North Yorkshire Ultra

Just wanted to let you know about a new race in North Yorkshire based around Rosedale 13 and 27 mile route options.  We are raising money for the Royal Marines Charitable trust fund

Hope you can make it


  • 27 miles? Seems like an odd choice?
  • as short as you can make it and still be an ultra maybe lirishimage
  • That's exactly what I was thinking Seren, I'm very much an ultra newbie and I haven't gone beyond 50 yet but even I'd be a little embarrassed saying I was an ultra runner if I'd done this. Would maybe made more sense to tack on another 5 and call it a 50k do you think?
  • You could just do both really fast and call it a 40 miler?image
  • In all honesty Vertor that may not be a bad idea, I haven't looked at the site so I don't know if it's feasible but that would tempt me far more than a 27.
  • Lirish, We hadnt even thought about combining the two, It is feasible and a great idea.  I will include it within the options and make changes on the site. 

    The route map will be published just as soon as we get the hang of the new software I am using. 

    Hope to see you there.   

    Rgds Trev

  • In all honesty Trev the charity is one I'd be more than happy to support, my workplace is inaundated with ex booties and we train with the special sailors image fairly often. I wouldn't consider a 27 mile run an ultra though even though I know technically it is, I think, strange as it may seem, you may be more of an uptake combining the two.

  • We are everywhere Lirishimage...consider the combination of the two done.  By the way we are always former, never eximage
  • Apologies, a particularly good mate of mine down here never left the corp, he's been a copper longer than he was in but in his head he's still a Royal and always will be
  • Indeed!  Great to chat and hope to see you on the "Lirish 40" as its now known in Rosedale.  Changes to the site made already.  image

  • The just giving donations page for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, is now live, can you also help us to spread the word out by clicking on this link and "liking" the site on facebook.  We are also promoting the Royal Marines Charitable trust through our Adventure Racing Club in Yorkshire

    You can donate without doing the race here

  • A tough and challenging circular course using the many trails and features around Rosedale.  A Challenge Event for Walkers and Runners in aid of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, using the remote tracks and woodland trails around Rosedale Abbey

    You can donate here

    Key Facts

    Date: 19th November 2011

    Distance: 40, 27 and 13 mile options

    Terrain: Trail and off road with a small amount of tramac, uneven, steep ascents

    Cost: £15, £20 for the 40 miler

    Navigation: Limited navigational skills are required, walkers/runners should be able to place themselves on an OSap and orientate this to the ground by recognising features.  The route is well marked and marshalled, an online brief will be available and detialed route cards issued on race egistration.    

    Registration from: 06:30 on Saturday 19th November.  Registration will also be available on Friday 18th November from 19:00 to 22:00.

    GPS trails can be downloaded as a service on the Friday night for compatible GPS systems.

    go here for more details 

  • Latest update on route planning for the Rosedale Ultra.  The Estimated total ascent is 1450 metres this is more than the height of Ben Nevis at 1344 metres.  image
  • Th descriptions for the Yorkshire Ultra based in Rosedale are now live on the site.  Descriptions of the 40 miler, 30miler and 13 mile routes can be found here 
  • Looking like it's going to be a good turnout for this first race.  This is just a reminder that the early bird discount for the race finishes on the 31st of August.  

     13 - 30 and 40 mile routes to enter

  • Looks great!

    I'm local so it'd be right up my street.

    Any chance of coming along on the route recce for the 40, if it's not yet happened?
  • There have been some technical issues with race booking so the early bird discount has been extended by 10 days. 13 - 30 and 40 mile routes to enter

  • Update for the Yorkshire Ultra in Rosedale 13-30--40 Mile options

    Just a quick update on progress for the race in Rosedale on the 19th November.  Entries are looking really good, we have hit the 80 mark already, despite some online booking difficulties.  I know that plenty of you tried to book online but couldn't sorry for that.  The IT guy's tried to fix the bug but resorted to re-building the whole site instead.  The new Race Adventure site is now live and hopefully without the bugs...The site content is still being added  to but includes videos, a learning centre, blog/news section as well as race bookings. 

