Bio Freeze

Never heard of this stuff until someone in my family bought it home yesterday to treat a sore back. Is it of any use to runners? Is it worth having in the medicine cabinet?


  • I've got a big tube of it and find it very handy to have around. I use it a little more than I would like to have to though.. Very useful when things need treating whilst at work as a lot easier than icing!
  • It does no more or less than any other 'deep freeze' spray or gel that I've come across (professionally).
    It's convenient.
    A bag of peas on your back would be cheaper.
  • Used this for previous injuries. Similar to othe 'freeze/cold' products and quite handy for inflamed injuries. Smells quite strong.
  • Does it actually reduce the temperature of the injured bit, or is not just the sensation of cooling caused by the menthol and alcohol in it?
  • I use deep freeze on my knees (little rhyme for you there), i find it works on niggles, reduces pain when you're not able to sit with a bag o'peas on your various injuries for 20 mins but yes - peas would be cheaper and probably more effective. Its more convienient really.
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