Mental illness and running



  • Aww SOLB, I'm really sorry to hear things aren't so good for you.

    That's really shit about the housing. I'm not surprised you're petrified about what the consequences of this unecessary and crappy change, Especially at this time of year. I wish I could help in some way, but I don't know anything helpful.

    I'm concerned that you think no one cares, I hope that's not the case. I know it can certainly feel like no one cares when times are hard. If you don't think you're getting what you need there's always PALS may be? I don't know if that'll help with housing though.

    I'm not a hugger (too many restraint orders), but here's a big one!


  • Thanks Ben-o, I'm being a bit of a baby really. Things will get easier - this is the hardest bit.

    I tried contacting PALs about catchment areas for Mental health services as I don't want to have to start all over again with a new trust (as I've only been with this one a couple of months) when I have to move. They didn't answer my email or my letter and I can't talk on the phone so I'd given up on them.

    I've tried housing charities, Mind, Sane, Shelter, the CAB and even my MP ... they either dont answer or agree it's shite and hope I can find someone else to provide a solution.

    I've been really lucky in that the friends I've made here have been really supportive and helped to stop me feeling alone. One has even dragged me out running image but I think it's starting to unravel. The voices are back and I'm struggling to eat again (bloody OCD.) Running really helps with the voices but if I'm not eating I can't run.

    It's all getting a bit serious here - it's a little like watching yourself drown.

    I'm trying really hard to pretend to be positive elsewhere - I don't want to ruin my friendships by continually dumping negativity on them.

    I'm a bit odd about people too, I'm swinging violently between feeling desperately lonely and not wanting to talk to anyone.

    Sorry that's very 'me me me' how are you doing?
  • SOLB

    You are still in my prayers.

  • Thank you
  • SOLB, you're too hard on yourself! When things are shit, it's ok to let them affect you.

    It looks like you're getting more and more and anxious and stressed, and I'm going to guess and say that's probably related to hearing the voices more frequently and OCD symptoms. And that's ok. It seems that you often worry about losing control and becoming iller (is that a word? it looks wrong). Kind of like worrying about worry.

    It must be really tough for you trying to be positive and not "dump" on friends, but won't true friends stand by you whatever? (I'm a little nauseated by this cliche, feel free to ignore it)

    I get feeling lonely but at other times wanted to be alone. Sometimes I can't stand to be around people (particularly in the mornings before I've had a cup of tea) and other times I want to be with people. We all fluctuate.

    I don't think there's anything wrong about it being about you. But as you've asked, I shouldn't drink then post on internet forums as it makes me talk rubbish.

  • *hands Ben-o a cup of tea* I didn't detect any rubbish in your post but I smiled at the inherent danger in drinking then posting.

    Thanks, I think I'm a bit scared that this one is too shit - I'm quite brave usually but the closer I get to the homeless thing and the worse the symptoms get the wussier I am.

    You are right I'm scared that if I accept how badly this is affecting me I'll lose control all together and become iller (it's in the Scrabble dictionary it must be a word.) Illogical probably but I don't feel very in control as it is. I suppose truthfully I'm probably going to deteriorate whether or not I cry but I feel like I have to fight off the tears.

    I feel like an ostrich with its head in the sand when the tides coming in.

    True friends will stand by me, but they're still allowed to get bored of hearing the same thing over and over again. If they really care it's kind of worse cos they must feel helpless. I imagine it's a bit like watching a car crash in slow motion.

    Any way I'm even boring myself now! Thanks for replying. Have a good night

  • Hey how's everyone?
    Sorry been "hiding" a while. I had 3 weeks off work to try to pull myself together and I'm back now and I've realised I probably wasnt ready to come back.
    Within those 3 weeks I was hoping to get some tools to tackle everyday situations but I got none.
    I was too busy and I think when I had a chance make use of the time, all I did was sleep and watch TV. Because those were the things I really just needed doing. I'm always on the go, stressing about getting the next thing done and the next.

    Good news are that I'm on a waiting list for some tailor made councelling, hopefully get there in the new year.
    And yes of course antidepressants. Not too keen on being on them again but if they help me through the worst then fine.

