Mental illness and running



  • I certainly find it really can be tough when you've had a few unsuccesful attempts - it does make it more difficult.  I think only you can decide when you're ready to have any go, knowing that the VRC cheerleaders will be with you all the way.

    The occasions when I am actually happy running are few and far between these days - but I know that when I acheive it, it's the best I ever feel.  So it remains a the ultimate goal for me.  The last time I did feel really good running was last September at the City of London Orienteering race.  One guy filmed his race with a head camera and I often look at the video to remind me of the feeling I'm aiming for:


  • Morning. I'm still here, lurking cos feeling a bit quiet and struggly. Don't know why, work went well yesterday and the senior manager said how well I'd fitted in which made me feel good in a way I haven't for months. I think those feel good feelings are somehow making me realise just how ill I've been and for how long which I'm finding myself reflecting on. I keep thinking I'm well, then get a glimpse of being even more well and realise I wasn't as well as I thought.  Feeling a bit sort of traumatised by it so need to stop dwelling and ruminating.

    Its a lovely bright sunny day here so I really should do a run but having trouble finding the energy. VRC group run tomorrow anyone?

  • I haven't ruled out today yet.  Supposed to have a builder coming round to look at my garage.  Might have time to get out before heading out for a beer festival trip with the running club later.  Tomorrow, I'm belatedly doing my 2012 new sport to try and having a go at archery.  It's just something I've always wanted to have a go at but have never had the chance.  Unfortunately, the publicity from the Olympics have made it difficult to get the opportunity until now.

  • Okay, I'm going to do it. I'm going to get my running kit on and plod round the park, even its just a mile. Gonna join me LR? Just for 20 mins unless we decide to carrry on further once we've got going?



  • Just going to get tidied up round here then will go for it about an hours time. 

  • Last night as ok thanks. I just feel so awkward when I'm in that state of mind and so when you're surrounded by people you don't know that just makes me very anxious!

    However...we have more snow. And nowhere is gritted. And I really need to get out tomorrow and do a 15 miler esp as I missed last weeks one. Stupid snow!!

    LR- really well done on telling your colleague. And glad they were supportive image 

  • image

    5 miles.


  • Well done, Soupy.  Well I did get out there - but only managed to run for 6 minutes before I had to stop.  It was a case of the rough running surface from the melting snow making me increasingly nervous of making myself feel ill like I was when I ran last week.  Thanks for encouraging me though, but today's not the day.  Frustrating as ever though.

    RLTW - I'm always anxious with people I don't know.  How difficult it is depends on how talkitive they are.  Talkative ones make it easier but to stuck with a quiet person and trying to make conversation just makes me more nervous.  I think the snow should all be thawed by tomorrow though - but it may be rather wet and slushy.

  • LR - thanks, yeah, same. I just get anxious as feel so self consciuos in those situations! Also...I hope so. Theres a good few inches around and atm it looks ok..nice and fluffy...but I'm worried it'll thaw a bit then get icy. I don't do well with ice!! Think It'll be a case of manning up and hoping for the best!! I would be so annoyed to miss another run and start getting annoyed with myself so as long as I really try to do it I reckon it'll be ok. Hopefully. Come on sun! 

  • 8 miles of mud, meltwater and icy puddles. And in 85 minutes image I was really nervous
  • 2 miles

    (wheeze was the worst yet. Back to the docs I go)
  • well done by 'eck, Sorry to hear that some of you guys still have snow.

  • You ok Solb? This might sound really really patronising, but are you running too fast?
  • Good running peeps!


    Hope you get the wheezes sorted, Solb

  • cross post solb. Sorry you wheezed. Can you start by just a brisk walk till you've warmed up a bit? Again, don't want to sound patronising, and I'm still running 13min miles but don't care, I'm running. 

  • I don't think so, they were 11.20 min miles and my natural bimbling pace used to be 10.

    I used my inhaler before I ran and twice on the way then just before the 2 mile mark I started wheezing. Feels fine now though just needed to let it settle.

    How do you feel now Soupy? Any better?
  • Yeh, I'm loads better after that run thanks Solb. image  Wheezing is horrid. Poor you. If you would just out of breath you would might be breathing heavy but not wheezing. Could be the cold air I suppose? Whatever, I hope you get it sorted soon. 

  • Do you wear a buff over your nose and mouth?
  • Thanks Soupy, sure it'll be fine. It's just annoying, I think the doctor will be able to help. She could still prescribe Singulair (is that how its spelt?) but has been holding off cos it can have psychiatric side effects. I think we need to have a go

    I'm so glad you are feeling better Soupy. I feel happier for having been out for a run too
  • Only if I run in the morning by eck
  • My dad gets very bad asthma when it's cold. He said it happens when the cold air suddenly hit the back of hour throat and makes your breathing go funny. It's like when supercaz jumps into cold water and she says it make you catch your breath.
  • Or in the case of today, SuperCaz jumps in the water and was so worried about her costume coming off that she forgot that breathing was supposed to be difficult.

    Solb, are you thinking about your asthma when you run?  I used to find that if I worried about it then I was certain to have an attack.  If I forgot about it then often (but not always) I didn't.  In my case I think the expectation caused the reality.

  • Well done caz. I hate that cold water can't breathe feeling and I get that in summer lol. I hate the feeling of losing my cossie to lol. 

    Mr Soup has now safely returned from Devon is a lot lot lot lot better. image

  • One of my freinds has her photo from today in Metro newspaper.  They got that in quickly

  • Evening
  • Good to see you, Bricki image
  • Hi bricki! How are you? I'll try to avoid gushing but if hou read back we've been really worried about you!

    Frodo, you ok my little earth dwelling friend
  • *waves to Bricki*

    I like the cold water stole my breath feeling. Makes me feel really alive ... maybe I should do OW swimming!

    SCaz I thought it would be good today cos it had improved (but not disappeared) when I'm not doing anything active. I do worry about it usually though so might make it worse.

    I'm still happy with the outcome 2 miles is still very positive and I'm going to cycle tomorrow if I have time (not sure when I'm on babysitting duty tomorrow) Then run on Monday.

    In really exciting news the Spotty ones paw is better and we are starting pooch to 5k on Monday too image yay!
  • Yay to Spotty's paw and to Bricki's return.  Sorry you're taking 2nd place there Bricki - but I'm like that when it comes to animals.

    Good social trip today - if slightly weird at times . Can't even begin to explain.

  • Argh!! I woke with a tight chest and irritating cough. No, Mr by eck wasn't sat on me. Toddled off to find one of moo's inhalers (they had all decided to join up and have a party rather than be somewhere I could easily find them), woke the whole household coughing and clattering, and now can't get back to sleep. I doubt it's asthma but it feels scary when it's happening as you just can't catch your breath. I had this over the summer when the pollen was really irritating.

    Solb, fab news about spotty.

    Is someone going to keep tally of our miles?

    I did 8 yesterday (sub were sub-9mm which is worrying), and 5 slippy walk/jog miles in the week if they count. I may do a few more tomorrow.
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