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    So 5 years on there's STILL no separate scale for women.  I am green but look much better in blue or purple.  If they had a women's scale I might qualify for either of those image

  • I wonder if you got your time for manchester marathon in the last few years if you have to send the tshirt back now its been officially called short and the records removed 


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    Jeepers wrote (see)
    Dan A wrote (see)
    Jeepers - fair enough; if it's not for you then I won't try to convince you otherwise. But perhaps you should think of it as a training top rather than a racing top.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but even less point - for me - anyhow.  I have all the info that I need in my head and in my records.

    But I appreciate that I'm in a very small minority, so you may well have a market.

    You probably are in the minority but I know exactly what you mean.  I'd rather run topless than display my achievements as I find it all very off putting.  However I find that people are getting more and more competitive and a lot of people like to show others what they have done.  I have no interest in this so am never going to get on with this sort of concept - saves me a fortune not buying into it all though image

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