Rome 2012

I'm in.....

Anyone else???



  • I'm in too. Can't wait!!

  • I'm in too - subject to sending them the requested copy of the health form of course.

    Now, if I can just find the damned form on their website... image


    for the medical form

  • Onetit - we should definitely arrange a LSR together before Rome.
  • agree. Will find a suitable time and you should come over and stay a weekend perhaps?
  • Thanks for the link Onetit - I think I've figured it all out now...

    Im just finding entering a foreign race just a little bait daunting & worrying that I might get some part of the registration process wrong... Having never left the UK in all my 40+ years on this earth, i think that's quite understandable...

  • hope you have a passport then williambloke!!image

    you will be fine, it will be a good journey and a good race I think.  I have not been to Rome, but am really looking forward to it, got the guide book already, so will be a boring tour guide by the time march comes round.

  • Onetit - a weekend 'chez toi' would be great!

    Williambloke - don't stress about the medical cert' yet. I have a fully up-to-date cert but it is not the official 'Rome' one :{ I am a member of a running club and so might use that instead. Anyway, there is plenty of time but Onetit is right once you have the med' cert'...send it by post, e-mail it and fax it, just to be sure.

    I looked at the route on Google Earth and it is HILLY! There is also 7kms in total of cobbled streets. Oh what the hell...we will have a ball!
  • EE3 - Damn right we will... Always dreamt of going to Rome, ever since I watched 'Roman Holiday' as a kid... So excited already, can't believe that if all goes well then I'll be living my dream in just ten months time. Just two marathons, a few half marathons, a shed load of 5Ks & 10Ks, a couple of relay races, a load of off-roaders, the cross country season, and many hundreds of miles of training runs & it'll soon be time to jet off to Italia... 

    Hills & cobbles don't really worry me, in the part of Bristol that I live in, hills are unavoidable and there's still a few cobbled streets around too.

  • ha ha, I've just bought that dvd and watched it - first time - love it.

    I will have to brave the hills around here - although I hate them.....and unfortunately I live at the top of a gorge, so the uphills are always at the end of the run.......ouch!

    Off to Decathlon today to get supplies in.....yummy cola gels image

    Keep on Running....x 

  • Hurrah got the Docs cert in the post today, off to scan it, email it, fax it and post it....just being careful here image

  • Onetit - wrote (see)

    ha ha, I've just bought that dvd and watched it - first time - love it.

    If you liked that then try to get hold of a copy of 'La Dolce Vita'. It was made 7 years after 'Roman Holiday' but the location scenery is simply awesome... After watching it you'll want to jump in the Trevi Fountain...

  • on to it now..........CanalPlay+ to see if I can download it, or Amazon fr for cheapo buy....

     Hope the running is going well?  I managed 13 yesterday (Km's that is) and it was mostly up hill and it was hot....killing.  No good on hills or heat, so hoping for a cool March in Rome.

    Enjoy, keep on running


  • Thanks Onetit, My training is going very well...

    I was one of the finalists for this years RW SuperSixers, I was in the bunch who hoped to go sub-3, but fell at the last hurdle... Not surprisingly, I got a lot of flak from some forummers as my PB is only 3:27... SO, I've followed the RW Sub-3hr schedule to the letter & hit all the targets and am running in Edinburgh this Sunday... Hopefully I'll do it this weekend, follow it up with another in September, then breeze around Rome next March...

    Thanks for reminding me that I need a passport. I did have one (never used) but it ran out last year, so I'll have to apply for another one next Month after I've been paid...

  • LOL Williambloke      

     I like the "only" 3.27....! I ONLY deam of that image

    I'm happy to get round in one piece and still talk and walk the next day ......

    Good luck in Edinburgh

  • Williambloke - Good luck on Sunday at Edinburgh; it sounds as though you are in good shape. Here's hoping that it is not as hot as last year. Let us know how you get on image BTW, where is your 'autumn' marathon? Berlin? I'm registered too if it is.
  • Berlin? Nah, nothing half as glamorous. In fact, it's not even on my list of places that I'd like to visit.... It does, however, fit nicely into my schedule before I aim for a 1:20 half marathon in Cardiff.

    No, my exotic late summer/early autumn marathon is - Wolverhampton

  • WB - how did Edinburgh go?

    Anyone got confirmation of Rome yet?  Their website is a bit of a disaster...!! will leave it a couple more weeks then hassle them.

    Hope training is all going well for you all.

    Off for a short(ish) run now as it's a little cooler today - hurrah.

  • Edinburgh Marathon? I had the race of my life and, like so many others who ran it, would surely have hit my target time if it hadn't been for a head-wind from mile 18-26... Unfortunately, once over the finish line, everything was almost farcical and I, alongside nearly everyone else including supporters, was left with a feeling of being thoroughly ripped off... If you read some of the reviews in the 'events' section then you'll see what I mean.

    I received an e-mail on the 17th of this month to say: "send us a copy of your 2012’s membership card of your club. The club must be associated with a national sports federation acknowledged by IAAF or IPC (International Paralympic Committee). Alternatively, a sports medical certificate specific to athletics". As neither my England Athletics or local running club membership runs into 2012 I'm going to send them copies of this years, plus the health form, which I've just got back from my GP. The only thing I'm not sure about is the part on the form which asks for 'ID document no'. Any ideas? 

  • williambloke wrote (see)

     The only thing I'm not sure about is the part on the form which asks for 'ID document no'. Any ideas? 

    passport number
  • Damn - I'm still waiting for that to arrive too...
  • HI I am sure they have took payment for the race. I registered on line yesterday . I think now I too need to send a copy of my club membership once I recieve it. I had a year out from club last year and not raced for 2 years now. I have just rejoined and am hoping Rome will help me get back into racing.I have all the club races to help me plus hoping to get a half in.

     Panicking now as seen re the cobbles and not really a fast course. I am hoping to go to enjoy it though and if I do get a good time will be really happy.

    Has anyone booked their flights or hotel as yet ?

  • I think it would be great to do this - does it get over subsribed and full does anyone know. Am waiting on wife poss running London before I decided, that of course wont be untl October time?

    Ant idea anyone?

  • From the searches I have done I do not think it gets over subscribed.
  • Crazy lady - thank you!!!
  • I don't thnk it gets full and you can prob. reg on the day I believe.

    I've booked my flights, but I live in France and wanted a cheap deal, and got it with queezyjet.  Still looking at apartments and hotels, there seem to be 100's on Booking.Com amongst others, but all seem rather expensive.  Will get that done soon.

     Ive also entered London, but doubt I get in, but it was only an email ballot, so if I do, well, I will love to do it again and see friends. 

    I heard Rome was slightly hilly and cobbles, so I won't be beating my super dooper (ha ha) Toulouse time of 4.32, but I hope to be near it, but will just be out for a nice route with wonderful scenery I think, and hope it's not tooooo hot

    Happy Running one and all

  • I have booked flights already as always cheaper to do that rather than later and was worried would fill up qiuick. Was planning on flying on the Thursday but it was £100 cheaper to fly on the Wednesday so an extra day now image. Will be going back on Monday though.
  • I think Sleezy jet have got better. We went to Marakesh with them this year and was very suprised. Going with Jet 2 though to Rome as easier to go from Manchester for us.
  • We fly out Thursday and back Tuesday so hope to get some sightseeing (other than running round the sights) in at some point.

     So excited already...!!

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