    Just finding it extremely hard to face people and keep up with small talk and explain where I've been for 3 weeks, let alone pick up any other tasks than the usual daily ones.
  • Hi Elli

    So nice to hear from you

    I'm a bit quiet on the forums this week. Everything feels a bit too intense, sort of like looking at the light when you have a migraine. Luckily I have notifications on this thread so I got poked back this way to find some good news image

    It's horrible if you go back too soon but very easy to do. All the 'there's nothing wrong with me's' 'I'm just skiving' and 'I could be at work''s ambush me the second I go off sick. It's harder going back too soon but it's possible that you'll be able to get over the last little bit while working. Hang in there darling - and if you absolutely have to walk away again until you are properly better the world won't end.

    I wonder if these will be of any use for finding skills

    You don't have to buy them, just click 'Read Content' I think Mind are really wonderful. Some of the things are a little basic but I've discovered it's often the things that have sounded like they were too simple that combined have made things more tolerable.

    You probably did the right thing by catching up on sleep and giving yourself a bit of a break. It's so easy to be harder on yourself than you'd be to anyone else in the same situation. If I told you I had to take 3 weeks off cos I couldn't cope and felt bad cos I'd rested you'd be the first to tell me I had nothing to feel bad about.

    Woo Hoo for counselling, that's great news darling. I think you have every reason to feel hopeful about the new year.

    I wonder what it is about anti d's that makes us all so reluctant to take them? They're not particularly unpleasant drugs. (I hate them too - I pretend I forget to take them which is ridiculous as I don't 'forget' the anti-psychotics, which have much worse side effects.) Hope that you are feeling better on them soon. I'm taking them again too, we can get better again together image

    With you on the small talk. I find saying 'I've been ill.' with a very strong full stop makes people look curious but shut up. Though telling people the truth wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

    I initially had an incorrect diagnosis similar to one you were wondering about ... the targeted therapy for that is phenomenal - they are using elements of it all over the world in all different spheres of mental illness. I have a book and CD about one of the key concepts PM me if you'd like me to send it to you. (Or to send you the link to Amazon if you'd rather)

    Keep fighting Elli, I'm right behind you

  • Thank you! And thanks for the link thingy, I'll have to look at that.
    I think thats what I'm lacking, resources. Too tired to look for some for myself. Internet is a wonderful thing and it has everything, but sometimes finding the right things can be a right pain.

    I had a good end to the day, and rest of the day at work went ok too. Spoke to my boss and he is ace, totally understanding and making sure he says the right things. But he's been there too so that always helps.

    Ended up ringing samaritans this morning too as I was getting a panic attack.
    So yes there are ways to deal with stuff I think sometimes its just too easy to shut yourself from the world and do what you do best; feel sorry for yourself. Gets you nowhere but its your safety blanket.

    Need to keep checking this thread more often. Good to have your support xxx
  • Hey Elli,
    I've been really lucky - lots of people have pointed me in the way of useful resources. If there's anything specific that you're looking for I can let you know if I've come across something useful in my travels.
    Thrilled that your boss is ace. That's really brilliant news (actually did coax a smile out of miserable little me!)
    Did you find Samaritans helpful?
    Be nice if you checked in - you'll always have support. I think those that are most likely to help people up are those that know how painful it is to fall, like your lovely boss.
    If you'd like advice and information then I'd recommend calling or sending an email to Sane - they're really good.
    as are Mind of course
    Hope the anxiety has lessened now sweetie. It sounds like you're doing so well image
  • Hi-de-hi guys and girls!

    How are we all doing after Christmas?

    Hopefully it was good enough for everyone.

  • Hey Ben-o

    How's it going chicken?

    I had a pretty tough Christmas, the homelessness stuff was threatening to break me but NY was great.

    I got to see my twin sis, her fella and her beautiful girls and my parents n little sis briefly on Christmas morning but I spent most of the day on my own cos I just couldn't cope.

    Thankfully I found a bit more fight before NY and was determined that I'd make the most of 2012. I have to remind myself to notice the positive things all the time. I had a really lovely small gathering of friends and family on New Years Day. We wrote all the things we were thankful for on paper lanterns. The thankfulness was fantastic we laughed and everyone was enthusiastic (mostly for my benefit I'd have thought) the lanterns didn't like the idea quite so much ... 9 smouldered in a heap and 1 was launched into a tree. Lazy lanterns aside I was an a high for a couple of days. I feel really blessed, 2011 has been difficult in some regards but it's been incredible in others - I have so much more love in my world now than this time 12 months ago. I think I'm totally different too.

