Yoga for runners - Edinburgh?

Been reading the blog on Yoga for runners. I have done yoga for a number of years and really enjoy it and great for my overall flexibility.

I'm moving to Edinburgh for a few months and was wondering if anyone knows of any good yoga centers or gyms that they would recommend?

I found a few on google:

I could go on and on... but would prefer a word of mouth or word by blog recommendation please. Will save me trying out a whole host of different places and settle in quickly.


Oh... and if there any good running clubs near Dean Village would be good too!


  • Bump in the hopes of someone piping up... I keep telling myself I need to get back into a yoga program. (Ideally Bikram, but Ashtanga will do.)
  • You could try -

    Bristo Yoga School 1 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH1 1EY 07904 390546 ‎ I went to Karen's classes for around 6 months. Karen is a competitive cyclist and she had many triathletes in her class. I eventually gave up because I found her classes too exhausting! My physio at the time (also a triathlete) recommended Karen to me and I often saw my physio in Karen's more advanced classes. Karen teaches Ashtanga yoga.
  • I can recommend union yoga - not far from Dean Village either, if that's where you'll be living. Great atmosphere and non competitive classes. Both Victoria and Bruce are excellent teachers and there are daily Mysore sessions too.

     No Bikram in Edinburgh yet (that I know of), but there's a centre opening - I think just off Easter Road - later in the Summer I think. I can't wait - dying to try Bikram.

  • No working Bikram studio yet in Edinburgh. Bristo Yoga and Union Yoga are both good options. However, if it's HOT YOGA you are after we are delighted to say that we are just about to start classes (late November) at the lovely Gathering Essence studio 2. Feel welcomed to give us a visit if you are around image

    10a Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3LY
  • Hi Liz

    I can defo recommend Bristo as well as I love their Ashtanga and Vinyasa Power classes. I go there (not as much as I should!) and the studio is lovely and welcoming and Karen is an absolutely brilliant teacher!

    I've been to Aditi and Union as well and they also have good teachers and excellent classes. So I would suggest to you to have a look at their websites and schedules and go with what suits your schedule. Alongside that, I always think it's good to try a few different classes/teachers as you will probably end up going with one that you feel most suits you and your 'yoga personality'.

    There is also Rowenna Warren, but not sure what style you want, as she teaches Ashtanga only.

    Oh and top tip on the Bikram in Edinburgh! Absolutely dying to try it as well and am very excited to hear that there will be on opening in Edinburgh! image

  • OH and PS - welcome to Edinburgh (when you get here) image)))
  • Ashtanga yoga edinburgh AYE ( will start a Yoga for Runners class later in the month.  Keep up to date on their website and their facebook page

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