Mental illness and running



  • Quiet this weekend. Hope everyone is okay. 

    I did a bike ride to the place of the job I've applied for yesterday just to make sure I could do it as the bus would take me 90mins! I biked it in 28 mins fine so fingers still crossed.  I ticked the box for a guaranteed interview on the grounds of disability so I should get one and it starts the process of without any secrets. It was a bit of a risk but I thought I'd be open and honest.  Closing date next Friday. 

    Right off for a bike ride now. 

  • Good luck with the interview then, Soupy.

    Been a rather mixed week for me.  Certainly felt better at work as the week went on and had a succesful run with the running club on Thursday night.  I'd even go as far to say I felt better for it afterwards - which is the all important, but rarely achieved objective.  I did try to follow this up with joining the club on a rehearsal run for their 6 mile trail race.  Managed about the first mile but then I just couldn't keep running - well I could but if I did I would have passed out.  Anyway, forget about that and take the confidence booster from Thursday into next week.

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Hellloooo everyone. Good luck on the interview Soupy.


    Also mixed week for me. Work going really well and enjoying it, but still very injured and walking is a struggle, and its driving me reall crazy. I'm stressing a lot about my weight and getting really body conscious and anxiety is kicking in a lot. Also have an exam coming up and the lack of running is meaning i am finding it hard to concentrate / have any confidence in myself whatsoever. Hoping it'll improve though...

  • I so understand the lack of confdence thing RWTW.  Having a really bad time of it at the moment too

  • Want to talk SC? Don't bottle it all up. You are so helpful to others, don't be scared to take help for yourself. 



  • Hi, RWTW.  Sorry to hear you're not up and running yet.  Hope work can take your mind off things as much as possible as it's really difficult when you can't run.

  • yes sorry RWTW, didn't mean to ignore you there. Good luck on the exam and hope you manage to get running again soon. Its hard when exercise is our lifeline isn't it? 

    Hugs to all in need. 

  • Apolgies - I have not read all the replies, but I felt I should reply myself because of my recent issues.

    I served in the Army (left in 1993). After almost 20years I have recently ben diagnosed with PTSD and just spent 6 weeks residential treatment at Combat Stress - because of a trauma from 1992.

    I started running (road) again about a year ago and found that I would either go out and think of nothing but my trauma. This would often make me worse - pounding the road miles, often not even remembering where I had been. I then met a similar suffere who suggested trail running.

    Because you are concentrating on the terrain and not 'falling over', I found this helped my mood massively.

    I left Combat Stress 6 weeks ago and I am still seeing outreach people to check how I am getting on. All during my stay I exercised every day and with therapy, I maintain that exercise helps any mental illness - so do Therapists. Healthy body and mind....

  • Hi Clive.  Good to hear you've found the trail running helping your mood.  I'd love to do more off road stuff but I find with my anxiety, uneven surfaces tend to make me feel worse so road running tends to work better.  I do still remain committed to doing more off road stuff whenever I can though. 

    Things have been a bit quiter on here of late but do keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.

  • Got an appointment for a phone consultation today - it's a week on Friday.  Just need to get some thoughts down on paper as to what I think I need to say.

    Pretty rubbish day otherwise.

  • Hi All,


    Just thought I'd pop in and wish everyone well. Hope everyone's ok and taking it easy.


    Peace and love,


  • Hi Ben_o.  Good to hear from you.

    I could just do with taking it easy but life goes on.

  • Hi, how's things with everyone.

    I've had some rough weeks lately but done a bit better this week.  Completed my 10k on Sunday successfully and ran all the way.  Successful week for running since then as my colleague from work is running with me again - and also managed a running club run last night. 

    Was supposed to have a phone appointment today and took the day off for it but got a call to say it was cancelled due to the person being ill.  Has been rearranged for Tuesday at 17.00 so at least I can get off work early to do it.

  • I hope you find the phone call beneficial LR.

    I've been through a bad patch basically caused by all the changes in my life catching up with me, too any different stressors, and friends who have been having really bad times.  I'm coming out of it now but I will be a little unstable for a while, not helped by the nerves that have already started to kick in for my swim event in 14 days.

  • Hiya. Hope the phone call happens on Tuesday LR. Frustrating to be cancelled I'm sure.

    Glad you are picking up Caz

    Stressful time for me at the mo. Had a meeting at work yesterday and was told I have to apply for jobs in open competition and that I'm not being considered for redeployment despite the recommendations of the greivance. Then said they will try and slot me in to a vacancy that might be confirmed in a couple of weeks if their solicitor can find a way round them doing that legally.

    So this morning I constructively dismissed myself and said I'm working my notice under protest. They have now responded that I should reconsider because they are doing all they can to redeploy me (snottily written in solitor type language) so I'm stressed and confused.  So far I'm favouring sticking to my guns. 

  • It does sound like you need to get out of there Soupy, as long as you can afford to take the risk of not having an income for a while, or are confident that you can find something else quickly.

    I meant it when I said you can share a lift with me in May, and that we can do it on a budget.  I'm all for saving money at the moment

  • Thanks Caz. I'll have to be back on Sunday though. I'll look at the map. A fun weekend will do me good and I've been looking forward to this for ages.  I'll catch up you at VLM.

  • Oh, I've got an interview for the job I applied for the other week so its not all hopeless. image Its on 25th April. 

  • Big hugs (((Soupy))).  I did think things were heading the right way for you workwise but that's definitely not the case.

    Although I've spoken to you separately hugs for Caz too - (((Caz))).

  • Good luck with the interview Soup.

  • (((Hugs))) for anyone who feels the need for them.  I'm in a huggy mood and have nobody to share them with

  • Hugs are a shame to waste

  • I hug everyone Clive, so it doesn't matter that we've never met image

  • Cheers Caz - never ome to turn down a hug - hugged

  • I had forgotten how much doing something you love can lift your mood.  Just back from a 40 min river swim with the sun shining on our backs and the trees showing the first signs of green.  Beautiful, and for the first time in weeks the smile was a genuine one.

  • Great news, Caz.  Let's hope that's a real turning point for you.

    I think the running I've done this week - 4 runs in all - has helped me feel a bit better.  Even so, I'm struggling to get going today.

  • I think it could be.  The improvement in the weather has helped a lot, and just being outside in the fresh air.  I think that this winter has been so long that a lot of people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency who wouldn't normally have a problem.

  • Running has always helped my PTSD. Found off road running to be even better - having to concentrate on where my feet are placed!

  • You are in a better place than me Caz. Its cold and chucking it down with rain here. So glad you have had a good swim though. I might head out the pool shortly but I'm waiting for the rain to stop as I have to go on my bike.

    Tomorrow I draft a response to the snotty email I got from work. I am going to make it honest but not snotty. Still doing some calculations on how much money I need for the next 6 months should worse come to the worse.  I feel like I'm about to start an adventure. 

  • So proud of you soupy.  It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing but it will be worth it in the end.  I never once regreted quitting my job without another one to go to.  It did me the world of good in the long run

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