Mental illness and running



  • image Solb, well done you image

  • *takes a bow and looks smug*
  • I haven't done much today. Starting to get the heebie-jeebies about seeing the paediatrician tomorrow
  • Excited and congratulatory hugs for Solb

    Comfroting hugs for by 'eck

  • Great stuff, solb.  OCD is totally regretting the day it picked a fight with our Solb.

    Another reasonable day for me.  Even found lunch with work colleague a bit easier than usual.

    Time to grab my head torch and head off to night orienteering.  Nice one tonight on the hillside common with great views overlooking the city.

  • Well done solb!!

    Having an odd day. Trying to make a decision. It's not a life changing decision...just I really, realllllly struggle with decisions!!

    Deciding whether or not to join this swim club I tried out last night. I've swam for so long, so seems a good idea to join a club...but it just didn't seem right. They weren't that friendly, it was all a bit over-serious, and it's also quite pricey. Also I have no idea if I'll be able to really fit it in with work. So decided (and it's the tiniest decision but has taken all day) to not join for now. Training for a marathon anyways, so busy running, will also do strength work, and will find a public pool and swim once or twice a week. Will realistically only be able to do 2/3 sesisons swimming a week anyway, so I guess start by myself and figure out if I can fit it in once I start work. I could also get placed on projects all over the country so paying direct debit for a club might not be best...

    SuperCaz - do you train with a club? I'm definitely a distance swimmer, so happy to trudge up and down...just struggle without a coach!  

  • I used to train with triathltes because they did structured sessions that were less boring than swimming up and down.  But the sessions were free as part of my gym membership and the pool tended to be quiet either before or afterwards so I could add on a bit more time and distance if I wanted to.

    I've done 4 hour pool swims with the last hour being a class to keep me motivated.

    Since I've moved... I belong to the local tri club but I've only been one to their pool sessions.  I find it hard to get to know new people and i resent paying per session when i have gym membership elsewhere.  I know its only £3 but still...

  • That's fair. When you have membership anyways does seem tricky to pay the extra. I think I'm going to write myself some sets to make me actually do them...I really do get bored when swimming by myself but i'll force myself to.

  • Also, as soon as it's warmer I'll go find some lidos image

  • Job app submitted image


    *bounces around excitedly*

  • Have a chocolate heart, Bear
  • RWTW.  Enter your details, pool length, training aids etc and it creates a custom training session for you.

    You can get more exciting ones if you pay, but I've only ever gone for the free ones.  laminate them or put them in a freezer bag so that they don't get wet on poolside.

    Well done Bear image

  • Thanks SuperCaz! Will try it. Ironically I am actually a swimming teacher and coach....i just can't coach myself well!

    Congrats Bear image 

  • I need to get it now - should be in with a good shout

  • Good luck Bear.  Fingers crossed for you.

    RWTW - I think it was you that was asking about the Bach flower remedies.  I don't know if that is the reason but I've certainly had a much better week since I started taking them.  It might just be that I'm keeping busy with interesting stuff at work at the moment which helps me.  Will be interesting to see how things progress over the next week or two, but it's certainly encouraging to be actually feeling reasonably OK ahead of a family visit this weekend.

  • Morning lovelies. Just popping in to say good luck to Bear on the job application and a massive congratulations to Solb for giving OCD a big kick in the butt. 

    I get bored swimming in a pool too. I've started putting elastic hair bands on my wrist and swap the to the other hand every 100m to save me counting and it motivates me to see how many I've got still to do, or swap back over to the other hand again. But if you are doing 200 + lengths that might not work or you would be like Michelin Man on your arms lol. 

  • Hi Soupy.

    It was a major mudfest last night.  Sounds like I could be in for more of the same at the club event I'm at on Sunday where they're warning that marshy areas are now ponds.  At times like this my running shoes never get to dry out.  It's all good practice for Legends in a couple of weeks time though.

  • Stay clear. I have the lurgy. I feel pretty rubbish
  • I might have the lurgy too.  Been sneezing a lot today

  • This is aching, hurt, sore throat and head.

    But I dragged myself to moo's hospital appt. Two weeks of waiting....
  • Been quiet on here today.  Is everyone taking the warnings of staying away literally.  Actually I had it first, but I did hold a handkerchief over my mouth when posting on here to avoid breathing my germs onto the forum. 

    How did the appointment go by 'eck?

    Away visiting family at the moment and I'm pleased to say feeling OK at the moment.


  • He has 2 weeks until his next appt eith her. She will then make a decision about tube feeding because his weight gain is static.
  • Hope people are feeling a bit better. Too much lurgy about image

    Got an 18 miler planned for tomorrow. Nervous. And it's silly...i know i can do it and it's going to be slow so will be fine and i shouldn't care about pace...but I can't help get nervous and doubt myself. Silly really. 

  • Rwtw, I wish I were fit to run. I'm 90% certain I've got a chest infection, given the symptoms and the fact my dad and 2 friends have one.

    I'm doing silly worrying about moo. Well, not really moo. Just trying to work out what I need to have in place in case he gets admitted
  • image by'eck that's no fun. Last year I had pneumonia for several months and so I really appreciate being well! (touch wood). I'm guessing the stress over moo isn't helping either image. Planning is good. Know what you would need in case, and then if that does happen you can deal with it more effectively. As for the chest infection, I guess just try as much as you can to relax and rest...not easy when you have other worries I know image. But do just think...once this is over, and it will be over and you will all be will appreciate being well so much more. It took 4 months to shake off the pneumonia, i had to pull out of some big swimming events that I had trained all year for and wouldn't be able to do again, and it was during my final year of uni and it just all felt like things would not improve....but once I was better it was a big weight off my shoulders and I suddenly appreciated things a lot will too, just hold on in there and lots of cuddles for the meantime image

  • Thank you.

    I will enjoy lots of cuddles
  • By 'eck sounds like you are a boy scout, "be prepared", at least planning is helpful.

    (()) to those that want and imagego away to the germs.

  • I am trying to stop the planning from becoming an obsession. We have a speech and language therapy appt before then. I have been bulk cooking food for the freezer ready for the kitchen coming out, and also in case we need to take food into hospital for moo. If you think I am becoming obsessed or it is unhealthy, please say.
  • By'eck you sound organised. It doesn't sound obsessed right now, just organised. But keep posting on here image. The fact you are worried it might become obsessive is probably a good thing, as being aware of it is good. (I don't have many adjecttives today it seems...).

    18 miles done and it felt lovely. Had some post run happiness, but sadly feeling quite blue now for no reason. Guess its just a down from feeling good before.

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