    I've had a blip today but I think I'm much, much better overall. I feel quite optimistic about 2012. How about you guys? Where's everyone at?

    Someone said today that everyone feels blue in January, do they?
  • I'm good thanks SOLB, go back to work next though (boo!).

    It sounds like you had a enjoyable Christmas. I love the lanterns idea, pity they didn't fly particularly well! It's good that you're counting your blessings, I'm terrible for that. You said your totally different, how do you mean?

    I remember reading a while ago about some mathematicians calculated the most depressing day of the year being the third monday in January. Their reasoning was that by the third monday everyone had dropped their resolutions and didn't have much to look forward to in the coming weeks.

    I'm not sure about January causing "winter madness" but I've have consciously planned things for this month. Though I admit with the weather being grim at times it's hard to get motivated to go for a run!

  • Did you make it out?

    How's work going?

    I didn't manage to make it until the 3rd Monday .. I had what used to be called a nervous breakdown on Friday. just couldn't cope with all the homelessness stuff on my own anymore.

    I'll be OK again soon and my Care Coordinator is arranging for an OT to come and help me with the housing problems.

    I have to go back to basis and do whatever helps hour by hour.

    I live by lots of rules (OCD) they'd been getting more elaborate up until Friday then over the weekend they'd been easier. Apparently I need to keep the rules in place because they are my coping mechanism so the less restrictive nature were part of not coping.

    I am a bit trembly and fragile but other than that I am remarkably unharmed ... which is quite lucky as my Mum was there when I 'snapped' and apparently it looked like I was going to run straight out under a car (I don't remember seeing it at all.)

    My poor Mum is quite traumatised, it'll probably take longer for her to get over it than me. She saw me 'snap' and her comment was the trigger - even though it wasn't her fault, what she said wasn't even unreasonable and it would have happened anyway she can't stop thinking that it was nearly the last thing she said to me image I'm hoping she'll be able to accept it wasn't her fault but hate it that she's carrying guilt for something she didn't do.
  • I've got back into running and I have a training schedule, so that makes everything better. Work's ok, bit tiring having to actually do stuff.

    Sorry to hear about the-thing-which-used-to-be-called-a-nervous-breakdown (what is it now?) SOLB, it does sound like there are some positives though right? At least you're doing what helps, even if it is hour-by-hour.

    I get how the rules help with containing anxiety and stress, and the whole homelessness situation sounds awful and I really hope that your OT can help with that. Coping is coping, sometimes it's about good mechanisms and sometimes it's just about surviving.

    That must be difficult if your mum feels guilty, have you been able to talk to her about it lessen it? Admittedly though, mum's can have a tendency to feel guilty but it is because they care. The logic I've always used with my mum is "did you intend for x to happen? No? Well it's not your fault then". Though rationality sometimes does nothing to effect our human irrationalities! Re-reading that it sounds quite dismissive and cold, but I'm sure the empathy/niceness comes easily to you.

  • There's hope for my running yet ... I need to get into a training schedule again, once I'm in it's really easy to get out running, I'm happier, my running's happier everything is happier. The psychiatric teams have all told me to get out running this week too as part of coping so that's a good start. If you've managed it then I can too image

    Grrr to the actually having to do stuff thing image we'll have to work on an escape plan for you ...

    It's called an 'adjustment disorder' I think. There are some positives, I've been much better today - stopped shaking and crying. Even went out for a quick, muddy walk with SCaz (from the forums)

    "I get how the rules help with containing anxiety and stress, and the whole homelessness situation sounds awful and I really hope that your OT can help with that. Coping is coping, sometimes it's about good mechanisms and sometimes it's just about surviving."

    That's exactly what my CPN said - he'd be delighted if I'd replaced the OCD rules with healthier coping strategies but he'd rather I had damaging coping strategies rather than none at all.

    Weirdly I think the homeless thing might be sorted after all. A strange man knocked on the door tonight and asked if I wanted a house. I said yes please. He said he'd check references - which'll be wonderful - I'm going to look tomorrow, he says it's not a palace I don't care I'm not a princess and I just want somewhere to live.

    The homelessness thing has been going on since the beginning of November and it might all be sorted in one 5 minute conversation, very surreal - I'm so relieved I feel a bit drunk. (I can't sleep now cos I just can't get my head around it.)

