SiS energy packs

just a heads up for people that use this or thinking about using it

 got some from asda today for £7 for the assorted pack with free bottle inside. very cheap, normally about a tenner off the net

 sorry if you read this on the runners world forum but its a good offer so i thought i would cross post


  • Anyone with a name like Doner Kebab has got to be alright!
  • Why thank you Dustboy, after many years of consuming the "delicacy" and sat playing PC games i gained an admirable amount of girth, but....thanks to running/biking I got rid of the almost 6 stone of reconstituted kebab. The weight has gone but the gamer tag will always stay and so from gamer to hopeful triathlete (when i crack the swimming) the Doner Kebab moniker will live on - maybe even as a pirate image

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