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  • Would anyone object if I join in - Returned to running after a 12 year break mainly to lose weight at the doctors instruction and seem to have got hooked again.I did a 50 minute 5 mile race in March 2 months after my return and was slightly disappointed - but was recovering from a cold so perhaps that explained how I felt.  Am now targeting the Southend 10k in October which is flat and then the Wix 5 miles near Harwich. Am currently running everyday although during week time is limited to around 35 minutes with an hour on Sunday - recovery run Saturday. My goal for the 10K is going to be mid 50's whilst the 5 mile around 44 - Am intending to follow a 12 week intermediate 10K I have downloaded from the Garmin website which seems to rely heavily on threshold running which is fine so if it is alright with everyone I will pop in from time to time.   
  • Crikey, Deva!

    According to that, I've got to do my 5k runs at  just over 24 mins to be on course for a sub 50 min 10k.

    I'm way short of that! 

  • Me too Sandy my best 5k time is just over 26 mins - but I guess it makes some sense.  I know I run 5k at a faster min per mile pace than a 10k.  My next 10k is not until September so in the meantime I am going to aim to get under 25 mins for 5k asap and do more intervals and speedwork etc to get used to running at 5 min kilometre splits or below.  

    Hello Grendel - this is not a very fast moving thread as people just tend to pop in with updates on their progress etc etc.

  • Morning Guys - never did work out how to put a table in here properly.  if anyone knows let me know and I'll record everyone's current time and how far they are away. 

    Tried to run a 5k in 25 last night but had to stop after 4k in 19:59.  So i was on target but clearly couldn't deal with the pace.  Also went out too quickly as did the first K in 4:37.  Was sooo much harder than doing the 10k in 57!

    Going to try and do a very slow 12k tonight to build up my endurance, will be the longest i have run. 

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Personally I know that there a few things I need to get right with Form before I even look at tying to force myself to run faster.

    Cadence - I'm pretty much there with that one.

    Knees up on hills - needs work and I keep forgetting to do it.

    Heels up on the back foot so that the lever effect of pulling your leg through is reduced. - lots o work to do on this one. Once I've sussed it my stride length will increase. I can run at 6:30/Mile when I get this right but it's quite hard work.

    Not bouncing - Keeping the hips level. - Again I've pretty much got that sussed.

    Swing arms backwards and forwards, not side to side and not twisting upper body. - Sussed.

    Head - horizontal looking into the distance, not at the ground. - OK until I start to tire.

    Breathing - from the diaphragm and with relaxed chest and shoulders - Needs work. From the start of the run - I'm too tense. 

    I need to come up with some way to remember all this when I run until it becomes automatic.

  • Don't worry Deva Duck - I'm not a very fast moving runner
  • Quite fast moving today thoughimage

    Never really thought about running style Tim - has it made a difference?

  • I would also like to join this thread if that is ok. Am trying to break 50 mins in 10k and have managed 53 in the past, but not off a huge amount of training. Going to to have another crack next week probably, but ultimately aiming for a sub 1:50 half (managed 1:58 so far)

    Was just wondering if anyone on here has tried the 1.5 mile fitness test (or 2.4k - 6 laps of the track) and what their times were. I managed 10:52 which predicts that I should be able to break 50 mins already, but I was absolutely putting maximum effort into that, I just dont think I can sutain that level of pain/discomfort for 50 mins! My race times seem to be almost the same as my training runs which is obviously no good, but cant seem to try any harder in races. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    Deva Duck wrote (see)

    Quite fast moving today thoughimage

    Never really thought about running style Tim - has it made a difference?

    Running with efficient style or form makes a huge difference in how much effort you waste.

    Eg. If you are bouncing up and down vertically you are wasting energy pushing you up that could be used pushing you farwards.

  • All sounds good, Tim.

    Where are you getting this advice from, btw? 

  • Hi Scottles, 

    I have timed myself over a flat straight mile route a few times.  I have looked at my last time which was in April and I did it in 7 mins 45 secs.   I think I will try it again tonight as I am planning on doing some speedwork to see how I do this time.  It will give me an idea of the progress I am making, if any, as well.

    I find that I am always faster in races, even parkruns, not sure why. 

  • Hi Deva,

    I guess my inexperience of races is the problem, I dont push all that hard for fear of blowing up and actually end up finishing with a bit left in the tank. Going to do this 10k on 3rd july, and this time I am just going to set out at sub 50 min pace and see how far I get!   

    Good luck. I am trying to motivate myself to run home from work tonight, which is exactly 10k coincidentally.

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    Sandy the Womble wrote (see)

    All sounds good, Tim.

    Where are you getting this advice from, btw? 

    Most of it I've picked up from articles on this site, this forum and Youtube etc.

    Watch this video Pre 10k 2011 watch what they do. It's a track 10k but the essence is the same.

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    "undulating trail" in 25'C. 59:01 which I'm very pleased with. 4 minutes quicker than last year.

    More of concern is that my HRM shows 196+ for the last 4 minutes. I think it could have been right but I'm 42!

    I knocked out the first 5k in 25minutes and was feeling very good but the heat and hills took their toll.

    I'm very confident that a flat road 10k with the right weather will go sub 50mins but does that really count?

