Over training?

I'm doing my second 10K at beginning of june (i did my first last october at age 52 and ended up with achilles tendonitis so had 3 month off after that!!), since new year been getting back into it and now with 3 weeks to go I've just completed week 9 of a 12 week programme.

I did the first one in 60 mins & 19 secs, would love to get under the hour (or even a bit better this time)

Trouble is whenever I'm training (3 days per week plus a game of tennis) my legs feel so heavy and whilst I get through my session and seem to be averaging about 6 min / Km I wonder if I'm over doing it. The training plan peaks this week before dropping for the last two weeks.

My question is will I lose too much condition by having three relatively easy weeks or should I just slow down a bit?


  • Your training is at the pace you want to race at ? So how many miles is each session ?
    Seems to me that you're doing races all week in training - so obviously you will get tired. I'd slow down two of your runs and then throw in some speedwork on just one session.

    A few easy weeks sounds justbwhat you need. You will do better if you have fresh legs - that's what you need most.
  • Cheers, That's what I was thinking. for some reason I seem to struggle to run at a slower pace, almost feels that I have only one pace.
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