Macclesfield Half-Marathon 2011

This is my home half marathon and my first. I've done a few 10k's and decided to take on a half. I train in Macclesfield so I'm familiar with the hills.

Anyone else doing/done this? Tips and advice greatly recieved!


  • what is the course profile like?

    read its hilly but runners times compare reasonably with other events.

    might enter as snowdon marathon prep image
  • Link to website

    Course map and profile are there. I train in and around Macc and the hills are not that bad, they are long and gradual rather than short and steep.
  • racephotosracephotos ✭✭✭

    Hi Ian, I look forward to seeing you on the day.

    I Crazytown Emperor, I can usually be found taking photos at several points around the course.  My race photos can be downloaded totally free.

    If you log on using the link below and scroll halfway down the page you will find the link to last year's photos.  You will see the start and finish is on a running track.

    He-he, Ian says the hills are not bad, but some off the comments I get at the 11.5 mile mark are not repeatable. image

    Kind regards.


  • Hi Bryan, I'm sure I'll be adding my own comments at that point about being too bullish about the hills image

     Great photos btw, capturing some real anguish in some of the runners!

  • Just entered macclesfield HM wondering what its like? Just coming back from persistent calf injury, going to take my training seriously this time. Been a bit blasé in the past and missed out on a few races bcos of this.
  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭
    I did it last year. It's a great route, there are several hills but the climbs are gradual. The last one being at mile 10 when it really gets tough. Really good race, would recommend to anybody.
  • It's a great race, my personal favourite HM. Missed it last year through injury but plan on doing it this year.

    The uphills are offset by some downhill sections as well which help make the times comparable with other races. The worst one is miles 10 to 12. There's a short section along the main road and then you turn left into Whirley lane and climb for 2 miles. It's not steep but constant and no respite and hurts after you've already done 10 miles.  The earlier ones are more short and sharp, Hocker Lane is probably the steepest around 8 miles in and climbs for about 3/4 mile.

  • Maccs HM is a super event,

    starting at finishing at the track,

    it's got a couple of hills, one a little toughie, the others are more like long drags

    but yes there are FAR worse HM courses on the events calender

    my PB there pushing Phillip is 1:57 - our worst is 2:20

    all good fun, but the trick is to set off HY drated, and steady and build into it

  • Looking for a half in september as part of Liverpool marathon training .
    it looks like either this or Warrington , just after advice on the usual things like ,
    parking , local support , and runners return the next year ?
    I would be aiming to break the 2 hour mark for the first time , thanks for any help.
  • i've entered this for liverpool marathon training. hoping to beat my pb 2hrs 02 mins, would love to get under 2 hrs!
  • JB see you at the finish line , like you them couple of minutes mean a lot.
  • I have just entered this race and am now worried about the hills!! However i have done potters arf and Meerbrook 15km this year and managed well with hills, inclines etc.

    Would like to beat my PB of 2hrs 1min (that was potters arf time this year) is it possible on this course? I had only been back running 6 months after having a baby when i did potters arf in June so fingers crossed i can crack the 2hr time, especially with all the running i do now. lol

    Any advice at this late stage will be greatly taken on board. Travelling from Telford for this one but originally from Leek so hopeing to have some supporters cheering me on.

     Good luck everyone. image

  • katy sanderson

    if you di 2:01 at potters arf, you should be doing this in about 1:58

    The macc half is hard but so so hard you don't enjoy it

  • Hi Katy,

    I would like to share a photo with you of Mick "n" Phil (see above message) powering up that hill at about 12 miles.

    It was a good job I was taking photos at that point, I was able to warn Mick about the police speed camera just around the corner. image

    I think The Silent Assassin missed a word out of his message Kate.  Me thinks it should have read " The macc half is hard but not so, so hard you don't enjoy it". image

    See you on Sunday and don't forget to smile for the camera.

    Kind regards.


  • I'm in. Got Great Langdale full the day before though, hehe.....Might be a tad slow! image

    Hi Bryan. Hi Micknphil. image image image

    Barry Fan. (Ria)

  • Hey all,

     Just wondering what is a good warm up for this half marathon as im pretty useless at it? does it change for each runner?

    Oh good luck to everyone who is running, see you there

  • Hi,
    Thinking of travelling up from Bham on sunday for this, race website states entries on the day, is that a definite?
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