Mental illness and running



  • SOLB, you have done far more than you realise. You are open and honest and care, and allow me to do the same.

    Moo and I spotted a ladybird, several snails, 2 cats who wanted stroking and some people in our street who have a dog and are quite happy to let us toddle very slowly with them.

    Your gifts are lovely. I got sent a parcel at Christmas from an anonymous forumite because they knew I'd been through a rough time. I have no idea who it was but I wept a tear or two at their kindness.

    Another friend (a true friend) has put something in the post for me. It made me laugh cos I've just done the same for her without her knowing!
  • Hi guys,

    I've had to catch up on a bit of reading but I'm sorry to hear things are difficult at the moment by eck. It sounds like you're a great mum and are incredibly supportive of your husband.

    I agree with you that SOLB needs to be kinder to herself (I think we all do really). And you're right about feeling better means feeling more sometimes. I think also it can be that feeling crap when you seem to be doing better is sometimes a reaction to doing better. Sometimes the idea of doing better is incongruent with how you feel about yourself.

    SOLB, by eck is right, you're honesty and care brings a lot to this forum. You seem to be doing an awful lot though and caring an awful lot for other people. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. On airplanes they do say put the air mask thingy on yourself, then your child. It's important to look after number 1 sometimes.

    Patronising replies done!


  • Hi Ben-o. How are you doing mate? I didn't interpret anything as patronising so obviously ypu hid it well

    I did my fitness assessment at the gym today. It wasn't as gruesome as I thought and my weight etc are ok. That left me feeling a bit ok about myself.

    SOLB, I've been thinking a lot about your asthma and how the ocd makes it harder to manage. Please tell me to butt out if you either don't feel able to listen or think I'm interfering. When Moo was in hospital we got to know the physios who helped kids with breathing issues and learnt some useful stuff. If you want me to let you know some of the stuff, just yell and I'm more than happy to share. If you want it done a bit more privately then I can pm or e-mail you.

    Off to bake chocolate brownies with ny girlie image
  • Hi Guys!

    SOLB The hair looks good, but never mind the hair, Love those cheek bones girl!

    Bit late with that I know but, I have been busy for the last week so, I only saw the picture today.

    By 'eck. any of those brownies left?

  • 3 brownies left and I will be buying more mix on Monday. I kinda cheated cos I wanted daughter to be able to do it herself so we bought the sainsbury's packet mix. It really is worth it and the liquid measurements don't need to be

    adjusted. Oh, and they are GORGEOUS. (try kt yourself)
  • just popping in to say I'm ok, I am feeling a bit rubbish.

    beno I am gonna stick my oxygen mask on now, thank you - you are right. (and not actually patronizing at all.)

    by 'eck yes please, the more help the better re: breathing ... what do you need to know? brilliant news about your gym induction - I'm so pleased for you, we can get back on track together

    big d. thank you for the compliment, I grew them myself image

    you guys are so lovely, I might be a little quiet for a week or so, am battling quite hard. hope you guys are still about when I come back properly

  • SOLB!!!!!!!!!! I was worried about you.

    I've tried to think of things that build on your bond with your niece and tried to make sure that they are ocd friendly.

    People with asthma need to build their lung capacity so that they can deal better with the times when their lungs decide to mess up.

    Blowing bubbles is great fun for children. They love to run about and POP them and it's good for controlling breathing.

    blowing up balloons adds some resistance and they can be thrown away after one use so (hopefully) no germ issues.
  • What's up SOLB? I'm glad you're still battling.

    Had a 10k race today, it was hilly but I felt I put in a good performance (because I'm knackered now!).

    Blowing bubbles is an awesome idea By Eck and you have a really nice rational for them. I just do it with my niece because it entertains her for a few minutes!

  • Thanks by 'eck that's very sweet. I think bubbles are a lovely idea image 

    I got caught hallucinating by the therapist today. She is going to talk to the doctor tomorrow - I suspect that means they will up the anti-psychotics image

    Well done on your race Ben-o ... where have your faces gone?!! 

  • Hallucinations still hanging about, am praying its just temporary. Therapist feels it might be a reaction to freaking out about stuff.

    Saw the asthma nurse again, I've hit the target so no more appointments for 3 months - yay!

    The sun is shining but I feel a bit miserable. I've just received a letter from ATOS have to fill in their evil form and get reassesed for disability. Am petrified I've heard so many horror stories about unfair decisions etc. One step at a time, evil form first.

