Mental illness and running




     Photo from yesterdays event taken after I had completed my width (50 yards) of the lido

  • Hi Bricki. Nice to see you back. image

    Spotty hugs all round. 

    Lovely photo Caz with your usual lovely big smile.  You are quite mad though. image

    Got to dash back to watching tennis now. Murray needs to hold serve to stay in the set. 


  • I can't see the picture on my phone and the internet is down AGAIN. I can imagine the smile though!

    I'm not babysitting until 5.30 now. I don't want to go cycling, no idea why not, but have decided not to push it today. So long as I run tomorrow, book a docs appointment and start Spotties pooch to 5k schedule with him all will be well.

    Hope everyone is feeling ok today x
  • Pooch to 5k...that's funny image

  • SuperCaz - that looks amazing!! I am definitely a fair weather swimmer though! How can you deal with the cold!?

    Had a big old cry last night. Over nothing really. Just anxious and blue. But it seemed my wishing for the snow to go had an effect - heaps of rain last night washing away the good few inches of snow...meaning I managed a 15 miler today. Got rid of that blue feeling for sure! 

  • The same way as you deal with the cold or tired muscels when you run 15 miles!  I was only in the water about 30 seconds.

    Really I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal out of the cold.  You are all fighting much bigger issues on a daily basis.  I know I will be warm again shortly but you are all delaing with stuff that has been going on for weeks, months or years and has no set finish date.

    I am so proud of all of you for what you achieve every single day.  Don't try to tell me that I'm any more special than that.

  • Caz, That's very true, well said. Still, I'm not a fan of the cold even if I know i'll get warm later... Why I still live in England is beyond me...

  • Ha I'm too hot today image
  • My name is by eck and I have an eating disorder
  • Well done by eck, that was brave xx
  • Thank you Solb. I told Mr by eck last night. Today has been much easier.
  • By eck image and ((hugs))

    (edited because of FB/RW emoticon confusion)
  • Glad you're feeling better and that Mr by eck is being supportive. Are you planning on talking to the doctor?
  • Nope most definitely not.
  • We get on much better when I don't talk to him.
  • (((by eck))).  Well done love. x  Shame you can't talk to your doctor though. 


  • He would just try to make me take tablets, write it all in my notes and tell moo's drs. They then would think I'm causing his eating problems rather than his eating problems triggering this off agsin
  • Oh sounds complicated indeed.

    Still you know what you are up against now which is good and hopefully feeling more certain of what's happening will help you to feel a bit more in control. We're all here if you need us
  • Big hugs (((By eck))) and well done for coming out with that on here. 

    Just been to my archery session.  Was really nervous to start with but after dodgy first attempts it came together and I relaxed a bit more.  A non productive day prior to that though.  I just don't seem to be capable of achieving anything before midday on a non work day so I need to get busy now.

  • Lr, I really battle with non productive days
  • Thank you everyone. I wanted to admit it because I know I need help and support
  • by eck. The hardest part is admitting it (IMO), there will be help and support now you've made that brave move.

    First run in a month today, I couldn't believe it had been that long when I saw my training diary but bad weather and a muddled head have taken their toll. Nice to see green grass and grey pavements again although I did nearly get blown off my feet in the wind! Did a very positive 7 miles then went to the pub for lunch with the family to celebrate my mum's birthday. A good day.


  • Well you know you'll find plenty of help and support on here, by 'eck.  Maybe in addition to the Virtual Running Club we need a Productive Day Club.

  • potato - I see you've entered IM Wales. Lots of pirates doing that again this year, you will be in good company. Are you getting/have you got pirate kit? There should be some good training rides coming up in the summer too. I'm down for Challenge Henley. I'd love to do Tenby but the sea swim and the hills scare the life out of me. It will be my first long distance too. Meant to do Outlaw last year but I was too ill to train, got panic attacks on the bike and all sorts of nonsense.  Good luck. 

    PDC - what a good idea. image

  • waves to Mick n phil. 

  • Soup Dragon: I went to spectate at Challenge Henley last year and it looked fun and well organised. I did consider doing it for a while at that time but the call of Ironman was too loud to ignore. I'm also apprehensive about the sea swim as I've had anxiety attacks in mass swim starts before but I'm determined to conquer that particular problem. On the plus side, I like riding up hills and it's a beautiful part of the world too.

    Not sure about getting the Pirate kit yet. I have registered on the website, so maybe..?

  • ctpotato, you NEED pirate kit.  If you don't want to buy any then beg, borrow or steal it.  The support you get wwhen you wear it is fantastic and will give you such a lift when you are struggling through those final miles

  • Agree with what Caz says.  Get involved with the Pirates and you will enjoy your training more and get oodles of support on the day. Not to mention making some great friends.   Why don't you join us at the Pirate feed station at Outlaw this year. Its a great day and good chance to meet people. Then there is Silent Assasin's DIY half ironman in May as  a training session.  In fact everyone can help at the feed station, its hard work but a good time so all welcome. 

    Pirate feed station

    DIY Half IM

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