    I spoke to my Mum briefly and explained it the way I did to you. I tried to let her know that it was going to happen anyway and that she didn't say anything wrong. Ironically she said I was overreacting (which was the trigger for the biggest overreaction I could manage!!) I've tried telling her she was right, I was overreacting she didn't say or do anything wrong. She can't think about it without bursting into tears.

    Hopefully if this house tomorrow works out that will remove the immediate danger of a relapse and she'll be able to let the shock go a little bit.

    You didn't sound cold at all,

  • I've been for a short run tonight as I've got my new minimalist barefoot running shoes. I didn't find them that painful but my technique was all wrong so I only ran for a little bit.

    I quite like work really, it gives me something to do and gives me structure which I need. Two weeks off over Christmas was too long. Saying that, my head really isn't at work this week which has positives and negatives.

    "adjustment disorder"? What does that even mean?! I hate labels and jargon so much. How have you been feeling today? More muddy walks? Did you wear wellies?

    Have you looked around the house yet? Though I'm sure you can still be a princess if you want, all you need is a title that you've been born into or to marry someone who's has a heriditary title. Grace Kelly managed it, so I'm sure you can too. If you want to.

    That is odd about the guy just randomly asking if you want a house, I really hope it works out for you.

    You're right, perhaps it is too raw for your mum at the moment. Hopefully with a bit of time to reflect she'll see it a bit differently.

    I didn't sound cold? Damnit, must try harder! image

  • Hello all!

    Hope everyone is good and have had a good new year so far!

    SOLB how did you get on with the house issue?? Hope everything is getting sorted for you.
    It's hard to live and try to cope with everyday situations when you have something like that hanging at the back of your mind for months.

    I've started my new year with self help remedies. Anti depressants gave me horrible acne which was making me more depressed so I decided it's time I throw these out and start with a good nutrition plan, lots of vitamins etc to help depression PLUS on top of that I challenged myself to run every day in January.
    Because I have a hectic life and no time to do anything I want to do, and if I do have a small window of time I end up sleeping or feeling sorry for myself. So I'm trying to prove to myself it can be done! If I manage whole month, then I will make changes next month, to try and balance my life more.

    And alcohol is out. For good. Not missing it. Its bye bye for the major depressant.

    So far feeling good. Much better I have done in a while but there are times where I just get really angry and tired and some nights I havent been able to get out for my run until when its bed time, then struggling to wake up in the morning.

    I dont know why everyone wants a piece of me. Why I have to try to stretch everywhere for everything and everyone, like I was the only person in the world who could take care of certain things.
    I'm nothing really! It's a catch 22 - the more people "need" me, the more needed I feel and in a silly way, that makes me feel better, but at the same time it exhausts me and doesnt really give me a genuine happiness.

    Despite those moments, I feel much better and positive than I have for a long time image
  • Hi Elli,

    It certainly sounds like you've started this year with lots of positive energy, that's great! How's running every day going? It sounds like you've really busy!

    Well done for not drinking! I'm not sure I could do that, I love it too much. Kudos for you though.

    It sounds like a real dilemma that people need you, which you like (who doesn't?), but it doesn't leave you any time for yourself!

    It's brill that you're feeling positive, long may it continue!

  • Argh sorry guys, I hadn't seen your posts.

    How are things? Where's everyone at? Running? Health? Life?

    Hope you're all well ... I've been on an upwards trend the new treatment is really effective, The voices are quiet and I have somewhere to live (though it doesn't feel very safe yet.) Unfortunately the treatment and 'stuff' is threatening to break me and I'm at the cusp of a fairly major episode. I am hoping I can battle it back but I've never got this far down the road without being trapped in the house for 8-12 weeks. Am petrified it'll go that far, though the mental health team are already hopping up and down squeaking about psychiatrists and the OT is badgering me for home visits so I'm hoping it won't last so long and they'll be able to drag me through it faster.
    Things are so much better, but not right about now, and probably not tomorrow either. Am throwing more fight at not giving in to the fear of outside than I've ever done before ... perhaps if I don't stop going out I won't struggle so much to do it. It probably helps that the house doesn't feel safe either ... it isn't very pleasant but it stops me from hiding from the bad guys from barricading the doors at least.

