Bewl 15

Anyone entering this? I have never ran an off road race, anyone know if this would be a good one to start off with or is it a total killer? I have decided to live life on the wild side and I have entered, in for a penny in for a pound image.


  • Hi Sharon

    I have ran this race for the last 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed it, the organisation is good and the atmosphere has been great.

    Although it's off road, the hills are not particularly killers, but it is undulating and 15 miles is 15 miles and generally the weather has been hot.

    I'll be giving it a go, as I am desperate to beat last years time, all the best, AHA

  • Thanks ahapartridge, its sounds like a nice race, and yes 15 miles is always gonna be 15 miles, I covered 14.6 miles this morning to make sure I would be able to cover the distance, now I just contend with it being mostly off road. I am guessing it will not be as 'easy' as a road race so I can't really gage my time from my half marathon time which was Hastings.

    I am quite excited about it being my first off road and Bewl is a lovely place, I am very pleased I have got myself in there now!

  • Hi Sharon,

    Yes booked in myself and it will be a first for me

  • Hi Amanda, I don't know whether to be excited or nervous, I guess I will be feeling both as I have never ran off road.

    Shame the hills are at the end and not nearer the start, its always nice to get them out of the way.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    imageSharon - this will be a very easy race compared to what you are used to.

    Although mostly off road - with fields of long grass, it also has road sections and sections of trail / track. Mixed terrain and more undulating than hilly.

    The medals are great btw and the pub is great - the kids entertainment is great and the cakes make the run totally worthwhile.

    Don't forget the cakes!!

    cakes - image can't wait.

    There has been a hose pipe the last 2 years. - water and lucozade and jelly babies.

  • I thinkI might run this one this year keep putting it off, either due to injury or something else in the way.

    As its fairly local to me and the kids love Bewl I think I am going to give it a go.image Just hope its not to hotimage

  • Thanks biker-mouse, cakes you say ..... I best get myself round the course then no matter what then and the hose pipe will be interesting, handy if its a scorcher of a day I bet.

    Tommygun2  get in there, you know you want to image , there are cakes to be eaten! They have entertainment for the kiddies too,it sounds like a lovely day out.

  • Used to live near here many moons ago. Might just make the trip down.

    #waves to AHA# we have met on another thread discussing the Pilgrims Challenge. What time have you made it around bewl in?
  • Interesting comments on here about about Bewl. Its my clubs race, and of all the races I have ever done, including VLM this year, this race is the hardest I have done. I guess its opinion and what you are used to, but the hills that start at about 10 miles are bloody tough, the last one being about 400 metres long, it kills me everytime. I ran it yesterday, the full course, done it in 1.38 flat, but those hills don't get any easier for me, so make sure you have enough in the tank to get up them. Also the last 800 metres when you leave Bewl are up hill on rutted tracks and fields, by this time, if its hot, you'll be in tears. The cakes and organisation are worth it though, a fantastic race, you'll be back for more.
  • Thats a brilliant time White Pete, its going to be my first off road race, and I am just gong to try and do my best. I ran a 15.2mile route yesterday on road with a few inclines half way through and I made it in 2.15, no idea how running off road will effect me, I am thinking I may be the last one to finish with a time like this, but as I long I try my best I will not worry, I have been running for 6months now, and this race is going to be biggest challenge so far by the sounds of it.

    I think my next long runs will have the hills at the end in preparation.

  • Sharon, for somebody who has only been running for 6 months, the times you are posting you should be very pleased with. You will not be nowhere near the last to finish, so please banish that from your mind, come race day you'll be fine. All I would say is that from my own personal experience, trail running (most of this is trails) takes alot more out of the legs if you are not used to it, but its the same for everybody. My miles per minute over the distance when compared to road are probably about 15 seconds slower, though that does take into acct the hills nearer the end. And if you are already running 15+ miles, just think, come next year, when you take this on again (and you will!) you'll fly round. Enjoy this race, get the experience, and enjoy the cakes at the end. Hurry though, they go quick!
  • see you there ive entered
  • I've only been round bewl on a bike, and I found those hills 'interesting' !
  • I am really looking forward to it image.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I posted my entry off before Easter but have not heard anything - have race packs been sent - has anyone received anything yet?

    1:38 training for this race - you should be in the top 10 come race day then - no wonder you're knackered. 15 miles takes me 2 hrs to run.  OK horses for courses but I find this quite an easy race as far as hills go. I think you're running very well Sharon. Sharon you will be no where near the last person to finish, you may find that you are quite well up.

  • Biker Mouse - I ran it in 2009 and finished 7th I think, luckily for me two guys who led the way took a wrong turn (how they done that is anybodies guess!) , but I know I'll have to beat my time to get into the top ten this year as the field is becoming more competetive every year. Not sure about race packs etc, I have not got mine yet, however I am seeing the race director tonight, if he turns up, so I'll find out when they are getting sent out. Still a month to go yet so I think it'll be a few weeks yet.
  • Hi biker-mouse image, I have not got  my race nuber or anything through the post yet either, I think the time chips are collected on the morning, but I am sure I seen somewhere that race numbers are sent out. If I don't hear anything by the next week I will email and ask, just to make sure.

