Mental illness and running



  • Thanks guys image got Hastings half tomorrow so just devoured a big dinner hhhmmmm. Have you all been running this weekend?
  • Hi Dudey. image

    Enjoy Hastings tomorrow. I did it a few years ago and the first half was really tough but I loved the race. I also love Brighton marathon so you've picked some fab races. Too cold for running today here. Well its not really I suppose but it was a good excuse. 

  • Thanks Soup Dragon. I did my first half in Tunbridge wells half last month which was hilly too, I must try and find some flatter ones!! Too cold is a good excuse, which is why I gave myself a day off yesterdayimage fingers crossed for some warmer weather!!
  • I'm no longer a runner.  I swim now, but I ahve a shoulder injury so I'm not even doing that this weekend

  • Oh no you poor thing, hope you get better soon. Hopefully when you're up going again it won't be so cold brrrrrrr!
  • Sorry about your injury Caz. Hope that gets better soon.  

    I'm off to the gym soon, might manage half an hour on the dreadmill.

    Dudey - Brighton is flatter than a flat thing on the second half. And the first half hills aren't too bad. Wish I was doing it, such a great race. Beats VLM. 

  • Dudey, you are so sweet, but I thrive in the cold


  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - I shiver at that picture. You are one tough cookie Caz. 

  • Hi all, and welcome Dudey!

    Been away for a while, and like a lot here definitely in need of hugs. Still injured and been to phsio and its the sciatic nerve, so very little I can do. Resigned myself to the fact I'm not going to be able to do MK but aiming for a local one to my home town at end of June. Gives me a long time to get better hopefully. 

    Not having running is hard. I'm stressing about food and my weight and its making me down. Hopefully I'll get better soon, and i'm trying my hardest to stay positive but its just so tough!

    Hope everyone stays warm today (Caz that picture is amazing! Never done an open water without a full on wetsuit and even then I'm freezing!!)

  • Hi run with the wind, sounds tough sending you lots of hugs. Don't get down about weight and diet - eat normally and don't binge!! Is there any hobby you can do whilst recovery to keep your mind off things? Cooking, walking etc? I always find having a goal or hobby keeps your mind active to keep away from being anxious about other things. Take care xx

    Caz - crazy person, that looks very brrrrrr I hope you are nice and snug and warm now!! Xx

    I was just as crazy and ventured out for Hastings half, it was very VERY hilly. Did my half in TW in 2hrs 7 mins and was hoping to get to 2hrs today but did it in 2hrs 5 mins which is nothing to complain about!!

    Hi everyone else, hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
  • Well don Dudey - it is hilly isn't it. Well I was inspired by SC and the thought of you running along the cold Hastings sea front and braved an outdoor run. Only planned 3 miles but extended it to 6 still feeling good. Thats a sure sign that I'm feeling well. image

    rwtw - take care of yourself 

    hugs all round. Nice to chat to people on here again. 

  • Oh wow well done, it's hard work motivating yourself in such cold - nice one!

    Take care
  • Morning. Bit of relapse here last night. Got hold of my occupational health records for the tribunal and it was not only hard reading back to the dark days, there was stuff on there I wasn't aware of including an email from my then line manager suggesting I was in the wrong . Even more worrying there is an entry to say the all the letters about me had been requested by a senior manager last October and sent to him without my knowledge.  I just don't know who to trust anymore and my thoughts are churning round in my head again. Didn't sleep much last night and I want to cry. image

    Sorry for me, me, me indulgence. 

    *looks for hugs blanket*


  • I've decided to start applying for other jobs. I need to get out of there and I think I'm well enough to cope with an interview now. Couldnt even put an application together last year.  Seen a job about 7 miles away which I could still bike to. Its full time rather than part time but thats preferable to putting up with the shit I'm getting now. 

  • Soupy, no need to hunt for thr blanket. I'll wrap you in a hug and hold you until you feel stronger
  • Thanks by'eck. 