    Are you a bonefida barefooter now Ben-o?
    Are you still on the wagon Eli? I only drink once every couple of years but I know I am really lucky cos alcohol doesn't have a huge appeal for me. I don't like being out of control,
    Hope you are all still positive, thinking of you all

  • Take all the help you can get from CMHT, during my last crisis instead of them coming to me I said I wanted to go to their office so I had a reason to go out and I didnt have to deal with OCD issues of people being in my home. I'm fortunate to belong to running club where other members are aware of my mental health support needs and give me support when I am finding it difficult to train due to side effects of meds or deteriorating mental health.
  • Hey Curlyplodder, welcome!
    It's really good advice, I'm exactly the same I don't want the crisis team etc in the house ... annoyingly I can't go out now though either. I missed two OT appointments last week and my psychotherapy session on Monday. It's not like me at all, I've never missed a therapy appointment before.
    So now I'm a bit stuck, I don't want them here. I can't go there. Last time that happened I asked them to just leave me alone for a few weeks on the grounds that it'd pass and involvement was making it worse ... but it didn't and I wound up stuck in for 12 weeks.
    I've started getting night terrors now too which isn't particularly helpful ... I don't want to be tired cos it exacerbates everything else but I don't want to be asleep in the day and sitting petrified in a corner at night either. ARGH!!
    On the plus side I do actually feel less depressed today while it's light and the sun is shining.
    I'm really glad you mentioned being able to get support from friends at your running club. That was the reason I hadn't joined one, I didn't know how they'd react if I admitted that pace/performance etc would vary based on how doped up I am and that I wouldn't drink contaminated water ... share food etc. I just thought it was too complicated. Maybe I should give it a go when the cardiologists have OK'd me to run again. There sound like there are so many benefits to being in a running club.
    Don't feel pressured to answer, you're very welcome to ignore the question but what meds are you on? How do they affect running? I'm never sure how much to shout at myself for rubbish performance and how much is due to the drugs.
    Have you taken Sertraline for the OCD/Depression? my doc is trying to get me to add it to the Quetiapine but my unconscious doesn't want me to take it .. I've "forgotten" every day for months ... which can't be true cos I remembered the anti-psychotics twice a day.
    Have you had any treatment for the OCD? Does anything work? Sorry for all the questions, it's quite a new diagnosis for me and I don't feel like I understand it at all.
    How's the running by the way? Beautiful day to be out there if you're well enough
  • Hey SOLB,

     How are you?

    Sorry it's taken me ages to reply, I'm super-busy with work at the moment. So busy in fact that I'd convinced myself that I had a race this weekend but it was actually last weekend. Oops! It was only a 5k.

    I hope you're getting out there in the sun, it's lovely outside. The sunshine always makes me feel good, even when I'm trapped inside working!

    How are you doing with your new OCD diagnosis? Do you find diagnosis helpful? I'm not that familiar with OCD either, but see it as an anxiety-related set of symptoms where it's all about controlling/managing anxiety through a number of strategies (which tend to have to be done, hence the compulsion part).

    How's your running going? Have you got any races planned?

     Take care,


  • Hello SOLB,

    How are you? Sorry it has taken an age for me to reply. Are you getting to appointments, hows the sleep? I'm on Venlafaxine it has had one positive side effect in that OCD [have never had specific treatment for it] in some areas has reduced. I'm on it to treat depression so 'tis nice got an extra. Running at the moment is crap, the warm weather isn't helping as I have heat urticaria. I love the winter, do have meds for it but side effects affect me a lot and running goes out the window most of the time. Side effects are generally are a pain in the butt, Dry mouth: read mags and they say shouldn't need water for a run under 10k for me less than 400m and lips stuck together and unable to get enough spit together if my life depended upon it, Lack of co-ordination, you know you have two arms and legs like most people and in same place but they feel as if they are attached the wrong way round and behaving as if the belonged to an octopus, Vision disturbances, process of elimination, it may be an elephant but prob a grey van as I'm running along pavement in A UK city, Nausea I'm slow so why am I retching,Dizziness don't stop suddenly, jump up and down, do sharp turns because liable to keel over
    Breathing can only use fifth of lung capacity. Drowsiness could fall asleep while running and so on. Maybe becoming a couch potato is a saner option.
  • Hello everyone
    So lovely to hear from you both.
    Beno the OCD was unchanged but has just got horrifically bad thanks to a horrible 11 hours in a dirty police cell being detained under the Mental Health Act on Sunday-Monday image
    Curlyplodder glad you messaged but so sorry that so many of the side effects are currently intolerable. It really sounds like you need to have your meds reviewed, you shouldn't be suffering with so many dreadful side effects - especially as they are interfering with your life so much. There are alternatives, or perhaps changing the dose or time you take your meds will help. Sounds like you are really suffering at the moment. (Re water and running, I have to drink loads when on the antipsychotics whether running or not; it's really frustrating but is generally less desperate if I run first thing in the morning rather than during the day or the evening.)

