OW swimming in South Wales



  • Perfect weather - I'm jealous!
  • Today is a good day to be a Triathlete. 1:20 swim in the sun this morning. Just refueling with my second breakfast.
  • I loved the swim today............the river was like a mill pond which meant had to work in both directions..............the sun was shining and the river wasn't cold.....perfect............infact too perfect for IMW trainingimage

    furthest ever swim apart from the 2 IM swims.................

    I even managed to stay on M.Tri 's feet for 20 m on the return until i lost him againimage

  • Is any swimming going on on Saturday morning?  I'm in Cardiff, still trying to decide whether to cycle down or do a swim.  I'd like to do both but there just isn't enough time in the day!

  • I could fit in a swim on saturdayimage
  • I'll be up for a swim on Saturday morning image One lap or two?

  • i felt tired at the end of the first today but when I started on the second I was fine........image

    I'm happy to do 2

  • Where is the nearest place to Newport to OW swim. Is it Parc Bryn Txmksncjdvsd or whatever? I'm frequently down that way for work and it would beat the hotel pool.
  • You could try sneeking into the Celtic Manor and park up by one of the small lakes there. There was a wetsuit tester session there and it was really good. One of the overflow car parks is right next to a 100m stretch...
  • bryn bach is not open to swimming.............infact we found out that there is nowhere which is why we found the river swimming at the Taff..................best thing that happened because its free and lovely

    Its just 10/15 mins from newport so if you fancy it sometime let us know and i'm sure someone can join youimage

  • I think I'll skip this weekends swim, I've pulled something in my shoulder that meant I couldn't pull through properly on this mornings swim.  Lots of time for it to get better so no point risking making worse!

  • Sorry to hear that Pingu, take it easy ready for the race!
  • Thanks, I'm not too worried, 2 weeks is plenty to rest it and I do like an excuse to get out of the long swimming practises, I get bored when it gets to more than 45 mins!
  • I get bored very quickly in the pool, but not in lakes or rivers, I seem to have grown a love of it. Never thought I'd say that!
  • What time do you want to meet tomorrow Seren? I can make any time, do you want to go early?
  • i can go anytime...............

    despite having a massive mix grill tonight and a bottle of wine I'm sure I will be fine in the morning and keen to battle the torrents of the Taff.........

    what do you want to do 9 am or earlier or laterimage

  • 9 am is good. I have a feeling we won't be going upstream very quickly!
  • Alan, agree, I don't find the open water swimming boring, too much going on!  Pool though, yawn ...image
  • Right, I think I'm back in Wales a week Monday for a few days. If it's not too dark who would be up for an evening swim?
  • it would have to be the beginning part of tghe week as heading off for tenby at the end of that weekimage
  • Brrr! Great swim Seren
  • it was brilliant AW....but so cold ...couldn't believe it..even cold by my standards

  • Seren - I will be in touch towards the end of this week about the Taff next week.


  • Seren/Jevans/AW/Any others

    Who can make a Taff swim Monday evening after work?

  • Sorry Cat5, I'm in Farnborough until at least Tuesday night
  • No worries. I used to live in Fboro. You get around as much as me!

  • Monday evening you say, could be a possibility
  • Tell me about it Cat5, I'm never really sure where I am most days!
  • Not sure now about swimming this week.........on antibiotics and antibiotic cream for a foor infection i picked up on the marathon last sunday.........It still hasn't cleared so I might be better avoiding swimming until I get to Tenby just in caseimage
  • Sounds sensible Seren. Hope it clears up. I'm free Monday! What time? I may have to do some logistical jiggery-pokery..
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