family PGL holidays

has anyone been on one of these 'family' PGL holidays? my kids have been on them with the school and loved it. 


  • I'm a teacher and taken children to PGL camps for the last 5 years, they are brilliant, very safe (safe to the point of annoyingly health and safety conscious) and they keep the kids busy from morning until night. However accomodation tends to be sparse and not hugely comfortable and you will spend all day outside, but the kids will love it.
  • Where were you thinking of going?
    I've been to the Ardeche in France for the past 5 years with these guys:-
    I really can't praise them highly enough. I'm going back again this year with my two teenage sons (plus one of their mates) as well as partner and her 8/9 year old daughter!
    Itinerary is about 3 or 4 days paddling down the river. A morning rock climbing and abseiling with the afternoon 'bouldering and weaselling' (basically climbing in and out and over big rocks) and another day on high ropes (like 'Go Ape'). All supervised by fully trained staff. The paddling includes a night out camping under the stars at 'bivvi'.
    The reason I keep going back is my boys just love it so much it's the first and only place they ask for when we talk about summer holidays!
    As a single parent for the last five years it has been absolutely brilliant that they have been really well entertained whilst we've been out there. The weather is brilliant and you stay in French campsites in mobile (static) homes (caravans)!! All kit, paddles, buoyancy aids, helmets etc.. are provided for you! Just get your food and booze when you get there! About an 9/10 hour drive from Calais.
  • Never mind the kids, can I come ?
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    Some fantastic 'upflats' to cycle too. The 'Tour' went through there a couple of years ago!
  • Trigger word, lurks with interest. Bugger that Mr Ozzer is going home really!
  • I have always want to try one of these out!

      Thanks for the info, checking out as we speak! Hoping to get it sorted for early next year, teaching the kids about behaving and hand hygiene is boring - time to get them active image

  • Hmm, looks interesting, can you get there reasonably easily by train?
  • A friend was just talking about these yesterday - she sends her 9 year old twins (friends of my 9 year old twins) away on one every Summer - says they really enjoy it. This one is in the UK (Caythorpe ?) - sounded quite reasonably priced if you send two kids as well.
  • Dusty, there's been a bit of a bust up in The two guys have had a falling out and have gone slightly different ways. However, Mike is still doing the family adventure side of things under the same name and Phil is now concentrating on school trips. Both still in the Ardeche. Still the same great service from both in their respective endeavours though.
    You can fly Ryanscare to Nimes or catch the TGV Train to Lyon. You'll probably have to hire a car from there though!
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