Mental illness and running



  • I have made broccoli and potato pie for tea. It is nicer than it sounds.
  • Not a massive fan of cheese but you have to have cheese and sour cream in a fajita, it's the law!

    And me! see you soon by'eck image

    You will get something else duck, you've got a really strong work ethic and that'll shine through at interviews.

    Creepy neighbour is driving me crazy, not content with scaring me inside he is now marching around my windows banging things and mumbling ... I jump every single time he bangs something GRRRR image


  • SOLB, can you not report him for harrassment to the Police? I know you've not had a great time with them but maybe they will tell him to leave you the hell alone?

    You don't have to have anything you don't want in your fajitas...veggies all the way if you want.

    Thank you

  • That sounds really creepy SOLB. Does he give anyone else problems?
  • Everyone finds him creepy, he's a joke in the village and they all swap anecdotes about his bizzare behaviour ... I'd probably think it was amusing too if it wasn't intruding so much on my day to day life. 

    I can't report him to the police he isn't doing anything illegal, just creepy. We have a shared back garden so he has every right to be in there, just not polite or normal to stand an inch from my bedroom window.

    I planted loads of things outside the front window in the hopes that would stop him getting so close to the glass but he just walks all over them. HATE HIM image

  • It may be a shared garden my love, but there are laws about harrassment. Just because you share a common space doesn't give him free rein to torment you. If his behaviour is impacting on your life, it needs addressing. Do you share a landlord too?

  • Yes the landlord has tried talking to him several times but it just doesn't sink in. The landlord is really sympathetic, apparently he's constantly phoning them asking for someone to visit him, but he doesn't really think anything will change either. 

    Creepy neighbour doesn't mean to be horrible, he thinks he's a nice guy - and he sort of is in that he doesn't mean any harm - my problem is that he does harm. He drinks so much he just doesn't remember I think. I can be reasonable and nice but I don't mean it - he's been making my life really hard since January, I hate him. 

    Just had an argument with my Mum cos she told me it's not going to change and I need to just toughen up and stop letting him dictate how I live my life ... I got cross (which was undeserved she was only trying to help) and ranted about not being as easy as just 'pulling your socks up.' Feel like a mean SOLB now, wasn't my poor Mum's fault I'd had a tough therapy session and was feeling tired and can't take it anymore about neighbour - after all we've had the exact same conversation millions of times since January and I've even said something similar. 

    Wonder whether making a break for it to go for a walk would be best or if I should go to bed with my stinky headache  

  • I can't believe you've done 6 job applications in one day Mima, I've done about 3 in 3 months! It looks like you've still go hope but it seems you're being treated badly.

    Have you gone for a walk SOLB? It sounds like a tough day (and a tough therapy session, well done!). Don't beat yourself up for arguing with your mum, that stress has got to go somewhere. And yes, we all take it out on other people sometimes!

    If the neighbour is making lots of noise then it's an environmental health issue I think. If he's damaging your plants, then that's actually criminal damage technically.

  • Firstly SOLB, she is yor mum and still will talk to you and love you. us mums are hardwired that way. just for avoidance of doubt I'm referring to mum's, not mothers.

    secondly, the police may be able to get the guy's social worker or community care team more involved. his behaviour does sound threatening.

    thirdly, rubbish days/weeks/months help us celebrate the better ones. not many parents rejoice that their child has grown out of clothes or has gone a whole month without needing to see a doctor. we do, because it's such a huge milestone.

    Mima, that is a lot of work in one there someone who can make you a cuppa?

    Ben-o, how are you?
  • Thanks Ben-o...I need to remind myself that I'm not just sitting around doing nothing, even though that's what it feels like. Got a meeting with HR tomorrow, face to face *wibble*

    Ben-o is right SOLB. Destroying your plants is criminal damage and being a nuisance neighbour is also anti-social behaviour. If you've gone for a walk, hope you're ok xx

    by'eck - nope. Just me, myself and I. Times like this I could do with someone living with me; a housemate, a friend, a partner. Only 2 more sleeps until I am on holiday..then I have people round me for 12 days and I cannot wait!

  • Mimaduck, I'm smiling cos I live in a rather busy household and love the times it's quiet!

    I did a run, gym then run home again. The woman instructor person was really lovely and we spent a lot of time giggling. She's shown me lots of stuff I can do at home so I don't need to feel bad if I can't get in.
  • Ben-o I've missed you, image to three in three months. How are things with you? 

