10k in 50 minutes thread

Since posting on the '10k in 60 minutes thread', I have completed my first 10k training session at 53.12. This surprised me a lot as I had been aiming for 60 minutes having only started back running 2 and 1/2 months ago. Someone over on that thread then told me to start a new 50 minute 10k thread instead, so here it is.

I have revised my short term target to try and get to a sub 50 minute time and was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me at the moment?




  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    yep! im in...just need to get time down by 4mins......image
  • Good stuff Loula.

    Have you any races coming up? I'm going to be doing a 10k on 8th June.

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    I'll join you. My target this year is for a sub 2h half-mara and sub 50m 10k.

    I'm easily doing 54mins on my training runs and have been for over a year now and never seemed to get any quicker. Just started to put some structure to my training and seeing some improvement  Just need to find a decent road10k that appeals to me. I've done a very hilly and hot trail race 2 years running  in June but haven't got a sub 1h in it yet! I'm currently using an 8mile trail route for training and have seen quite a bit of improvement just over the last two weeks.

    Warm up 2 miles, 10k tempo 3miles on road/track, 9m30s miles rough surface for 3miles.

  • Yep I am in I need to try and trim 2mins 18secs off my PB.  got 21 days until my next 10k - haven't been able to train for ages but I am clear to run now...
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    think i can manage a sub 2hr HM..did 1:33 10mile event in hilly and v windy conditions  at start of month so if i pick a flat HM course should be under 2hr !!
  • Like TimR I would like to get my 10k time down to 50 mins this year... Still have a long way to go ! My last 10k was 58:39 on trails and a bit up and down hill. Have the Bupa. London 10k next Monday, hoping to get close to 55 mins and then start building on it from there....

    I have also recently joined a running club so I'm hoping that will help with my training image
  • Excellent guys, keep us posted with how your training is going and any new developments as far as PB's and race times.

    Good luck folks

  • My PB for a 10k is 57.39. That was at the Manc 10k last Sunday, I could probs have been slightly faster but missed about 6 weeks of training in march and april due to a car crash, do you guys think its is possible for me to do a 50min 10k at the next Manc 10k in May 2012, if I keep training hard (inc intervals once a week)!?XX
  • I managed to run 10k in 52mins 57secs on a flat course this month. I'd like to run under 50mins but as I'm only running one 10k a year I'm not sure how possible that would be! (Transport issues; I can walk to the start.) I'm thinking about trying a half-marathon as there are two not far away; one hilly and one flat.
  • I'm in, 

    I had a target of 55 mins and got 53 mins 57 sec in the Manc 10k last week.  Have now revised my target to under 50 mins.  Doing the Mersey Tunnel 10k in June, have the endurance but need to do some speedwork and intervals.  Not expecting to get under 50mins at this one just trying to increase my speed gradually.  Have another 10k planned for September so who nows maybe then if the training goes well.

    Have also decided to step up and do a half marathon next year with the aim to get under 2 hours.

  • Oooh Deva Duck! I am doing the Tunnel Run too! Have yo done it before?xx

  • No never run the tunnel run before Bex - should be good.  Apparently the hill out of the tunnel is not as bad as various people have reported.  Just hope it is not as windy as today otherwise that run along New Brighton prom might be a struggle.

  • I did it a few years ago and it isnt that bad! Yeh we would get blown away if it was like today! It's fun going into the tunnel though cos the other side is still open and all the cars beep and wave!!xx
  • Apparently there are about 3,000 entrants for the tunnel run - should be a good atmosphere
  • Hi did my first 5k on may 15th  29.20 my first race and was happy with that as the winner ran it in 24,was a very challenging hilly course.I'm thinking of doing the Lordshill 10k on June the 26th which would give me 5 weeks training and plan to follow the RW plan,although thats 6 weeks so would mix and match weeks 1-2!! Would love to hit 50 but again would be more than happy with anything under 60,been running since Feb and am loving the structure of working towards a race.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    My next 10k is 26th June. Hilly, hot and trail. A road 10k at the begining of August would be ideal for me.
  • Hurrah some other non-bionic runners!  I'm in this group too, got down to 51:30 10K last summer but had a bit of a break (work-related mostly) and now floundering around the 55min mark again and lost a load of stamina image  doing most training on the treadmill at the moment due to shift patterns and that 12kmh speed feels a lot faster than it did.

    Managed 5K in 24:45 back then too so will be aiming for 24 on the nose once I'm back up to speed (!)

    Races... should definitely take the plunge I think as am sure that's the best way to push yourself that little bit further.

  • Good to hear from some fellow 50+ min folks !  My 10k pb is 56:57 which I set last year while training for a half marathon. I've been training hard for mens10k and hope to get as close to 50 as possible! Just over 3 weeks to go.

    I'm also looking to get under 2hr half in September.

     Good luck folks, wish you all the best in your training.

  • At the club last night they announced the intention of us targeting a 10k race in November and gearing our training towards it...

