OW swimming in South Wales


I did my first OW tri at the weekend which was also my first ever OW swim. Not something I would recommend, but it hasn't completely put me off and I am now trying to find places to practice. Preferably not the sea as I would probably swallow too much and be sick.

Any hints and tips?


  • Which part of South Wales? A bit more specific might be able to narrow it down
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Parc Brynbach at Tredegar? used by a few tri clubs I believe and also for competitions.

    and I think a few from here swim (have swum?) in Pontiscill Reservoir but don't know if that is official or not for OW swimming.

    don't know if you can swim in Llangorse Lake bbut that would be good if you can

    and get used to the sea - it's free and 24/7!

  • only newts are allowed to use bryn bach park and they will only allow regular members to join in.........

    there is a distinct lack of any ow sessions in south east wales............i travelled down to llanelli a week ago to swim in the north dock there...............that is an ideal venue .........celtic tri use it all the time as do others.........

    but its a long drive just for a swim and expensive on the petrol............

    i'm hoping to join some of the south wales police at sessions at porthcawl in the sea soon...........if you find any quiet resoviors where you can sneak in and want a swim partner..let me know......

  • I'm off to Bristol for a swim tonight (www.triopenwater.co.uk), as accessible spots are limited, other than the sea.

    Radyr Weir, in Cardiff is listed as an OW swim spot, although never tried it personally.
  • and I think a few from here swim (have swum?) in Pontiscill Reservoir but don't know if that is official or not for OW swimming.

    Swum it a few times. However you need to do either from the sailing club when no one is about(in the club) or from the north end away from the road. Be warned it's a fecking cold swim, there are pike in there!!
  • You can swim at the Chepstow Dive centre quarry, lovely clear water.  The Little Woody had the swim there last year.
  • Bloody hell, how did I not know about this place www.triopenwater.co.uk I used to work within spitting distance .. how long has it been available for open water swims?  I've moved office now, but I'm still really close to it!

  • PP.........I tried finding the chepstow dive centre on the net a week ago and it didn't seem to be still there...........is it still open
  • M.TRIumphant wrote (see)
    I'm off to Bristol for a swim tonight (www.triopenwater.co.uk), .
    Wow!  That place looks fantastic!  Is it (going to be) a triathlon site?  Am considering going over there on Saturday
  • could maybe go on saturday and take the bike as well.............just got to save enough money to pay for the bridge
  • Seren, the web site is http://www.ndac.co.uk/.  I think it's still open, haven't heard otherwise.

    Schmunkee, I'm heading over there at lunch time tomorrow to check it out!  M.Triumphant, what was it like??

  • Seren, you could park in Chepstow and cycle over.  It's about 10 miles.
  • Just back from Triopenwater in Bristol, good place. £4 to swim, 600m loop marked out by buoys, slightly murky water, but clean, and relatively weed free. Should become a regular fixture.
  • PP................I would have to carry my wetsuit and gear................might be heavy on the way back when wet but definitely worth thinking of..............will have to look for a map of the site from the old severn bridgeimage
  • or maybe i can see if anyone else is interested from this area and share a carimage

  • Is it open all day or do you have to be out at a certain time.  I am going to be in Bristol and have suggested to my co-rider that we go there first, but if that doesn't happen I could perhaps pop over after the ride.

    Is it really only 4'6" deep?  That means I can stand up in it!

    PinguPongu - please report back as I am getting quite excited about this image

    Seren - as above.  I may be there with a bike either in the morning or afternoon

  • Oo!!! This is very exiting!! I'm free on Saturday morning... And due to go for a swim... I might well be up for this... Will PM you Seren, if you are still looking for company?
  • schmunkee - it is indeed 4'6 image plus the sludge on the bottom is lovely for the feet!

    There are some carp in there which if you read the 'training for a shorter tri' thread you'll know I had a close encounter with.

    If you want to swim during the day give Mike a call - his number is on the website. They close half an hour before dusk, at the moment thats about 8pm.

    Great set up if a little rustic, but really friendly bunch and Mike is really supportive and likes to see you improve!
  • definitely looking positive for saturday...........especially if we take bikes and look at their 40k circuit advertisedimage.or something............image
  • I need a bike ride too!!! No road bike though so I am slow and cluncky... Exciting!!!
  • Ecolime - thanks for the info. Sounds really good

    Seren & Jevans - please bear me in mind too,  Can't give a definite at the mo, but definitely keen

  • course we won't forget you schmunkee,,,,,,,,,,.how could anyone forget youimage
  • The general opening times are 5pm till 1/2 hour before dark, Tues, Wed and Thurs, and 9-11 Saturday and Sunday mornings,or whenever Mike is there, you just need to call him.
  • 9-11 staurday..thanks for that image
  • I've just been over there, and kicked myself, of course I knew it was there, lol, age is making me senile, had completely forgotten about it.  It's quite a small lake, but certainly serves it's purpose. 

    If I'm honest though, I'd go to the Diving Centre rather than travel the extra distance and pay the bridge.  The Diving Centre is lovely.

  • Hi Seren

    Parc Bryn Bach isn't the NEWT club swim site, thats elsewhere. imageAnd is becoming more difficult to use. We are looking at possibly arranging a regular(?) swim session at Tredegar, which would be open (? ) just a fee to cover the cost of water safety and a bit to the Parc for changing/showers. Possibly in conjuction with Tredegar Tri Team.

     I'll let you know if/when this is going ahead.

     Pity that the aquathlons up there wont be done this year. image. I believe there are still plans to do a 'Big Swim' at the begining of August in the Parc. All distance up to 3.8K possibly.

    Doesn't look like the Dummonds Drub swimsat Ross  by Blacksheep Sports are on either.

  • There's always the North Dock in Llanelli, home of this weekend's Llanelli Sprint Tri. It's about 250m in length and you can stand up anywhere, it's also free to swim but 60p to park!

     Also if you're feeling adventurous and the tides in, you can cross the road and have a little go in the swell.

    Ice creams in the cafe's good too (refueling of course! image)

  • PP.............I coundn't find any references to swimming on the website this year.........at the dive centre.......

    Sorry slugs...i got mixed up a bit..tiredness is my excuse..............yes great shame about the aquathons not going ahead........I usaully do a couple...........

    Knowing my luck the bid swim will be when I'm away.............

    and i have to say again that Llanelli dock was perfect and free and I would definitely go again if i have someone to share petrol with.........just a bit far on my own............image

  • Hmm, just tried calling, but no answer, they weren't great at answering last year either! 

    Will keep trying.  Pretty sure I just turned up last year and paid a couple of quid.  The guy was saying he was thinking about having a sort of open water membership type thing where you pay a one off fee, don't know if he ever did it though.

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Bobby G - please pop into the Pirate Kit Thread and refer to my posting of 10 May.  Thanks
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