Mental illness and running



  • Right, very soon I am going to have a massive falling out with myself
  • What's up, by 'eck?

  • Just this daft eating thing. I didn't take enough calories yesterday to balance out my run so I had a lousy headache this morning and needed help from my parents.
  • Big hugs, (((by 'eck)))

  • Cheers LR. I chickened out of my run tonight. I justified it by saying I had already walked a fair bit today and I wanted to spend time with Mr by eck.
  • Well some days it has to be done.  I've certainly made no effort at all tonight - in fact I went to bed for nap when I got in.  Plan is to get away from work early tomorrow to give myself time to eat and get my head straight before going for the running club run.

  • The phone call was from someone who has never been able to phone me before.  Someone we all know and who is a bit quiet at the moment.  Someone who is doing a fantastic job of fighting the OCD image

    By 'eck, I hardly drink caffeine and this weekend was the first time that I have drunk alcohol this year, and I was well behaved.

    The near miss didn't shake me up too much at the time.  I am good at pigeonholing things away until I have time to deal with them.  It hit me the next morning instead, when I had time to think.

    I've been a bit emotional all of today too.  But in a good way - cheerful and bouncy.  The accident made me realise quite a few things about my life and problems that have been bugging me for a while suddenly had solutions.  Nothing like thinking you are going to die to put things in perspective.

  • Sounds a bit like the sort of thing I hear about people who have battled through a life threatening illness in that it makes them value their life all the more.  Makes me think though - why is it so difficult for me to value all the good things I have got in my life and feel good about that.  It really shouldn't take something like that to make a difference but that's how it seems to work.

    I think your clues have definitely given away the mystery person now.  Certainly is good to hear.

  • Morning all. Glad to hear you are okay after your scary encounter Caz. 

    Food and exercise is something that definately go together! Me and Mr Soup have started the FAST diet (just so get rid of  a few Jan/Feb pounds) where you restrict calories to 500 or 600 on 2 days a week. Yesterday was my 500 day but I still biked to work and then did a 1000m swim. Then I went to the pictures and by 9pm I felt tired, nauseous and really crap.  Couldn't get home fast enough for a quick snack. Didn't help that the film was boring as hell - Lincoln. Very disappointing. 

    Anyway, I'm going to be lurking more and popping in now and then because I'm trying to change my mind set from being ill to being well. Because I think I am well!! image But this thread is so special that I want to keep in touch and hear how everyone is getting on. 

    Love and kisses to everyone including lurkers. There is always hope. For me it has been the change in work environment. 



  • Soupy, I am interested in this plan. I heard about it from a Dr friend.
  • It seems to be working by'eck and I'm hoping it will deal with my high cholesterol too. But balancing calorie restriction with exercise is a bit difficult. Not sure if it would suit you with your eating disorder or not. I suppose it might help if you know for 2 days that you don't have to eat, just so long as you eat normally on the other days. 

  • That's what I'm thinking. Its the control IM seeking from the ED.

    We should be starting our new kitchen in 2 weeks. That means lots of cooking, cleaning and packing...
  • Moo and I have done lots of sorting. Nothing was too out of date, but we had great fun squishing boxes
  • Bit of a black cloud day today.  Fortunately things are busy at work so that's keeping me going.  Got to face up to the challenge of getting out running tonight.  Needs to be done.

  • Run achieved.  Ran OK but wasn't feeling too good so I took the option of a shorter route back to the start with some of the others keen to bail out.  It just mean 4 miles instead of 5.  Happy with that for tonight.

  • Looks like we all need a large mug of tea to get us going this morning....
  • It has certainly gone quiet.  I hope everyone is too busy to get on here rather than anything more sinister

  • I ran!! 5.5 miles

    How are you SC?
  • Just catching up on e-mails and stuff and hadn't got round to it yet.  Good effort by 'eck.  Football night for me tonight so done running of sorts but can't specify the distance.

  • LR, football is great sprint training.

    How are you doing?
  • Depressed is the word.  At least the football did take my mind off it for a while which isn't always the case.  Got to face a family visit right at the end of the working week so it's a bit heavy going at the moment.

  • I have been at work, where access to this site is blocked.
    I have cycled for 30 minutes, first cardio based exercise after my chest infection.

    Had a conversation with Mr Steady, his Father has admitted to being lonely and not coping so well in house on his own (widowed last year after 60 years of marriage), so will have to start looking at places for him to live.

    Shopping list written ready for supermarket after work tomorrow.

  • My colleague at work has the same issue with her mother who wants to move after her father passed away.  There's a lot of memories over that length of time.

  • My grandfather is losing his marbles in spectacular- style. He's annoying my mother, forgetting everything and refusing to admit he needs more help.
  • Mr Steady Senior is very independant but knows he can do less and less. He had a horrible experience in hospital which means he doesnot trust the medical peeps at all. He says he loves the house, (it is nice) but struggles with the stairs etc. They moved in nearly 20 years ago, but its a 2 hour drive to visit and another 2 hours to get home, so popping over to visit is not an easy option, we go at the weekends, but its all day and then nothing gets done in our house or garden. Getting him to accept help is difficult and he is not the sort to go out to the local British Legion Club or similar as he is not much of a drinker and thats all they do there according to him.

    Thanks for listening to my moans, I just hope that when I get to a ripe old age I do not get just like my parents.

  • Talk all you need cj, I do understand
  • It's certainly a lot of effort you have to make to travel that distance.  It's certainly not easy being that age and I think my preference would be to bow out before getting to that age where everyone else of my generation is dying out around me.  I'm sure it's not all just drinking at the British Legion but it's so hard to get anyone of that age to do anything for their own good that's different to what they're used to.

  • Quiet day today... hope people are ok...

  • Sorry busy day

    How are you?
  • Ok thanks. Bit blue...about to move down to London and start a new job so past couple of months I've been sat around doing nothing...and I hate it. I have no motivation to do anything and gives me too much time in my own head....

    How are you? Hope things are ok 

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