Hi Tricky Dicky thank you and other RW forum members for  your help

I'm sorry to be a pain but I have another question about my 305.  I think it's my age, instruction phamplets frighten the life out of me and also confuse me

I've manage to set the watch to do autolaps and set it for  km as  but on my garmin 305  I've got Average pace as one entry can you please tell me where I can find current lap menu as from your previous suggestion as I've scrolled down and can't find it

I have a footpod and went to the gym and had it set just on pace to show hopefully the speed I was running at,but when I was jogging  at 9.00 it showed 4.5 on the watch and when I was walking at 5.5 it showed 10.54 I'm very confused have I set it wrong?

can anyone help me please

thanks for you help



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