    I did go for a walk, was a bit anxious and paranoid so not the best ever but I am glad I have tried. 

    Thanks for your reassurance by eck, sure you are right. I think it'll be OK with my Mum, I am very, very rarely grumpy and she is very nice so I'll probably be forgiven.  

    I might try having another chat with the landlord, I have tried writing to creepy neighbour but I don't think they have. Maybe something more official than a chat will help him to remember to leave me be. 

    I think it's great that you can see the wonderful milestones. I have to peridically remind myself to be thankful for the positives. *SOLB gets out a pen and paper to write a list of thankfuls* 

    Ooo Duck will be thinking of you tomorrow. We'll be there in spirit ... ready to point out what a big nose/bum/wart the stupid HR cow has! Wish I lived nearer to you little duck, would be nice to keep you company. Your holiday sounds fab I'm wildly jealous! 


  • X-post HURRAH for nice gym instructors image

  • How are you feeling now solb? Anything nice planned for tomorrow?
  • I have the OT coming in the morning to have a look at the ATOS form thingie.My Dad is calling in to help me shift some heavy things, not sure if the spotty one is going to grace me with his presence or not. I'd like to go for a bike ride in the afternoon if I'm not too wobbly.

    Feeling much better now thank you; you guys are great image  

  • Will he help ne move a dishwasher?
  • Lol sounds a bit odd pimping my Dad out but yeah why not ... we look a dreadful pair to move stuff cos he's in his 70's now but we've shifted all sorts of impressive stuff between us, the extra bickering is free! image

  • I'm good thanks guys, work is stressful as expected. I've been enjoying the weather though and got a little bit sunburnt yesterday. Oops!

    Good luck for your HR meeting Mima, remember your warpaint!

    We could start our own list of things to be thankful for here (though part of my thinks it's a little bit touchy-feely).

    Was that an intention pun with wobbly on your bike SOLB? image

  • Ha ha image I don't usually wobble .... just hit the tarmac! 

    I prescribe a pint and a hug for stressful days; I could offer to rub some aftersun in for you but I wouldn't wanna make you squeak about the ouchie bits. 

  • Lol sounds a bit odd pimping my Dad out but yeah why not ... we look a dreadful pair to move stuff cos he's in his 70's now but we've shifted all sorts of impressive stuff between us, the extra bickering is free! image

  • I'm suddenly really tired, gonna scurry off to bed. Thanks for looking after me everyone image 
    Night xxx 

  • ditto! Very sleepy, hoping my brain gets the message tonight too.

    night all xx

  • A pint would be nice, though I'm on whiskey at the moment. image

    Night y'all.

  • morning, OT will be here in an hour and I'm too lazy to get up, shower and run the hoover around. I think she'd like to meet sleepy, smelly, dusty solb zzzzz
  • Removes pathetic whinge above! Was fine, fragrant solb and house ready to meet ot and talk about mean ATOS form with 15 minutes to spare ... kettles on image
  • Morning all

    I SLEPT. Properly. No horrible dreams, no waking up choking for breath, no panicking about oversleeping and I actually fell asleep normally as opposed to fighting for sleep and not being able to. Hurrah!

    I have had breakfast and tea (a cup thereof) and I've made A List. Everything is ok when I have A List. Today I will be doing the following (in accordance with The List):

    • packing
    • hoovering & emptying the hoover
    • tidy the kitchen
    • bins
    • pay cheque in
    • plump sofa cushions
    • apply for more jobs

    Had to admit that I feel a bit panicky without structure to my day. In fact, I can rarely do multiple things if I don't have a list to follow. It makes me nervous, not having a list. Very very nervous.

  • woo hoo rested duck, how lovely image I'll put the sleep fairy back on the Christmas card list image

    I think its positive that you know what helps you to feel organized and productive. clever duck!

    ot is late, I don't mind at all but makes me smile that she's always soooo late ... *wonders if she'd like a list* image
  • I'm clean. And dressed. And ready for stuff.

  • Woo hoo to stuff image

    OT said we have to be very careful with evil form cos its a nasty system and very difficult to appeal ... apparently we need as much evidence as possible. Gonna have a go at it on Thurs :/
  • I feel really lazy in comparison. I bought new shoes, cleaned the kitchen and baked a cake
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