these are dark days

so much so i was thinking it's not so good to run after dark alone. so does anyone know anything about sutton coldfield running club and if they have a open evening/friendly park run?

i'm too scared to ring them myself


  • i'm very upset that noone responds to my thread. i try to give it an interesting title but no. it doesn't work. goodbye all. i'm putting on my sparkly trainers and running off the edge of a cliff.
  • sorry you got no replies - i guess no-one knows anything about sutton coldfield! but i do like the sound of your sparkly trainers - do you think i could have them after you jump off the cliff?
  • be my guest. they're slightly scuffed and my legs are horrifically broken but there's still a few miles left in them.
  • Which cliff are you now at the bottom of ?
  • And where did you find a cliff in Sutton Coldfield?
  • I have no idea where Sutton Coldfield is, but try Google and look up the running club. Most seem to have web pages that might just answer your question.

    I guess they must do though mustn't they ?

  • try
  • There ain't nothing friendly ever come out of snooty Sutton Coldfield...except the running club, or so I'm told by a work contact who goes there.

    Tell you what - I could do with sorting out a running club too, and I live just a mile on the wrong side of the Chester Road. Are you up for making some enquiries and going along together to see what it's like?

    I can't work out where that cliff could be either.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • i made the cliff up.

    let's go down.
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