For Sales...

Hiya people,

Do we have a for sales section or can we think of setting one up?

Sports kit , etc and not washing machines!

What do you think?


  • My understanding is that Runners World don't allow selling on the forum. Probably because they sell advertising themselves.

    The Pirates have set up a sales section here specifically for kit and stuff but you have to register to be able to use it. It's not used that much either.

  • Runnersworld's sister site 'BikeMagic' and also 'SIngleTrackWorld' (both mountain bike forums where I spend too much of my work day) both have both advertisers and 'classified' sections.

    It makes more sense for bike sites (compared to a running site) though as there is more kit to sell on. I'd happily buy  and sell frames, forks etc but not second hand running shoes and shorts etc.

    I know this is posted in the 'TW Forum' and you lot do have bikes (albeit strange, uncomfortable ones) but it's still basically Runners World.

  • No one ever looks at stuff in STW.. rubbish! image

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