  • Application form filled out. Will check it tomorrow and then press submit. Fingers crossed. 

    14.39 and not dressed yet, still in jim jams and dressing gown. image

  • Running through Citalopram. Trying to run rather. Dodgy left knee now - snowy anyway so not running in that. Slimming world has got me from 19st to 16st but now hit a plateau. Running and Mindfulness has greatly improved my attitude to depression so I'm slightly worried that my left knee will have a disastrous effect.

    Ipod helps too when running.

  • Hi Christopher. Sorry to hear about your knee. Well done on the slimming though. 

  • Hi Christopher and Dudey.  My e-mail notifications don't seem to be working for this forum so I hadn't realised there had been this much activity.

    I rang mental health today and apparently that means I'm registered but they then ring me to make an appointment.  That will mean I'll have to ring them back as I certainly don't want to give my work number. 

    Christopher - how are you finding citalopram.  I've been taking it for 4 months and - this probably doesn't sound encouraging but things are diffferent from one person to another - I'm not feeling any better.  Here's where I've got to confess - I was late requesting my prescription again and ran out last week.  By the time I got some I was feeling better so just didn't want to take one.  This came to an end on Sunday after I had a really bad sleepless night.  Not something I should have done without talking to my GP further.  Still felt rough yesterday -  bit better today.

    Need to get out to the running club tonight.  Next 10k is only 12 days away and really don't want to waste another race entry.  Trouble is after one failed attempt last week it only makes it more difficult to face again.

    Hugs to all.  Good luck with the job application - Soupy.  Hugs to Moo too - by eck.

  • I'm on Citalopram and it seems to suit me. Side effects for the first month were dreadful and running helped with the fuzzy head feal no end.  I'm not aware of any side effects now and I'm much more stable in mood. I've nearly run out on holiday a couple of times and had to take on alternate days but by the end of the week on that dose my anxiety is starting to run rampant. 

    Perhaps you need a change of meds LR. The mental health team will no doubt advise you on that so hope you get an appointment soon. 

    No running for me today. Not even a swim or a bike but I think the rest day and positve steps towards a new job count as a worthwhile day off. 


  • Couldn't do it.  Got down to the sports centre but was in panic mode by then so just turned round and came home again.  Really frustrating.  Oh well, have to give it another go on Thursday.  Can't really back out of the next 10k as people will be expecting me to do it but at this rate it's going to be really uncomfortable.

  • Oh Soup Dragon that's terrible, big hugs and good luck with the application.

    LR, I ran out of my meds last week and was without for 4 days. I felt TERRIBLE. Doc said that when ppl come off them they lower dosages/do one day on, one day off etc so you're not meant to go cold turkey. It took 3 days to feel better again after taking them again. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Passes hugs blanket to LR.

    LR - why not do a race for yourself, not for what people expect. If you don't feel like it don't do it. Although you will probably feel good if you do. 

  • Thanks.  The temptation to stay off the tablets was due to the fact that I was, initially feeling better without them - whether that was coincidence or not I don't know.  It was not a sensible idea just to stop though.

    The thing with the next 10k was not about people I'm doing the race with - more about people that know I'm supposed to be doing it and it would be difficult to explain why I didn't turn out.  It's the Lincoln 10k which is always a brilliant atmosphere but I've never felt very good or run very well there.  It would be good just to feel I could actually enjoy it for once.

  • Then run it for yourself LR. If you don't get the result you want just put it down to a calf strain or something if you need to justify yourself. Its annoying that physical injuries are understood when mental ones are just as valid. So you are not being untruthful, just couching your difficulty in different terms. That would be my argument anyway. 

  • Yes, it's just a case of I need to get there and get round and I'm sure I will.  I do still have a few more opportunities to get out running between now and then so will see if I can manage it.  The next difficulty will probably that I've got a visit to family looming at the weekend which will make it harder.  Anyway will just have to take that as it comes.

  • Thanks, by 'eck.  I obviously feel down at a time like this but will just have to pick myself up again.

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