Mental illness and running



  • Rwtw, I understand the post run blues. Have you refuelled properly? What event are you training for?
  • Training for the milton keynes marathon. Yeah, thought I had but might be that. But then it's tricky as i'm feeling the increased training is making me think 'oh i can eat that, i deserve it'...and i'm saying that far too much these days...

  • I have some of those ryvita seed and fruit biscuits. Not very many calories (55) but good for refuelling and tasty. I did mk last year as my first marathon. It was horrendous weather wise but a good course
  • oooo good idea. I got myself a scone. Not exactly healthy but tasty none the less! And ahh that's good! I've heard the weather was awful, but the course does look good


  • Not what you expected from roundabout city. Some really lovely pointsq
  • Ah good. Yeah...i was a little concerned it would be 26 miles of roundabouts but luckily not! Choose it as it's close enough to London so I don't have to stay anywhere image. Pretty excited!

  • I'm not averse to running thru puddles but when they are passed ankle deep and 100m long it takes its toll on your feet.
  • By'eck...I struggle to run through small puddles!! Also, silly question really but I also like to did you get to the stadium? I'm going to get the train there - do they put on shuttle buses? (Tried to look on the website, bit unsure)

  • I went to spectate at the MK Marathon last year as a mate in the office was doing it. The weather was just the worst, I got soaked to the bone and didn't see my colleague either! It looked like a great event though, big enough to feel like a real event but not so big that it's overwhelming. I'd like to do it myself one day.

    Nice run this morning, beautiful weather and it really straightened my head out.

  • image yay for a nice run...and yeah, it sounds like a good first marathon! Just hoping the weather is better!

  • Stayed overnight near Northampton and then we drove in. Put out a call on the MK thread and someone might taxi share
  • Good idea, thank you image

  • RWTW. There are loads of bus stops outside the main MK train station and I'd guess some go to the stadium as there are also a lot of big shops on the same site.

  • Our club qualified for the national team orienteering final today.  This means a trip to the Forest of Dean in October.  Can't say I contributed to the score myself but it's good to be a part of it.


  • Thank you ctpotato. image
    And LR -that's great!! How exciting!! 

  • Still around - Trying to catch up.

  • Any spare hugs about, both of us need a few tonight.

    Our best friend's dog Amy had to be put to sleep this morning. We used to dog sit her, she was a lovely little dog, 13 years young, quick serious illness feel very down and tearful.

  • (((CJ)))

    That's got to me my department - sympathy where dogs are involved.  Dogs are just so lovely.  I've never been able to own one myself but I can imagine what a loss it can be.

  • Sending hugs to those who need it
  • CJ - that's so sad.Lots of hugs.

    Having one of those days. Was meant to meet up with someone this evening and cancelled for no real reason. Just want to hide by myself... 

  • Thanks for all the hugs, they were a great help.


    LR, we have never had a dog, as both working long hours, but loved her when she came to visit or stay. Amy was a minature Schnauzer, which is non moulting allergy proof sort. They have long moustaches and bushy eyebrows, so have great facial expressions, but she was small enough to sit on your lap. 

  • Rwtw - that sounds like a very real reason to cancel to me.  The only reason it seems like no real reason is that some people just don't seem to have any problem with going out and being with people at any time.  You needed to be by yourself - that's reason enough.

    Arrrr!  Just been looking up pictures of Schnauzers as I didn't know what they looked like.  Really cute.

  • Thank you LR. That really helps to hear people say that.

    I ended up spending a lot of today planning. Had a panic that I'm off course for my marathon as past few weeks haven't been very high mileage...but luckily MK is a while away so can plan. Building up to a weekly mileage of 40 (in mid 30s atm...) over next two weeks (so 36 this week, 40 week after) with an 18 miler this week and 20 miler next week, then an easier week as finally start work, then another 40 week with a 20 miler, a 40 plus week with 20 miler, an easier week, a 40 plus week with 20 plus miles, a 45 week with 20 plus miles...and then a two week taper. Gets lots of 20 milers in there, some easier weeks, and enough weeks of over 40 miles, so hopefully should be a good plan image. Yay for planning. I also love numbers so had a day budgeting. Numbers and planning are a sure fire way to get me out of the dark!!

  • Does this sound a good plan? I am doing less swimming atm, and where in the past I've concentrated on the key sessions, I've not been doing the easier runs. So will up the mileage by just adding in a few more easy miles. 

  • As a p.p,s....I also had no idea what Schnauzers's looked like...but now I do, awwww. I like them and I'm not even a dog person

  • I maybe can't relate to this one quite as well.  Adding in a few more miles has certainly never been easy for me.  I've been trying for years!

    I was hoping to get back to the Monday night running group tonight - haven't been since about last September.  Didn't feel up to it in the end.  It's reasonable enough though - the weekend I've just had has left me tired out.  Will hopefully be OK for tomorrows running club run though.  Being really lazy tonight.  Haven't had anything to eat yet but will do now.  Usual problem though - eating far too late is not good for me but I'm always doing it.

  • I always find it hard to eat at a sensible time. And a lazy day once in a while is good image
    Luckily I don't find it too hard to up the mileage (touch wood!!). Been used to doing so much swim training in the past that the more I do, the more comfortable I seem to feel. Well, hopefully anyway. Knowing I'm on track will certainly put my mind at ease as reading these forums sometimes really makes you doubt your own plan! Hoping that as long as I stretch thoroughly and have 2-3 rest days each week, and do the increased miles slow, that it'll work image

  • I'm finding it tough. Eating is going ok but the not knowing is messing with my head. How can I plan anything? Our new kitchen units arrive on Thursday and we need to find space for them. If anyone wants to help.... Will involve being paid in tea.and cake
  • Not sure domestic help like that is my area of expertise but as usual sending lots of hugs  (((by 'eck)))

    The payment terms are good though - as long as that extends to herbal tea.

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