Micoach App.


Has anyone used the MiCoach app on their phones yet?
How were the training schedules? Did the voice feedback work
ok? Any suggestions on how best to use it would be good.




  • I use the MiCoach app + HR monitor for over a month now it is an immensly versatile training tool and really helps me get the best out of my training runs. Its various training plans are devised by professional coaches, I'm currently on the finish faster - 10k plan and its building me up nicely.

    I would recommend anyone with an iphone ipod touch to try out the app. as its free. The HR monitor costed 50 quid but that was really money well spent. Especially when a garmin foreunner costs alot more.

  • I used to use MiCoach but switched to Nike+GPS as I was able to nab it for free because of some anniversary give away. It is a good app and the website is pretty strong too but I preferred the social aspects of Nike+

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