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when I started running the running shop said  I was a over pronator, when I was at registration for the Vennia marathon I did a running test on the mizuno computer which took about 15mins  but end result was it said I was a neutral runner needing moderate support shoes anyway I have bought some and went for a 1.20min run yesterday  towards the end I did notice a pain on the front of my leg about 4ins above my foot,  today my calfs are really painful, as anybody been told to change there style of shoe and had the same or is there a shoe expert who can give a tip,               PS I will not be using them for the Windermere marathon next week.,  



  • You could well be 'on the cusp' of running shoes and you could need a mild support and boarder on the neutral side ...

    The run you did in new shoes could potentially have been too long .....
  • I started out with support shoes (as I have low arches) and always had tighness in my right calf. After a gait analsysis showed I had a neutral gait, I changed to neutral shoes. Immediately the tightness in my right calf disappeared, but I got tightness in my left calf. Now (200km later) I don't have tightness in either calf. Don't know what I want to say with that, but perhaps it takes time to adjust and like M...eldy said it was too long for a first run in then.
  • belated report back, I have been running a few weeks now and I seem to have adjusted to them and have done a couple of half marathons without trouble
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