    Stuff the sanity lets keep running image

    I got permission to try running with a heart rate monitor a few weeks ago but haven't been able to cos of not being able to go outside.

    Life is really hard at the moment, was tempted to contact the crisis team this evening but can't cos they'd take me into hospital cos it's only a few days since the section and I would rather try to deal with the trauma of the police cell etc with my usual therapist on Monday than have to try to cope on my own or talk to a stranger.

    I'm rambling sorry.

    It isn't too cheerful in here today is it? I might try a very short bimble tomorrow so that I can report back something smiley!

    Really am glad you guys posted, is there anything we can help with curly? Do you need to talk?
  • Hello SOLB
    I've given up striving for sanity, it has been made easier when those

    around me are able to take on board that being a nuts is only one

    aspect of me. The side effects are only a problem because of the impact

    they cause on my sports activities. I always have problems with side

    effects whatever drug I'm on. As I have never met a shrink who is a

    club runner or swimmer the effect of meds on training isn't going to
    be taken on board.Anyway would rather deal with side effects than

    severe depression because when on a downer can't do anything.I'm

    looking forward to the weekend weather forecast says it will be

    cooler if not will be crawling the Olympic Park Run
  • Hi SOLB

    bad joke warning - bad joke warning - bad joke warning - bad joke warning - bad joke warning

    So you swapped plodding time for time with Plod!image

    Sound the all clear, end of bad jokes.

    Take care you guys

  • image thanks for the dreadful joke Big D

    curly I'm not sure whether that's always true - my psychiatric team usually accept (even if they don't fully understand) how important running is to my recovery.

    You are right of course whatever affect the side effects have on running they aren't as bad as not having the motivation to move at all (not withstanding all the other things) That said it still feels sad that you are so plagued by them.

    How did the Olympic park run go? Did you crawl?

    I finally have a meeting with the psychologist today, we have too much to talk about and I'm really scared it's going to be too huge. I have to try to untangle some of the shite from the last few weeks but it all feels a bit too messy.

    I've drafted a letter to give to her in case I can't talk but I can't stand to look at it again to re-write it. I know she'll make me talk about the bridge and the police cell. (but she doesn't know how traumatic the cell bit was, I am looking into a complaint about the treatment but I don't know if I have the strength to pursue it.) I haven't discussed the constant re-occuring flash backs and stuff but I have to. I've only made it as far as today because I'd resolved to give myself the opportunity to untangle my frantic messy mind but I'm worried I've made a mistake by placing too much weight on the session. She can't really fix it but I can't bear to have another week like the one just gone.

    Sorry sounds really self indulgent. How's everyone else getting on?
  • Hey SOLB,

    I think you'd be well within your rights to complain, I think the idea that people (depending on risk of course) need to be detained in police cells is ridiculous and very unthoughtful. We don't do that with people who are physically unwell do we? I think Mind do some stuff about this, might be worth giving them a call if/when you feel up to it.

    A letter sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope you manage to get through it ok.  May be your psychologist can't fix everything, but she can help. And giving you space to get some coherence going will help. I'm a big fan of drawing diagrams, it's just how my brain works. Not technical stuff, I'm shit at that, but concepts linked together. Or a graph, I love a good graph! Sorry, I've become distracted by my own geekiness!

    And what's so wrong with a bit of self-indulgence, huh? 


  • Hey SOLB, I've finally plucked up the courage to post. A year ago to day I was on week 8 in a mother and baby unit at the 'local' mental health care facility. It's taken me this long to come to terms with how ill I was. I had ptsd and post natal depression following a highly traumatic pregnancy, birth and poorly child.
    My OH has the horrible combination of Aspergers and bipolar. Ice can be very very stressful at times.
    I guess what I'm trying to say in a really poor way, is I kinda understand where you are, how horrible the stuff in your head is. Even if people try to dismiss it as trivial because it wouldn't bother them, it is real to you and that is what matters.
    Being locked in a police cell (as happened to my friend) is horrendous enough without having OCD or being there because of an incident with a bridge.
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