The Ashbourne Half


Did this race two years ago, starts in the park just of the centre and finishes there , its a great local race with few hills but one steep one at about 7miles and is downhill or pretty flat after that, glad to see they now giving a medal,  I can recommend  it  if you like a good country runwith great views.image




  • Might be worth doing as an alternative to Nottingham which is on the same day and twice the price!
  • And not as crowded
  • I've run and really enjoyed this a few times - always a challenge but all the hills are in the first half.  Your reward is the breathtaking views as you skirt Thorpe Cloud and drop down into Dovedale before entering the picturesque village of Ilam.  Then as you climb back up Bloor Hill you have an open view on your left the whole way of the Manifold and Dovedale valleys....definately doing this year and, as commented, a far better race than many at higher prices!
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    may have a go at this
  •  you should  enjoy it
  • Thinking of doing this one this time ...done notts half and it was very pricey..the hills look hard work..
  • it does have hills, the one that is the steepest at 7 miles  which the less able like me walk up but it is only 100yrds or so  the rest are steady inclines so when you get in your a stride, they are not to bad. 
  • Hi All

    Entered this race as a training run for the Liverpool Marathon the month after, looking forward to it as not done any hilly races yet and fancy the challenge.

    Any advice for a newbie about the course, parking,useful places to collapse so the ambulance finds me  etc... 


  • hi

    You should be getting  into your marathon training by now, so that does included hill repeats , that is what you need to be doing plus training on a hilly route or entering 10k or longer races known as hilly to get you happy with hill's, this will increase your confidence to tackle hill's and make you stronger for the marathon.

    There is ample parking in side streets and car parks but I don't know if they charge on Sunday, the race starts just of the town centre

     my advice is to take easy on the first section as this where the hill's are (there are a couple of pubs on the route if you feel like stopping, though not a good idea.) but there drink stations where you need them.  

  • Thanks William

    Took your advice on board as I live in Lancashire hills, we have plenty, so on my long run on Friday i headed out to find some and boy did i find them !image

    Hard training but very rewarding turned around went down and up again image

    Looking forward to the Race as my Wife and Father in Law are also running as part of a collective Liverpool Marathon training programme

    Any recomendations for a post race pub lunch will be welcome image


  • Plenty to choose in town and all used to 'visitors' as it is a tourist town but recommend the Bowling Green Pub (which you see at about 2 miles as you turn right at the bottom of Windmill Lane and turn out towards the Peak District).  After the race, head back to the Market Square then up the steep hill (A515 Buxton) - it is about 100m on left.  Good home cooked food and welcome atmosphere for walkers/runners.
  • Hi

    Also Bentley Brook about 1mile from ashbourne on Buxton rd you run quite close to it at the begining of the race, there is also Royal Oak you run past it around 11.5 mile point  its  on the Leek rd  by the river bridge 

  • i might do this another year, i'm doing the Lichfield 10K that day, i'm not quite up to half marathon yet but put in for Bham half marathon
  • Hi

    it's a good one to book mark

  • I`m thinking about this. It`ll be a back up in case a promised place in another rce doesn`t materialise. Sounds really nice!
  • ok im in image

    first time doing this one

  • hope you enjoy it, it's a great runimage
  • is this as hilly as buxton?
  • Probably as hilly as Buxton based on the times I`ve run for both events but a much better run, I hate the drag from Glutton Bridge in the Buxton event. There`s a longish uphill stretch upto the top of Thorpe before the worst hill at halfway, a steepish climb from Illam upto the top of Bloore hill, its pretty fast all the way back home from there. The finish is better than Buxton, no loops through a housing estate to get the distance in, just straight through the town centre into the park.
  • thats ok then i did buxton ok, so should be fine with this too thanks image
  • Hi everybody

    it's this weekend hope you all have good race ,please tell me about itimage


  • will do Bill

    race pack came yesterday im number 118  image

  • First time running this and really enjoyed it, deserves more runners. Plenty of drink stations, every 2/3 miles, great countryside, good support, where people were there. Would improve the finnish managed to get confused/'lost' in the last 500yrds on enterying the park.
    A small event which did mean running on my own from 7 miles to 10 miles. The course is not as bad as Buxton, yes there is a chellange at mile 7, parts of which I walked for small sections but other hills were runnable.
    Final promotion for this was the barbq. real sausage 'hot dogs' for 1gbp at the finnish, thanks to the lions for putting this on 
  • I second all that. Really enjoyed it yesterday. Great organisation, cheerful marshals and water station helpers and the brownies at the end were most helpful. The shoppers on the last mile were a bit miserable but thats not the ROs fault image The woman who finished in front of me didn't do the field lap at the end but I was too happy to finish to care! Loved it and will be back next year. Thank you to all involved image
  • First time running this too! Enjoyed the run and would recommend but it is hilly. Great support around the course and the water stations were brilliant.
  • This is definitely the most scenic half marathon I've done.
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    when is this might have a go at it
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    might have a go at that

    think I saw you at Huddersfield race last week i was in a black Stockport 10 top was runner 135
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