  • Hi TimR,

    Yes ! It does count.... Or at least I'm counting on it counting image my next serious attempt at a 10k PB will be the brooks brighton 10k in November... Very flat and hopefully not too windy, it also won't be too hot !

    Most of my running is on trails and it is hard to compare times from trail to road, I think that is why on the power of ten website it doesn't count any of my multi terrain races as PBs although the run Britain rankings site does (but I think they make some sort of adjustment for terrain)

    Under an hour for what sounds like a hilly 10k in yesterday's heat is great image

  • Pretty good progress to improve you time  by such a big margain for the same course on a boiling hot day Tim.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    It was pretty hot last year too. It's a great race and the first one that I ever did so I'm kind of using it as my benchmark. 2009 was 63:24 and 2010 was 62:49.

    I've really started to structure my training in the last couple of months and I've done 5 half marathons and a full marathon since last June so that's helped.

  • Tim

    Superb progress on your 10k hilly run. It's great to see how much you have improved esp as you did the same course last year. Well Done.

    I'm currently training towards my half in September now that my marathon is done for this year (May ) Also trying desperatly to get my 5k parkrun time back to somewhere near my PB which was 23,47 last august. I can't seem to handle the fast pace at the moment and have been clocking 25.55 at my parkruns recently. I know I can do better so am concentrating on faster short runs aswell as a LSR.

    Well done again on your progress - It can only get better image 

  • Just musing about your "can only get better" comment, Franny.

    Is this true though? I'm worried that age might be a barrier. I'm 55 now, and I'm thinking that where I am at the mo might be as good as it gets.

    Don't want to turn this into an age related thread, but does anyone have any comments / experience they can pass on to me?

  • Sandy-

    Yeah well maybe I am just being hopefull.image

    Suppose it depends on when you took up running.If you have only taken it up recently then I would say there is always room for some improvement even if its just a wee ickle one.image

    Happy running Sandy

  • Aha! Yep - I am a relative newbie; only been running about 3 years.

    I'll take a wee ickle improvement any day!


  • Really pleased with latest training run - did 10k in 53.29 - included two laps of Brockwell Park which has a couple of hills.  Quite happy indeed as I seem to be improving considerbly.  This was my fourth 10k training run.


    63, 57.42, 57.41 and 53.29.  Did the last k in 4:57 so had a bit left in the 10k.  Happy times. 

  • Jamie - well done with your runs.You will be chuffed to bits. have you got any races planned?
  • thanks Franny...i don't have any races planned at the moment other than Hellrunner in November.  I need to get out and do a proper 5k (parkrun) and 10k race.  Carp excuse but I just seem to have things on every weekend at the moment.  I'm at the age where everyone is getting married and having stag do's and still care about there birthday's (I don't!).  I was looking around for one in July and saw there is one in Richmond Park on the 17th which is potential free at the moment. 

    I still can't envisage being able to do every K sub 5 mins at the moment, unless it was downhill all the way!!! 

  • Morning everyone. 

    Beat my pb at parkrun yesterday by a minute so progressing in the right direction.  Splits were per KM, 5.02, 5.00, 5.30, 5.17, 5.10.  Started off at 25 min km pace but could not sustain it all the way through.  I always have a dip in the middle of races so need to try and concentrate more during this part of the race to try and maintain a good pace.   

  • Well done Deva Duck! Still haven't got round to doing a parkrun yet!
  • Completed a 5k race for life in Worthing yesterday in 25:40 so think I'm heading in the right direction. Quite congested at the start and people who started as runners were walking by 1km....

    This is a link to the Garmin data http://connect.garmin.com/activity/98087281
  • Well done Muddypaws - creeping ever closer to the 25min mark.

  • Well done Deva duck on your parkrun PB and Muddypaws for your RFL time.image
  • Hi all,

    Hope it's OK to join in?

    I've always hated running, or at least thought I did.

    Last summer I started going to the gym in order to lose weight - primarily because I'm engaged to be married (4weeks!) and didn't want to waste money on photo's I'd look awful in! Through diet and exercise I lost 2 1/2 stone, and have settled JUST on the normal BMI for my height. Anyway, after getting very bored with cross-trainers and the like, I decided to try the treadmills... started off walking uphill and slowly this turned into running. Took me a little while but I eventually achieved my goal of completing a 5km without any stopping or slowing down. After improving on the TMs I thought "this is easy, this running lark!" and took to the streets... Ha! Different ballgame entirely.

    Anyway, after what felt like starting from scratch, I now find myself in the following position.

    Firstly, I'm a 29yo male, based in Surrey, and I run alone. I've never attended a race or a club.

    I try to run 3 times per week. I run round the streets in a very residential area. I'm regularly running 6.5k's in around the 31min mark. My quickest recorded 5k was 23:50. My longest run thus far has been a 8.75k (hilly, residential) in 44:17. This extrapolates to just over 50 mins for the 10km, but I've not run that far as yet. It's my next goal to complete the 10km in under 50mins and I'll attempt it soon...

    All data collected by way of Nike+ and MapMyRun, though I've just ordered myself a Garmin Forerunner 305 for accuracy and gadgety goodness image
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