Mental illness and running



  • I didn't run. Mr by eck got in a bit of a tizzy and I had to deal with that, then he went out and now he's busy. So I am in childcare mode.
  • I've certainly no intention of completely giving up the comfort food - but I've certainly got to keep down to in moderation. 

    Does today's foiled plans mean you can have first call on getting out tomorrow - by 'eck.

  • 12km this morning in the snow and sleet which wasn't all that bad really, once I got going. I want to go for a bike ride tomorrow but I don't think the weather will be on my side. It's getting to that time of year where I'm wishing it was spring already...



  • Fat chance! It's another busy day with church and Mr by eck at the gym. I may get a run in the afternoon or evening.
  • This is my first post of 2013

    I have not read back yet, so I have no idea what has been happening.

  • Hi big d. Was wondering how you were
  • The new year did not start well.

    Phone call just after midnight. Not someone wishing us a happy new year, but the hospital telling me my dad was on his way out.

    Heigh Ho. We've all got to go.

    And on that note I'm off to bed - nite now!

  • oh no, that would be difficult.  Were you expecting it?

    I've been having a busy day. Instead of relaxing after lunch I am frantically scribbling down facts in preparation for a concert/songs of praise at Church this afternoon.  As soon as it is finished i'll be getting changed into my running gear and heading out for a couple of hours. busy, busy and requires much organisation.

    How is everyone else?

  • Bunged up with a cold today so not up to much.  Not due back at work till Tuesday though so that's a plus. 

  • Stomach still churning.

    That really isn't a great start to the year Big D.  I hope you were able to cope with it reasonably well

  • Well done, by 'eck.  Definitely no go for me today but at least I've got an excuse.

  • Right, I have a lot I want to get done today so I need to make an accountability list

    Sort mugs

    Put washing away

    Textile recycling away

    Glass recycling

    Make a start on living room
  • Textile recycling done and some stuff sorted for the charity shops.
  • I'm certainly not that organised.  Going to settle for a more modest target of getting down to the garden centre to buy some bird food.


  • That's admirable LR. I'm only list making because there is much to do.

    Glass recycling and washing sorted.

    Moo now eating kunch
  • Making a start on the living room. I need a tall person or a chair to sort the mugs
  • Hey all 
    I'm back, what have I missed?

  • What happened to the layout while I've been internetless image

  • Nothing as far as I can see
  • How are you all? I've been thinking about you guys 
    Oh it's got an extra advert on either side of the page that I've not seen before  

  • Ah, not on the mobile version.

    I need to do more sorting and tidying

    I need encouragement. Mr by eck hasn't yet started to help
  • What are you up to so far? 
    I should be painting the spare room, one more coat to go but I'm too tired after a couple of sleepless nights (in a nice way) so am staying half awake playing on the internet now I finally have it back image  

  • Hi, solb. welcome back.

    Current page design is too bright for my eyes - I need to turn the brightness down. image (Emoticon deployed for a different use than it's intended one there)

    I was just thinking I really want to get some painting done round my place this year.  Something to aim at but it really feels beyond me at the moment.

  • image ooh yeah that's better. 
    Hey LR

    I'm bored of painting already - I have to do all the rooms now that I have heating - cos I have to kill all the mould, suffocate the spores in the paint with gloss then paint back over - kinda wished I'd had someone to help me cos it seems to take such a long time on your own! 

  • That's weird - my page is behaving itself again and the bright white ads have disappeared.  The name of the sports brand being advertised is etched on my memory though - bizzarre advertising must have worked - unless you're on a mobile like by 'eck.  I'd say get some sleep before pressing on again - another day won't hurt.

  • I can lend you moo and miss by eck. They like helping with painting.

    I want to get rid of lots of stuff cos I know we don't need/use it but Mr by eck has it as comfort blanket (a very large comfort blanket).
  • Oooo they've gone here too image 

    Ha I can't remember who it was already, Definitely wasn't worth paying all the Marketing guys on my behalf!!! 

  • Mugs are sorted. Woohoo!
  • Woo hooooo brilliant! That's one down! 

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