GP if you are concerned. Close friends can often give you an indication if you are not your usual self too. 


  • LR and RWTW.

    As we all know, support is priceless but allowing yourself to find it can be difficult.

    I have told my boss about my issues and that I'm getting some help and he was very supportive, in a corporate way. I also told one colleague who I work closely with that I was getting some help a they would have to pick up the slack if I was not at work. I didn't give them any fine details though as I was wary. I do feel better for telling them and it would have been difficult to continue without doing so as we are a small team but within a large organisation. I would really like to tell my mum but can't bring myself to do it. Same goes for my brother as we are close. Mrs Ctpotato is amazing though and suppports me/kicks me up the backside when I need it.

  • ctpotato....that's good to hear. It is good to have supportive people around. I have told a lot of friends...its just trcky as starting in a new big corporate going in there saying i have problems...well, not everyone will be supportive :/

  • Woody - not sure if you were asking about yourself or others there.  As is always the case with these things it varies totally from one person to another.  Personally it's always prevented me from doing so - but it still remains my goal.

  • Hoping to get out running again tomorrow night with the running club.  Was hoping a couple of friends who are members might be getting along but they can't so got to brave it alone.  Really need to do it but nervous already.

  • LR - good luck for a run tomorrow. I haven't run all week, but I have been swimming. 

    Mr Soup is doing well and its really lovely to have him back. Interestingly he had 2 years off work with depression a few years ago which was really severe, but he still ran marathons and got involved in quite strenous gardening as part of his therapy planting trees and such. But he cried every day and couldn't add up and got all the letters the wrong way round when he tried to write. As an educated intelligent person that was hard for him. It really does differ from person to person, there is no one size fits all. 

  • *pops back up* 
    Hey all, just had a read back - I love this place, you guys are brilliant image

    Hi new people, nice to meet you.

    Massive, massive hugs to by eck, Caz, Mr Soupy and all having a wobbly day

    I trained for a marathon while depressed and actively psychotic. It's not always easy but certainly possible if that's what you want. That said I've barely run this year and Sossidge floated the theory that perhaps it was cos I'd depleted my energy with all the amazing DID and OCD work - which is still going well. 

    Sorry for going quiet, I tend to withdraw when I'm poorly - feeling a bit fragile but I'm much better now thank you for the kind thoughts image  

  • Hey Solb, nice to see you back. You take as much space as you need, just so long as you come back to us. 

    I'm getting the train home tomorrow and leaving Mr Soup here for a few extra days rest. I'll miss him but I know he's well enough to be left and it will do him good. I need to go back to work and tend our chickens. I don't want to take any liberties at work in a department where I'm asking for redeployment and the girls are good. If it were my old horrid department I'd just say f*** it and call in sick. image

  • Likewise, SOLB, good to see you back.

    Why am I still around at this time tonight when I managed to get myself settled down at a decent time for a decent night last night and, after a bad start to the week, had a better day for it today.  Can only take things from here and call it a night now.

    Night all. xx

  • I'll always come back Soupy, I missed you guys

    Glad you've made your decision about the next few days, sounds good. Plus we get to learn how much weight the chickens put on in the care of the neighbour! 

    Hey LR, hope you get some rest and have a better day tomorrow. I like the thinking behind I can only take things from here and I'm going to do likewise 

    Night x 

  • It was just my frustration that I seemed to get it right the night before but got it all wrong last night.  Fortunately I'm not feeling too bad this morning.  I find it really tough when I feel really rough in the morning day after day.  Got a challenging end of the week to deal with though.

    by 'eck - thinking of you and sending hugs to you all (((the by 'ecks)))

  • We finally get to see a dietician today. 3 hours time. Hmmm, he may have finished his cereal by then. It's taken him 75 minutes to eat a handful and I have a very small hand.
  • Morning. 

    Fingers crossed for the dietician by 'eck.

    I'm feeling really emotional today and I could cry easily. It might have something to do with me forgetting to take my tablets for last 3 days. Oops. Or perhaps its just relief that the stress has gone and I'm sad to be leaving this lovely place today. I'm looking out over the sea right now, the weather is mild and its beautiful. 

    Have a good day all. 

    Hugs to those in need. 

  • Morning all

    Thank you Soupy for the link, your thoughts and for making me welcome, and thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and experience.


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