OW swimming in South Wales



  • Oh dear, I could be tempted back again! Can't do Saturday, but if anyone wants to go on Sunday I'm up for it image
  • Got the days mixed up! I can do Saturday not Sunday, although early again would be good so I can get to Park Run!
  • that fits in best for me as well ........

    just to remind everyone that I am free for mornings in the week as well if anyone finds then at a loose end on a work dayimage

  • That's interesting on the gloves, I'd always assumed that swimming gloves were different from dive gloves although I'm not sure why.  I've got a hood and gloves for diving so technically I have no excuse for not swimming even now, apart from being a wuss and I don't know of a suitable river round here.
  • gloves definitely make a difference.feels weird for the first minute then fine.........Alan's hands looked like they had a tan line yesterday from where they were so much colder than his hands
  • anyone else up for saturday morning....should be less current this weekimage
  • I'll be there. 7:30 ok again? Gives me time to get to park run.
  • I'll be there Alanimage
  • Its looking dry but dark out there..........don't think my headtorch would work in the riverimage
  • suprisingly it was even faster than last week.........but not cold at all..........image.

    good job Alan was with me because on the way back I misjudged the speed and concentration drifted away with the trees..............only to think.whose calling my name............

    I had gone past our steps and was getting dangerously close to the weir....had to change direction quickly and swim to the sides and walk back up stream near the banksimage

    next staurday I'm doing the Brecon Beacons Ultra.............but would be up for a Sunday morning swim anytime........

    any takersimage

  • I'm in Cardiff all week. Does anyone want to meet for some fink-link running/cycling?
  • I am broken after an  ultra yesterday so had better take a few days offimage

  • Any takers for an early morning swim.......might even follow it by a park run
  • Oh Seren, you really are amazing! Are you fixed after Saturday now then?
  • i think so jen.........definitely ok for swimming......I am normally fine to carry on gentle training straight after races but was in a mess this time as ran when I had been ill all week and had to really push my body to finish the 46 miles........
    but seems fine now...if it drys u will try a little bike ride later
  • Good recovery.

    I managed to find a lap around Cardiff. Only about 5 miles, but job done. Hotel pool was closed so we could use another hotel pool.  I hate short pools so this morning tried the pool at the Newport ISV. Very posh.

  • river was lower and slower than recent visits................but still very cold and hard work.........managed the full lap and recovered now after a hot bath...not sure i could warm up enough to run afterwards without a bath......time for a cooked brekkie I thinkimage
  • Right.after the lake swim last week I will be back in the taff this week.going to try and make it tomorrow morning as I will be doing a bike ride saturday.........

    anyone up for a short splash......
  • Anniversary sadly image
  • Bring her along image a suprise trip go cardiff
  • Oooh you are a devil image

  • Some of our lady NEWTs swam yesterday at Porthcawl (training for a channel swim). Next Saturday, 21 Jan they are planning to go back to the diving centre at Chepstow. Late morning is all I know for now. If anyone wants more info I can find out for you.


  • I'm away this weekend.......sadly.......will look to see next time.would love to go with company........

    river is changeable........last saturday......cold but little current.....the week before a lot warmer but a stronger current........makes it interesting....
  • I still think you're all mad.

    Slugs - will you be swimming with NEWT tomorrow?

  • Cat5. Probably will have recovered from my 3.33k this morning so I should be there. Are you a NEWT?

  • I'm down that way alot for work. NEWT are happy for me to train with them when I'm there.
  • Seren I've PM'd you re our club members who are still swimming in the cold outdoors like you.

  • Are you swimming tonight Slugs?
  • Thanks slugs
  • Sorry Cat5, only just seen your post, this morning. I was there, great session for me, finally hitting some decent pace in the pool again. I just dont recognise you from your avitar. I'm out in Lane 6, where abouts are you?
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