Mental illness and running



  • I drunkenly texted the bf last night when freaking out about the food. He is now all concerned an trying to get me to go get help. But in this case, I think it's actually a fairly normal reacton. I've been actively being healthy and so when you eat a load of junk, it is a fairly normal reaction to worry about it and regret it....I don't see it as linked to my mental health. Especially in that it was all of 20 minutes of drunkenly freaking out...I didn't do anything stupid, and in the morning I felt fine and realised it was stupid. It's good he's protective, but I feel he's wrong.

  • I've got into a bad routine with food too.  Drink might also become a problem if I'm not careful so I'm trying to keep an eye on it.

  • It's nearly moo's birthday. I haven't really planned anything cos the last 2 years I ahave and we had to cancel
  • I'm a bad mother
  • You certainly aren't a bad mother, by 'eck.  Just the other day you were saying how much you were doing by preparing food in case moo had to go into hospital.  You showed how good you were by the lengths you went to for that.  Sometimes there's only so much you can do.

  • opps, that'll be my fault for taking up so much of your time by 'eck

  • I'm currently making chicken and bacon risotto

    It's a bit of a large portion - I'm having to use my super large 4litre saucepan
  • Had a bit of a melt down whilst out on my bike today, got really anxious and was tossing stupid things round and round in my head. I kept going and cycled home fine but it shook me up a bit as I've been doing well for the last few weeks. Maybe it was the cold weather image

  • I would say well done on keeping going with that going on ctp - but you're right in that it is more about how it affects your confidence going forward.  Let's hope it's just a blip.

    I've had a really rubbish day today and not feeling very well.  I think things have just caught up with me from having to keep going at work then going away last weekend, back at work again and then the long drive on Friday night.  I though yesterday was my day where it had caught up with me, but today II've felt even worse.  I've been back to bed several times and have even had anothe nap this evening.  Hopefully I'm just doing the right thing to be fit for tomorrow.

  • Our kitchen looks like something even students would be ashamed of. I dont really have a plan for the next stages. I'm getting a bit worried. I need to knuckle down and get on with it really. Oh, and tidy the rest of it.
  • We sort of celebrated moo's birthday today. Presents, cards and his first taste of grapetisER. No cake (cos it's not fair to have cake the birthday boy can't eat and id struggle to make a moo friendly cake that everyone else will eat) but we sang happy birthday at church and he's had lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Sounds like a nice birthday for moo there.

    My kitchen has been going down that student route lately.  When I don't feel well it's a case of when I need a saucepan again it gets washed up then.  Bad habit - and one I don't need to be in before I start another week at work - which only makes it more difficult.

  • Anyone want some birthday cake
  • Yes, please.  Off work ill today and feeling sorry for myself.  I'm really going to have to be careful about what I take on in the future as when it gets too much I definitely suffer for it.  It all makes the tinnitus worse as well.

  • Yes please to cake. Pleased to hear Moo had a birthday party of sorts, his sort.

    I have had an email from a distant cousin in OZ, she and husband are coming over in the summer and have asked if we can meet up. Her husband is related to my Gran's uncle, so it is distant and we only found each other on the internet about 18 months ago. Excited and nervous and curious all in one, suprising what researching your family tree brings.

  • We have everyone friendly chocolate brownies, and some scrummy carrot cake
  • Hello????

    *watches tumble weed blow past*

  • Hi SC. How are you?
  • Fair to middling.

  • Brownies and carrot cake obviously kept everyone quiet.

    I've been off work ill so far this week but hope to be back at work tomorrow.  Certainly improving today.

    How is everyone else?

  • Moo lost more weight so they are admitting him on friday
  • At least a decision has now been made by 'eck, hope he gets sorted out.


  • Yeah, that's not good news, by 'eck, but hope it all works out.

  • Thinking of you today, by 'eck, hope things go OK.

  • Oh nooo by 'eck image


    I didn't get the job btw - they had people with a lot more experience of research - got lots of useful and complimentary feedback but it's left me feeling pretty flat

  • (((((by eck))))




    Topping up the hugs blanket too for anyone else in need. 

  • Sorry it didn't work out, Bear.  Better luck next time - but these things can mean a lot a take some getting over.

    I got a bit panicky at work today so I'm glad to make it to the end of the day so will help myself to the spare hugs.

  • Moo doesn't like me at the moment. He is grizzling and trying to persuade me he knows better. He is currently having his first feed. I will need to change my bedtime because it is due to finish at 11pm and I normally go to bed at 10. Otherwise we dont have enough time to get it in.
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