    How are you guys doing?

  • Citizens advice bureaux are great at helping with those forms.
  • Thanks By 'Eck, I'll have a look into it when I'm feeling a bit less pathetic

  • No worries. Those kind of forms need medication of the chocolate kind! And a large pot of tea.

    How was yesterday?
  • Ha ha I think you're right, I don't want to go outside today so can't venture out for a slab of chocolate! 

    That said I am still half hoping I can be big and brave and go for a little bimble at 8ish ... not sure if it's a realistic hope though *sighs* 

    I've wasted today so far. Hope your day has been more productive darling image 

  • Well the washing went on the line and I managed to feed Moo food with gluten in it image

    I see the dentist tomorrow image that is super scary for me.

    It wasn't a wasted day cos you managed to get on here.
  • image oops to the gluten in Moo, hope all is calm now - no one is perfect

    Eeek to the dentist, do you know which part you are scared of? 

    image that's true, today is no longer totally wasted cos I popped on here and I've sent a few emails that I've been putting off for ages 

  • What you need is an emergency chocolate delivery service.

    There must be some enterprising soul who can fill this role.

    When I was a lot younger, people who wanted something from the shops, but could not go themselves, used to get a passing child, or youth to go for them, but perhaps those days are gone.

    Perhaps someone with a soft centre?

    (BD ducks in anticipation of slap)

  • I am scared of the whole thing. I know I need lots of work doing, I just hope they understand I haven't been cos I am petrified.

    I hate sending e-mails cos it means going into Mr by 'ecks office and the mess, chaos and general urgh.
  • I have tried dialing 999 but apparently they don't consider a no chocolate emergency serious enough to require intervention *tuts and shakes head at the state of the world today* 

    SCHHHHHLAAAAAAAAAAAP!! didn't wanna disappoint you Big D image

  • image I am sure they will understand By 'Eck, when I registered with my Dentist they even had a section on their form asking if you were nervous about the dentist and asking you to let them know what you're scared of and if there's anything they can do to help. 

    I suspect you are not the only one that puts of going to the dentist darling, they'll just be busy fixing you up they won't have time to sit in judgement. 

    Ewww to chaos and mess ... nawty nawty Mr By 'Eck!!! 

  • He is very norty and knows he must tidy his office cos our daughter is getting to the age where she wants to use the computer for school and other stuff. He just has too much stuff.

    Just found out I have to take miss by 'eck with me cos my parents are working. Hope she will stay in the waiting room or sit very quietly.
  • Oo maybe Miss By 'Eck will be able to keep your mind of the dentist and keep you entertained ... should we send her a joke book or two? 

  • She will probably ask so many questions it makes me even more nervous and I end up making her cry cos I snap image I am not a very good mummy.
  • I doubt that, you wouldn't be so concerned about the sort of Mummy you are if you were a bad Mummy. You can only do your best sweetheart none of us is superhuman x

  • Recovering from virtual concussion - I put "bad mummy" and Dentist in a well known search engine and got:


    Ring any bells anyone?

  • *kisses Big D's head better* 

    Ha I've heard tales of honest Mummy's like these! I had a giggle with SOLBsis yesterday about the joys of being able to mutter naughty things under your breath when your toddler is driving you up the wall. 

    SOLBsisMini is absolutely wonderful; she's spirited and intelligent, lively and full of life .... and just sometimes her poor sleep deprived Mummy would just really like to be going back to bed at 11am with a book and a mug of tea whilst surrounded by silence. I am in awe of Mummy's and Daddy's I think you do such amazing things every day.  

  • 11am? That late! Moo has been waking at 5am recently. When he drives me potty (which is nearly every day) I remind myself that one day he will probably have children of his own and I can sit back and laugh!

    Today we were in the garden and I heard him rattling something in his mouth. I tackled him to the floor, forced his mouth open and out popped and stripey snail...
  • The trick is to get the little dears to to grow up and leave home.

    It can take some time.


  • Ewww good effort Moo *hides Eric the stripey knitted snail!*
    Nah SOLBsis doesn't get to sleep until 11, her Moo is nocturnal - she comes alive at night, they are cosleeping and Moo has taken to bullying her Mummy in the wee small hours, the bullying comes complete with pinching and face squashing! Though it sounds like they are making some progress with getting her into a cot so all will be well eventually.. 


  • Ooo, cosleeping is a tough one to break. How old is mini?
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