Gait Issue

Hi guys,

Any chance of some advice from the more experienced runners out there.

Have spotted a problem with my running gait.  I found a little bit of of hip pain on a 9 mile run the other day, well more discomfort really.  Along with the fact I supernate rediculously (If I get 200 miles out of a pair of shoes I'm going some).

Anyway I found that when I walk or run I tend to bring my leg across in front of the other.  I think I can probably correct it with hard word and a lot of concentration, however I am planning my first marathon in October and wondered if it was worth messing about now, or leave it until after the marathon. Have been refered to Physio but will be about a month.  

Just wondered if anyone out there had similar experience and could offer advice.




  • I think you could benefit from some core work and general strengthening exercises, these may or may not solve any biomechanical issues that you have but they certainly will complement your marathon training

    Physio will have better info to give you
  • bk42bk42 ✭✭✭

    Me too!! Also just started physio and can I ask is it the Loch Ness Marathon?

  • No mate, Chester.

    For my first marathon I looked at two within a shortish traveling distance, though we are staying over, Chester on the 9th or Nottingham the week before.

    Chose Chester as the course profile is very flat and also I didn't want one with a Half incorperated.   Too much temptation to turn off with the halfers.  Plus the city is really nice and the date 09/10/11 is cool....

    Small things eh...

    Loch Ness does look nice though.  Maybe next year if I manage this one.

  • That doesn't sound too dissimilar to my hip issue.

    I was told that if you imagine a line on the floor between your legs, ideally your feet should stay on their side of the line (or at most land on the line) - my hip problem arose because I tended to pull my right leg over so the right foot landed on the left side. I try and use the imaginary line thing whenever I run now, and while I still get the occasional ache/niggle, I haven't (touch wood) had a proper injury in that area for some time.

    But there's also a lot to be said for stretching legs to make sure there's no other tight muscle buggering up the hip! If it's giving you jip though best to see the physio.
  • Pretty much spot on there SophieC.
    Tried running yesterday but was over correcting I think. Sore afterwards
    Thanks for the line tip. Felt much better today.
    How long till it feels natural ?
    Cheers again
  • I've been doing it for years now but I seem to remember I had to slow down long runs to make sure I got it right, but I think within a few months it felt natural. It does slip a bit if you're off road, or going up a steep hill for some reason!
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