10k in 50 minutes thread



  • Hi James, sounds like you will have no problem getting under 50 mins.

    Your progress to date seems pretty good. 

    Looking forward to further updates, good luck with the garmin I love mine.

    My next race is my local club race on 18 September but am thinking of entering the Birchwood 10k in August, it is supposed to be flat and a potential pb course.

  • Hi James,

    If you would like to enter a 10k race to get an official best time then the Brighton Brooks 10k in November could be good. This is a fast flat race along Brighton seafront..... Could be a good target to aim for !

  • Hullo, can I join in?

     My long-term goal is a sub-50 10k. I've been going to the gym and plodding away for about 3 years but only started to train properly for a race with a schedule and everything in May.

    I've done one 10k at 53:48 and my 5k PR is 24:33. I'm hopefully going to do the Newcastle Town Moor Memorial 10k in mid-November and my goal for that one will be sub-52, and will aim for a sub-50 10k next year.  

     I'm not a member of a running club but would like to join one. My local running club meets at the gym I use and I'd love to join but they all look scarily lithe and fit! I'm sure they're lovely people really, but I'm a bit nervous about joining.

     Has anyone else joined a running club while being a beginner or slow runner? Would you recommend it?

  • Hello!

    I definitely don't belong in this thread (yet!), but was wondering whether I could stick my oar in and ask a quick question?

    When running a training 10k, what sort of course does everyone do? I live in a very hilly area (at the top of a 2k steep hill!) and there is no way of getting out of running up very steep hills anywhere for 10k! This means I have to walk some of the distance as I haven't quite mastered running up hills non-stop!

    It's currently taking me 60 mins give or take to do 10k which I'm dying to improve, but the hills are a killer, I do wonder if I could get a PB on a flatter course (or one with smaller hills!).

    How long did it take you to get your time under 50mins?


  • I run one route with some gentle hills or one that's mainly flat with a step and long descent and ascent down a hill. I've not managed to run all the way up this hill yet, but one day I intend to! The more hills the better as far as I'm concerned.

  • Hello Notsit and RunHolloyRun. 

    I live in a dip so whichever way I run I have to run up a hill, it is good training.  I ran my pb in Manchester in May and is was very flat.  I don't generally run 10k in training,I have a couple of thee mile routes, a five mile route and an 8.5 mile route so try and do each of those every week, sometimes one way sometimes the other to vary it. I also do a parkrun once a month at race pace. 

    Still striving to get under 50mins.  Next race is September but parkrun pb is coming down, ran another pb this morning 25 mins 54 secs improvement of 15 secs.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    hi again, i popped onto this thread a while back then lost it image...im still working on the sub50..so nearly there..did my fisrt xc HM 3 weeks ago in 2:08 which was about what i expected..the 10k is touching 52/51 mins now..i have a 10k in aug , another in sept 9but xc again , so no pb) and a HM in sept...how is everyone else trying to get the last 2-4 minutes down?..image
  • Luckily as a club we are training towards a 10k race in November. We did a 4km time trial last night that I completed in 20:14 so I am hopeful that come Nov I can convert this in to a sub 50 min 10k image
  • ok i'm in,

    the only other 10k i have done was 61 mins, i was dissapointed with that but it was zero training and i had to dig out my running shoes from the bottom of the cupboard and dust off the mould. Doing a 10k in september and whilst i may not get the 10k this time, i want to see big improvements, currently doing a mixture of treadmill runs, flat long runs on the 10k course and then quicker shorter runs around the very hill council estate nearby that have absolutly killed me every time, my 5k time on the treadmill was 22:10 and i could definately go quicker ( my treadmill would only go to 8.8mph)  and i have done 7 k on the flat in 39 mins. so a long way to go but i feel like i am improving

  • Hi folks, I had every intention of joining this thread as one of my main objectives this year was to run a sub 50 10K (as well as a sub 25 5K).

    I managed both last night on a 10K race pace training run, from the Garmin ready marathon training plans on this very site!

    Previous 10K PB was 53:18 set at a flat 10K race earlier in the year, last night I managed a 49:39 with a 7:59 avg. Chuffed!
  • Congratulations Jonny - to get an official time you probably need to run a 10k race.  However you should nail that because most people run much faster in race conditions than on training runs.
  • The time on my Garmin looked pretty official to me! image
  • Well done Jonny!
  • Running in the Boscombe 10k this November and looking to break 50 minute barrier.

  • Good luck. I'd forgotten about thus thread.

    I've been concentrating on my half time but returned to speed work last week.
  • I'll join in if that's ok too? I've run a couple of GNRs for fun in 2:06 & 2:09, a 5K fun run in 25:36 and recently 25:26 in training. My fastest 10K is 54min in training.

    I'm not really training for 10k (marathon in oct after GNR again) but it would be nice to dip under 50min before I reach the wrong side of 40! I'm up to 40 odd mpw but pretty plodding.

    It's very hilly where I live too so hard to get a flat time. Good luck everyone.
  • Ran 49:11 in the race by the way. Long time ago though.

  • Ha. Well done. I managed 50:20 in a hilly trail race back in June. The speed work still needs to be done image

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