OW swimming in South Wales



  • So you're one of the fast ones....

    Last week I started in 5, and moved to 4. Same sets, but 4 was a tad slower. That was based on total distance covered in the swim (2550). It was still a little fast for me. This week I went in lane 2 based upon my 7-8m/400m time, and it was too slow image.

    I'll work it out one day. I'm not in Wales next week so it won't be then...

  • Had to go to page 6 to find this because of all the spamming.......#

    they tell us the weather has turned warmer....so is anyone up for an early morning swim tomorrow image
  • right.its april now.........mid april even and the sun was out today...who is up for a swim in the morning in the Taff image
  • i have to admit it..without any sun out today that water was still cold.......did a full lap but was cold at the end
  • Afternoon

    Is anyone planning on swimming in Porthcawl this Sunday by any chance?  High tide is 11:18.  I really need to get in some OW before Marazion next month!

     OR has anyone swum there recently and has any tips?


  • Finally got into the water (outdoors) for the 1st time this year. Went over the Bridge to Triopenwater, Bradley Stoke near Bristol. Great little venue, has a 600m marked course. Water quality is good, but cloudy due to the clay. NOT VERY WARM! 10.5 degrees last night. The guy who runsit,  Mike, is very welcoming & encouragin,. costs a fiver, but can swim as long as you like. Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thrsday evenings and Saturday & Sunday mornings till 11:30.

    A few of us are going back a week Sunday (6 May), thats only 3 weeks before our 10k swim at Eton.image

  • Swam there a few times last year, and can't really fault it. Nice to know that you can stand up just in case, and gave a few newbies a confidence boost.
  • its good there.but gets a little expensive on your own.for petrol and the bridge........

    Alan W and myself are swimming in the taff on saturday morning early if anyone wants to join us
  • I can't make it this Saturday Seren, but I'll be there soon, as I've got a newbie who wants to try out OW swimming before Wimbleball.

    Take it careful this weekend, after this recent weather there could be quite a flow, and worse still, run off from fields etc.
  • Seren - have you heard about the BBC Wales interest in OW and wild swimmers? If not let Slugs or I know and we can pass on the details.
  • No..not heard.....would be interested......i love to swim outdoors and would love to find new safe places......

  • I know it is nearly September, but has anyone been in the Taff, or going there? If September stays warm I may well be up for a session or two ....though I will be pretty much a beginner again....image

  • Did try the Usk last week. Just above Usk town at the picnic site. 2 of us spent an hour 40, just swimmimg up & down. I wimped out and wore a wettie but my swim buddy braved it without, although she said it was colder than the channel.

    Plenty deep enough & a nice strong current to make you work.

    I did suffer a bad stomach 48 hours later, but dont know if the water was to blame as Christine was fine.

  • I am willing to swim there......I went a couple of weeks ago with my son and it was warmish.......

    never been ill after the Taff and its only 10 mins away..........let me know and i will pick you up

  • Of course - I've since realised that I am not around any weekends in September image Carbooting and 10king next week, the week after I'm at my parents... 22nd Sept I might be around in the morning actually, but 29th I'm at my parents again. 

    I don't want to hold you back though Seren (plus, if the weather is bad, I will chicken out to avoid having to swim into the flow of the water). If you are up for it though, then I'll drop you a line the week before... and will keep tabs on the weather.....

  • just to say we are swimming in the taff in the morning if anyone is interestedimage

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