    So, last night we had a track pacing session, getting us to run different distances at our 10k pace, everything from 100m to 1 mile. It felt quite strange to start with running 100m at a 10k pace but it was quite interesting to see what sort of pace I managed to get in to. Last night my pace would have translated to a 52min 10k if I had managed to keep the same pace for the whole 10k so I'm hopeful that come November I should be able to get below the 50 min threshold...

    My next real test will be on Monday with the Bupa 10k, as I said I'm aiming for as close to 55 mins as I can get; last nights training says this should be possible but I'm starting to feel quite nervous....
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    Good luck Lisa.
  • November 2009 I set a 10k PB of 51m37s on a flat course and last week at the Crouch End 10k I set a new PB of 59:28. I'll stick in this thread though as my challenge is to now make that a sustainable pace for all my runs.
  • One of my aims for this year is a sub 50 10k; my first 10k was two years ago and I came in at 57 mins, this time last year I did 52 min 10k at the start of a half marathon (finished 1:53). I'm definitely a bit slower now due to inconsistent training but the circumstances that have lead to that should sort themselves out in the next couple of weeks and I can then really focus again. I've also recently joined a club which is helping with the dreaded speed work!

    I have a my eye on a 10k in about 6 weeks time, this one won't be the sub 50 but should at least show me how far I have to go to get there image
  • Good luck Lisa, let us know how you get on.

     What training are you folks doing to get you towards the big goal?  I've introduced interval and tempo sessions since the start of the year and I'm feeling much fitter. Will soon see how it translates into race performance!

  • Good luck this weekend Lisa.

    I am also going to try and introduce some speedwork and interval training Dr fg. 

     I can comfortably run more than the distance now just need to increase my speed.  I am currently doing one long run (presently 8 miles but increasing gradually every week up to half marathon distance).  One slightly faster run of about five miles and another fast tempo run of about 3 miles.  So far the improvement has been quite steep, 59 mins in October 2010 and then 54 mins at the Manchester 10k the other week. I am guessing that I am now in a position where speedwork and interval training will be needed to continue my improvment and get under 50 mins so am going to add another session to my training.  I am also considering joining a club.

  • Hi

    I spotted this while looking for another thread, and although I typically run about 45' I thought I'd say a bit about how I brought my time down.

    So, what's the secret? First thing I'd say is avoid using the word 'just', when you're talking about what you need to do. It takes effort to shave off minutes. It also needs some good fortune, both on the day and in preparation. An illness here, a sore leg there, work commitments, an extra curry or three, lots of fun runners in front of you on the day... and your time won't be going anywhere.

    Next thing is book a few races in, spaced perhaps about fortnightly to monthly, that give you a consistent prompt, as well as providing a training run for the next!

    Now, as for training, think of the words 'jog' and 'run', and what they mean. They're different for a reason - pretty obvious really, but translate that to your legs and to 'run' means pushing on every step, rather than simply moving at a fast, but comfortable pace. This is where for many people on a 10k the mental strength is needed.

    A training partner can help. My wife started running occasionally with me last year. She was consistently well above 50' and did 47' last run.

    Good luck to you all!


  • I'd like to join this thread too, please?

    Barry, thanks for your helpful hints especially about 'pushing' on every step.  I went for a run at the track this morning and got a PB for 10K of 55:25. (Previously my PB was 57:? which was the first 10K of a 15K race.)  This morning felt very fast to me and I can't imagine being able to run much faster (but obviously I'm still a long way off of 50mins.)  Hopefully, hearing what some of you guys are doing in your training may help!

    Jude (I'm a girl)

  • That's fantastic, Jude. Well done!

    Most runners will know what you mean about feeling you couldn't run much faster. It will probably take some time but is worth the effort and you may well be surprised at what you are capable of.

    That's a lot you've shaved off, so maybe relax for a couple of days, then have a couple of steady runs before tackling your time again in about a week. Your body will appreciate the time to adjust to the new faster you!

    Enjoy. Look forward to seeing you in the 45's some day!


  • I'd love to do under 50 mins.  My PB is 52.02 which I did at the Abbey Dash, Nov 09.  Since then the best I've done is just under 54 mins and it seems like I'll never be able to get better!  My 5k PB is 26.01 (exactly half the 10k you may notice), which tells me either the 10k time was decent, or my 5k time isn't fast enough image.  I don't do loads of races (although I do do parkrun most weeks) but I'd love to achieve this by the end of the year.  So, count me in.
  • Yesterday was a PB even though slightly over the time I was aiming for !

    I finished in 55:44 putting me 3757 out of 9805 finishers but 94th in my age group (women 40-44) so overall I was quite pleased and I think puts me more or less on track to make a sub 50 this year a realistic goal to aim for. My target race for this is the brooks Brighton 10k in November... I have a few months training image if I don't quite make the sub 50 mins but get close I will still be happy image
  • Well done!
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