Mental illness and running



  • Being sensible also means allowing yourself done treats both food and non-food!

    Bear, did they serve you? I'm surprised they didn't try to impose a "no bears except assistance bears" rule.
  • Apparently our bear is rather drunk if that answers your question by 'eck!
  • Tee-hee! Sorry SOLB, my phone jacky being very slow at telling me someone has spoken
  • *shouts a bit louder*

    Night by eck, am pleased about your run image
  • Morning everyone! We've already been up for 2 hours. Moo likes mornings....
  • Morning!


    Will you be requiring an assistance bear this morning SOLB?

  • I think she may need a bear hug from us. Oh, and a little honey
  • morning all. Today is a "try to be positive and not cry day". We'll see how long it lasts. Currently sitting on the sofa in my bath robe with a headache for company. I have/had good intentions of being very busy and productive - think I've hit a low point bump. Hmm.

    Maybe breakfast and a yogurt will help?

    Hugs all round, give SOLB a kiss from me when you see her


     plenty of bear hugs available here image

  • Hey Mimaduck. Do you want a fresh baked scone? There's some fresh out of the oven bear, I've got some local honey if you want some...
  • thank you by'eck, that would be lovely. Muchly appreciated.

    I've just found out I'm the only one on leave...this is so unfair. I think the solicitor call was a good move this morning. Time for a wander to the post box.

  • What happened mima? Huge hugs.
  • I have been put on leave as part of the consultation process before they make me counterpart in reading is also for the chop but he has been allowed to stay at work. This is so grossly unfair...I was trying to remain calm and not see this as personal but by god does it feel personal now.

    The solicitor has advised to play the game, but potentially I am having to consider an unfair dismissal case...this is what it seems to be.

  • Any reason they have given? I had to claim constructive dismissal and discrimination on grounds of sex and disability when pregnant with my son. I have every sympathy with what you are going through. if you need to talk/have a really bad day, just yell
  • Nope, i've had no reasons other than its just a consultation. So flipping unfair!

  • Urgh. Any idea how long the consultation period lasts?
  • 30 days from 2 weeks on Thursday - so 18th June is when it ends. I'll know then the outcome.

    I'm having to basically put the justification for keeping my job AND give them alternatives!!

  • Urgh, so so tough. What are you doing with your days?
  • scouring the interwebs for jobs, applying for jobs, begging for jobs, looking at other places for jobs and considering moving for a new job...had a cleaning day the other day, need to pack tomorrow as I'm going to Plymouth on Wedns for a week and a bit.


  • Aww I didn't get any notifications, thought you guys had been quiet.

    Bear hugs and support much appreciated. I didn't bunk off and we had a fairly brutal but very productive session. I also 'fessed up to the nawty coping strategies and received a don't be nawty lecture in return. (i will talk about it when I've stopped being an idiot but can't be too direct when its current in case solbsis wanders over here and gets worried)

    Aww duck so sorry darling, not surprised it is feeling a bit personal, that is not fair. Redundancy happens when the job is untenable not the person. If it was a reflection on you or your work they'd have sacked you and saved themselves the redundancy money. It's corporate and faceless and not at all a reflection on the sort of duck you are. perhaps deciding whether to send at risk people on gardening leave was left to the line managers to decide. yours might have made the decision thinking it was in your best interests whereas the other blokes boss just thought the business might benefit from screwing him for another month.

    I really wish I could help, its a horrible situation and it is so understandable that you feel carp about it.

    sending you a massive solby hug to keep the bear hugs company xx
  • O SOLB, sure SOLBsis Will understand
  • Thank you are bloomin lovely. And I hope the lecture wasn't too nasty. Glad you went, would you like a nana muffin when they are out the oven? And when I've made them image

  • I made gluten free ginger blobs that even my daughter likes! Anyone want some?
  • *solb invites herself over for tea with by eck and duck.*

    Solbsis won't be cross exactly but I don't want her to be concerned. Will probably talk about it once everything is OK and she'd be less worried now I've discussed it with the therapist. It was a pretty gentle telling off, more a reminder that you always feel like you are in control up until the point where you realise that you are not!

    Solbsis is very understanding its only a problem if I'm determined to do something unhelpful. It's hard to watch even if you can understand that sometimes its just about coping however you can. It's cos all the hallucinations and bad stuff knocked me over next week. I will be fine soon, think the problem has been resolved now image
  • *last week
  • excellent. I'm bored of eating alone. Chicken fajita's tonight - you want some SOLB? Got plenty.

    I am now 6 job applications in and I have a head ache. I am tired but not sleepy as I've done sod all today...cannot wait to be in Devon doing stuff!

  • Mmm I don't eat meat (cos I don't like it) so will have to stuff mine with veggies, sounds yummy though.

    6 job applications doesn't sound like you've done sod all little duck, think you are being hard on yourself.

    Ooo Oo what are you getting up to in Devon? I really, really wanna go on a surfing holiday but it gets too expensive cos I'd need lessons (lots of them!)
  • I do lots of veggies too...I'll do yours without chicken. Do you like cheese and sour cream?

    It's more that I'm so used to running around the office, I never sit still very long when I'm at work, now I'm at home I feel very lazy and a bit I'm not wanted anymore...which I'm not. It'll be 2 weeks on thursday since I was at work. I have NEVER have this much time off, even when I was ill. Last January I has swine flu. I took the leave as holiday for the first week and the 2nd week I worked from home and went back 2 weeks earlier than I should have done. Why? I was bored senseless! I HAVE TO WORK! And now I'm scared I'll never get a job again.

    I used to live in Plymouth 8 years ago. I am going back to catch up with lots of old friends, old colleagues and go and hang out on the beach for a bit. I'm a rubbish surfer, properly rubbish. I had 1 lesson and it was fab at Watergate Bay (gorgeous) and now I just borrow a board and wetsuit and mess around in the water. I like body boarding though...way easier, less having to stand up!

  • All welcome at by 'ecks house for food and cuddles with very well behaved kitties.
  • woo!! I'll set off now!

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