Mental illness and running



  • One of my brothers once ate half a slug when he was a baby. I don't think it affected him massively.

    SOLB and By Eck, you are so critically judging of yourselves! What ever happened to a bit of self-compassion and celebrating what you did rather than didn't do?!

  • Ha ha Ben-o my little voice of reason! Apparently my little sister developed a taste for worms when she was a toddler mmmmm yummy! 

    Mini is 11 months now and our Big Girl is 4 image

  • I want to go out for a run now but I'm terrified, desperately hoping I can make myself go anyway
  • I did it image Take that evil paranoia demon, you were wrong I wasn't too scared to go out *hums to mask the sound of her knees knocking* and nothing bad happened out there

    Dreadful run though...not really worthy of being called a run. I jogged a mile with not one but two walking breaks. I arrived home wheezing, coughing and looking like an overweight tomato - and I don't care! That's the hardest one done, just gotta push through the next week or two and the hallucinations can f*** off cos they won't have all the power anymore


    *offers the lurkers a cup of tea and a slightly sweaty hug*

    I noticed this morning we have lots more views than posts, all welcome here whether you wanna say something serious or silly we won't bite (probably)
  • I went to the dentist
  • Now I've said that I can offer SOLB a lovely refreshing cold drink. SOLB, you did brilliantly girl
  • By 'eck might bite now then!

    How was it at the dentist? Hope you weren't too frightened and little Miss was good.

    Thank you image it wasnt much in running terms but I feel better already. Can't wait for tomorrows wheezy wobbly attempt image
  • Dad looked after little miss, I cried a little bit at the beginning but the dentist was fab. I have to go back next week to get the work done but she has talked through everything with me and I am not so scared. I did think of you all encouraging me as I sat in the chair and literally quaked
  • Aww glad we were there virtually ... probably good we weren't literally there; I'd have been pulling faces at the dentist and practicing doing cartwheels *THUD!* 

  • Or admiring all her equipment for sterilising stuff?
  • Autoclave, that's the word!
  • oooooooo yes *drools ... into a tissue of course!* 

  • So how were the lurking nasties today? Did the voices creep in or did you send them packing when they tried to take over?
  • Of course sometimes we lurk between two posts.


    If you see what I mean.

  • Me too David. Sometimes I POP in just to see if anything new has happened.
  • Well done SOLB! I'm really proud that you went running at all and that you crushed that fear witrh your mind-vice! Awesome. image

    Well done for getting through the dentist appointment By Eck, it sounds like it wasn't as bad as you thought. image

  • ha you two have been doing a lot of popping! 550 posts 18,500 views.

    I'm having a bad day today, still gonna try to bimble this evening though
  • Sorry you're having a bad day SOLB, keep fighting and enjoying your victories!

  • Thanks Ben-o image

  • *i ran last night*

    Pops back out again
  • Oooo well done image how was it?

    *waits for her friends to pop back in*
  • *reappears carrying some food for SOLB in case she hasn't eaten*

    It was hard, hilly and hot but absolutely amazing. I reversed a tough hill run I like and got some different views. Completely amazing. Gym tomorrow night.

    How are you?
  • So thrilled for you, sounds like a really positive run image

    I still haven't made my mind up about a gym.

    I'm not very well at the moment and not coping with it in the most sensible ways, sure it will pass. I'm tempted to bunk off therapy tomorrow, but that wouldn't be sensible either
  • No bunking x

    a bear
  • I could send a bear to therapy instead .... that's not bunking, it's delegating
  • Make sure you eat sensibly to give your body the energy it needs. Don't cut fats out completely cos they are essential for a healthy brain.
  • You need to be sensible SOLB, even though it's boring. No bunking, no bears!

    I'm glad you had a good run by eck. image

  • Thanks Ben-o. How are you?
  • I should write 'no bunking, no bears' on a post it for tomorrow.

    I don't want to be sensible *tantrums*
  • Oops soz, was in the pub. I have my own therapy to deal with!

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