Olympic Torch



  • I'm sure that's not the most convenient for you but then it is voluntary isn't it.  I now live in Cardiff - 30 miles from my hometown - so will also have to travel.  At least he gets his torch for free, eh?
  • Just saw your profile as being in Caerphilli - he's not carrying it in Ogmore Vale is he?

  • no Martin in abergavenny the day before......we accepted that we might have to travel.....just seems stupid that the people form here are travelling to abergavenny and the ebbw vale people travel the next day to caerphilly.......would have been lovely for him to do it through our own town........

    but still a great day and a great chance for him....and I get to accompany him as he is under 18 image
  • That's brill!  I'm the only person from Ogmore carrying it through there - others from as far afield as Caerphilli - hence the question. 
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