I am trying to decide the wetsuit for the new season. I am not a flash swimer 400 m in 7:20 TT. 

 I can not make decide between:

1. 2XU e:2: 250 - 300 £

2. Blueseventy axis: 319 £

I am looking for a wetsuit with extra bouncy. The Blueseventy axis description sounds very well with an extra bouncy on the legs (which what I need). The only factor is the price of 319£. I think in general the 2xu is a better wetsuit and I could get it cheaper, but I do not know if this suit will be of more advantage for better swimmer. 

 Please help I can not make decide. 

What about size. I am 183 cm and 78 kg. I was thinkg going for Medium Tall according to the chart.




  •  I have read in a few forum that blueseventy axis is very similar to the BS fusion but at half price. 

    Any ideas?

  • Try both on, which ones fits better? Fit is more important than price.  Me I prefer Blue Seventy they fit me better,
  • My swim times are no where near to yours and I am new to tri this year after years of running, however, I bought the axis on the recommendation of the guys in Nottinghams TFN due to the extra bouncy. They raved about this suit but also I did try others on and this was the best fittingone
  • b70 is a far better wetsuit than the 2xu (which are known for breaking at the zip/seems) and its designed for runners/cyclists, but more important is to try them both on, have a swim in them too and then make your decision.

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Please don't go by the chart size. Listen to the advice of my learned frinds above and try them on and get the correct fit and then by the best fit....please

  •  Thanks for your advice. I have make my order and I am going to get the B70 axis. I hope I have got the correct size Medium Tall ( I am 183 cm and 77 kg). Hopefully will be ok if not I could always return it and get a different size. 

    In teessside there is not so many shop to try the B70, therefore I hope I have made the right decision. 



  • I have R:1 and I love it. Great for a non-swimmer, plenty of bouyancy in the legs and torso, keeps me flat in the water. So much so I am as quick OW for 2000m as I am in the pool for 400m!

    But agree with the others fit is critical.


  • I got back ache off my bouyant in the legs cheap suit.  I bought my E1 a few years ago as the legs are less buoyant.

    Agree with the others - fit is imperative.  As is learning how to put it on!

  • I'm 175cm and 80 kg and medium B70 so Medium tall should be OK for you
  • I'm thinking of getting a new wetsuit and replacing my Orca S2 with a Blue Seventy Reaction. I am tempted by the Axis but don't really have the funds at present. Would the reaction represent a worthwhile upgrade? Or would it be a false economy. I find the Orca quite restrictive, hence the desire to replace. Any other good value upgrade suggestions?
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