  • Night Trail Series Update

    As the nights draw in we thought that we would introduce a series of night trail races to keep your motivation and drive right up there.  The first of these races is on the 1st of October in East Yorkshire just outside of Pocklington over the Yorkshire Wolds.  There are 10 and 20 mile options available.  Night Trail racing is a very different aspect of trail running, exciting and great fun.  For more information go to Night Trail

  • Sounds great - but the link doesn't work!
  • Just a quick heads up on the Rosedale Ultra to remind everyone of the Rosedale Rumble this coming weekend.  13, 30 and 40 mile distances.  There are 125 competitors registered for this inaugural  race, so the event is looking to be well attended.  Race starts at 07:30 on Saturday at the Hutton Le Hole village hall in North Yorkshire. 

  • Did the 30 mile on Saturday and loved it as my first ever past marathon distance. Small field, but well organised and a route that had everything you would want in an off road race (although when I say want, I mean expect, I didn't want the last few 'inclines!'

    I tagged onto a group of 3 fellas who in the end got me to the end with them, showing the camaraderie you don't get as much in road races so cheers to you all.

    Cheers for arranging this one, and I'd definately do it again although I'll only be doing the 40 miler if I get quicker as I would not like to have been out in the dark trying to finish.

  • I did the 13 mile course - brilliant day, am a total trail convert now image

    With any luck I'll be back for the 30 next year! Great job!

  • Rosedale Ultra Marathon Race

    At 7.30am on Saturday the 19th November in a damp and misty Hutton Le Hole, 120 competitors took on the challenge of completing the first Rosedale Ultra race nicknamed the Rosedale Rumble.

    Competitors raced over a distance of their choice, a half marathon, 30 mile ultra marathon or an epic 40 mile ultra marathon, none of which can be described as a race for the faint hearted.

    Anxious and ready competitors waited for the countdown, when zero struck they raced off into the mist and into the distance, over the moors and up through the gathering clouds floating upon the hillside.

    Morning came and passed as the sun rose higher and soon the athletes found themselves gazing from the top of the moor onto the fresh British countryside and the clouds they had recently ascended through.

    But soon the athletes found themselves digging deep, blood pumping and muscles cramping, the competitors fought through, after all, an ultra marathon is no walk in the park. Bodies suffered and egos flagged, but earning your stripes as an ultra marathon runner requires perseverance and gut determination, qualities which all runners displayed in due course.

    Commenting on the race, Nigel Dixon one of the competitors said “The course around the area of Rosedale took us through every type of terrain, through the beautiful Cropton Forest, over several moors and circled the magnificent Rosedale valley, the views were absolutely stunning”. 

    But the race was not over yet, saved for the last 3 miles of the race was the hardest challenge yet, competitors found themselves climbing the steepest hill in England, ‘The Rosedale Chimney’, a gruelling ascent which took the competitors total ascent well over that of Ben Nevis.      

    Triumphant, the runners emerged from their battle with the slope and crossed the finishing line to be met by the race administrators and marshals with warm soup and fresh bread rolls in order to look after the body after the extreme challenge it completed.

    The race administration base was situated at the fabulously accomodating Hutton Le Hole village hall, commenting on the race, race organiser Trevor Parker commented “the people of Hutton Le Hole made us particularly welcome.  Local facilities included ample parking, several café’s and a superb pub which serves excellent food” 

    Congratulations to the winners

    13 Miler

    Sally Foxon in 02:02

    Alec Yale in 01:48

    Will Ficklen in 01:48

    Michael Brigham in 01:48

    30 Miler

    Tracey Apperley in 06:16

    Peter Wilkie in 05:34

    40 Miler

    Lucy Colquhoun in 06:26

    Jez Hellewell in 06:16

    First time Ultra marathon runner Andrew Langdale commented after the race “this was my first attempt at an Ultra marathon race, as you can imagine I was a little worried about joining people who ran these type of distances regularly, I need not have worried.  I was made very welcome by the race organisers and my fellow competitors alike.  Camaraderie within the ultra running community is renouned and I am delighted to have experienced that today, I will definitely be taking part in more Ultra distance races”. 

    As well as local Yorkshire competitors, racers came from the US, Cornwall, Scotland, London, the Lake District and the Midlands.  

  • What's happened to the web page for this years race? I can't seem to access it anymore - any info out there.....?

  • Would be interested in some night runs- it wasn't till I got half way through the thread that I realised it was from last year!

    Is it on this year?
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