Wisdom teeth removed arghh

Had all 4 wisdom teeth removed last wednesday under general anaesthetic, i assumed beforehand being relatively young and fit id be out of action for 48 hours, but now its sunday evening and my jaw is still swollen up and i havent been able to run since. Whilst the pain has eased slightly day by day, im abit cautious of running whilst my jaw is swollen up - possibly risking opening the sockets and getting an infection. Im guessing as this is a fairly common procedure there must be plenty of people out there who've had this done, so im curious how long in general people took time off training following the op? I really dont want to compromise my training progression with extended time out and tomorrow will be 5 days on, so should i be ok to get the trainers back on even if there is some swelling still?


  • Its personal and depends on your pain threshold really.  It didn't take me very long at all to get back into the swing of things and I had 6 teeth removed

    Just play it by ear.  I wouldn't do anything until you feel happy enough that the movement won't hurt too much. 

    Also, GA takes about a week for you to fully recover from.  There are a few effects that can linger for up to 7 days in some people.

    10 days MAX

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