  • race director was not there tonight, however I have it on good authority that the packs won't be sent out for at least another two weeks.
  • White Pele.

    Aw gee thanks, you sure know how to encourage an old timer don't you.  Hardest you've ever done! 1:38 flat!  Blimey! image

    I've been wanting to do this race since I started running 3.5 years ago, but its just not fitted in.  I'm determined to do it before I turn 60 later in the year, so this year's the year - so long as my daughter doesn't produce her baby on that day... its due a few days before!  If she does I'll just have to run faster I guess!! 

    But 1:38!  And last year's winning time of 1:25!!  I'll be lucky to get round in 2:30 (which will be my target time)!

    Well, I've printed off my application form to save the Runners World £2.00 extra for submitting it online.  Now all I've got to do is take a deep breath, fill it in, send it, and get on with the training! image

    See you all there - in front of me!!!!

  • grandadnohair - you'll love it, its a beautiful race to run, and its only as hard as you make it. And as mentioned, the cakes are to die for.
  • White Pele. 

    No problem.  The form's in the post! 

    Are the cakes as good as Behill Runners'?  If so I'd better make sure I get round a bit faster so there's some left! image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    The cakes are the best!
  • Hi fellow Bewl 15 entrants,

    I hope those of you have done this before can possibly help with some guidance.

    I am new to running (last 8 months) and have completed two half marathons (PB of 1:45 on flat course) but nothing further.

    I was down that way yesterday visiting family and did a long slow run of 13 miles.I was planning to do one more long run of 14 miles on a reasonably hilly route this Sunday. 

    Do you think I need to do anything longer?

    Any suggestions gratefully received!

    Good luck to you all with your training.

  • Sounds to me as if you're doing fine.  Seeing as you've done the distance you have I would begin tapering after your 14 miler or maybe even reduce the 14m to 13m or 12m?  It doesn't sound as if you need to get too many more miles in and you don't want to over train.

    After that hilly run you need to give your legs time to recover for Bewl, so I'd suggest maybe a gentle 10 the following weekend (19th) and probably no run longer than 5 miles in the days after that - perhaps 3m slow on 28th, 5m tempo on 29th, 3m slow on 30th, and 2m slow on Sat 2nd.  I certainly don't think you want to do much more than that.

    That's something like I'll be doing, but maybe others will have other ideas?

  • Hi, I am not experienced but I think you won't need to train much either, as grandadnohair explained it so well.

    I am planning on doing a long run next Wednesday ( I am away at the weekend so no can do then) the just one more longish run that following weekend, and then a few short tempo runs in between.

    Grandadnohair, Bexhill have cakes too? Goodness, I have been missing out image.

  • Thanks Grandadnohair for the very helpful post,

    Just to clarify did you mean after this Sunday when I plan to do my 14mile did you mean a shorter run (10 miles) would be the following Sunday ie the 26th rather than the 19th which is this Sunday?

    Appreciate your suggestions and certainly don't want to wear myself out too early.

    Fellow forum members, do you have any estimated times yet for completing this event?

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I want to run it sub 2hrs but it wont be by so very much.

    I'll prolly go for a 15 mile run this weekend, not too hilly. It might have to be Sun rather than Sat as Sat is my anniversary. (I'm the one who will be shot if I forget. image ).

  • I have no idea what time I will do this in as this is my first off road run, I have ran 15 mile in 2.15, but how will running on mostly gravel will effect the old legs and time? I will just have to wait and see I guess.

    Happy Anniversary (for Saturday) biker-mouse, I hope you get spoilt rotten image.

  • I have run this twice and I love it, it's actually my favourite race of all.

    Fabulous setting by the water, it has just about everything - a frantic downhill start (threw up a dust storm last year!), a few miles along paths under trees (a big help as can be very warm this time of year), a drag strip of a straight right by the water, more paths and then opens out a bit onto grass. Then, at nine miles, it starts to bite with some testing uphills on lanes and ends with an uphill finish.

    It has the best cakes ever and a brass band to soothe you as you relax on grassback back by the start line.

     As I mentioned, it can be very warm and so quite testing but one year locals came out with hoses which was great and they have had sponge stations both times I've done it.

    It's hard, the latter stages are quite demanding if you're going for a time but what a race, can't recommend it enough. The distance is a beauty too if you've only ever done half marathons before, just that extra bit to add to your experience.

  • SteveSW19:  Oops, sorry!  I meant do the14 miler this weekend (19th) as planned then 10miles the following weekend (25th/26th)! I think I got the other dates right!!  

    Sharon: Bexhill does great cakes for both the 10k and the Half (I've not been down for their 5ks).  After last November's Half they also had piles of mini choc bars as well - Mars, Twix, Milky Way etc! 

    Happy Anniversary biker-mouse. Which one is it?  It was my 38th in April.  I was in the dog house because I went to the London Marathon Expo instead of taking my good lady out.  I'll not make that mistake again!!  

    I've been wanting to do Bewl since I started running 4 years ago but not been able to fit it in.  I've walked round a few times, but this will be the first time I've run it, so I'm really looking forward to it (says he 3 weeks before the race!!). 

    I'm targetting 2:30, but frankly I'll be pleased if I break 2:40.  I'm just going to enjoy it; maybe stop for a picnic on the way round?  Who knows!! image 

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