Nike Lunar Range

Folks, did a little research into the Nike Range as I didn't understand all the names - Thought I'd share my findings - Ignore the promo style words, most is copid and pasted from a running review blog, but the principles are quite clear!  image


The LunarElite replaces the Air Zoom Elite. Thought as a lightweight racer/tempo trainer, it offers less support than the LunarGlide:

Best for:
Runners in search of a lightweight shoe with a very comfortable upper, a springy heel cushioning and some mild support for over-pronation.


It is the most supportive of the Lunar family. First shoe to introduce the Dynamic Support which consists of a softer foam contained into a harder shell.

Best for:
Neutral to mild over-pronating runners in search of a very lightweight run. At 10.7 oz, the Lunarglide is lighter than most light support shoes.


At only 6.7 oz. the Lunar Racer 2 is the evolution of the Lunarlite Racer, the best selling marathon racing shoe for 2009. Runners are amazed by the amount of springy cushioning in sucha lightweight package. Support offered, though, is very very limited so not the ideal shoe for everyday training, especially for over-pronators.

Best for:
An extremely lightweight racing shoe, for neutral to under-pronating runners.


The LunarSwift is a takedown of the LunarElite. This means that it has the same design/engineering DNA but at a more affordable pricepoint. There is no FlyWire and the shoe weights slightly more at 10.2 oz.

Best for:
Runners looking for a moderate supportive lightweight tempo/racer shoe at an affordable price point.

Nike LunarFly

Introduced in October 2010 as a replacement for the Nike Run Avant.  The LunarFly+ is a well cushioned, light weight daily trainer for efficient runners that also does a nice job for speed and tempo work. Could also be used on race day. Weight 9oz (250gr) Recommended for Neutral runners

The LunarFly is a “jack of all trades” shoe…daily trainer for some, tempo/speed shoe for some and racer for others, but overall a very solid shoe at a very reasonable price.

Nike Lunar Eclipse+

A new and exciting addition to the Lunar range, the Eclipse+ features an innovative design that will adapt to give you the right level of stability and cushioning whether you have a neutral gait, under pronate or over pronate.

'Nike LunarEclipse+ = great cushioning + great (and adaptive) support.'

the LunarEclipse+ is softer than the LunarGlide+

So, for example, if you’re currently running in a premium stability shoe but wish it offered a softer, smoother ride and/or lighter weight, chances are good you’ll love the LunarEclipse+. The LunarEclipse+ is also a great choice if you’re currently running in a premium cushioning shoe, but wish it offered just a bit more support—if even only in the last few miles of your long runs.


  • Thanks Sprint for line, this is helpful.

    I was a bit mistified as to the differernces a few months ago when I was after a pair, but it seems that I picked the right one for me - LunaRracer 2

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    What about the lunar haze? image

     I race in lunar racer 2's they are pretty cool.

  • Stevie, I'm always up for a challenge image

    LunarHaze - From Nike Store

    The Nike LunarHaze+: Dynamic Support in a nearly seamless design

    The Nike LunarHaze+ Men's Running Shoe distinguishes itself from other styles in the Stable Ride collection with an innovative, nearly seamless upper that renders it incredibly lightweight, breathable and durable.

    Best for underpronators to moderate overpronators
    Strong, lightweight Nike Hyperfuse latticework for a supportive fit
    Lunarlon cushioning for a soft, springy ride
    Dynamic Support for just the right amount of stability

    From me...

    Basically, It seems like a LunarGlide with extra padding but a more breathable top... the heel seems so crazily padded that the shoe tilts forwards - Had a pair of these in my hand a day ago and they felt like they would be so unresponsive (But that's just me)

    I've got a paid of LunarElite+ and just purchased a pair of LunarSwift+ 2s... They felt lovely, with a lot more space around the toes - I tired the LunarElite+ 2 but they felt really really tight around the ankle / heel

  • Whilst at the london marathon expo I ended up talking to the nike people (whilst there I ordered up some custom nike ID lunarglide 2's.....mainly due to the fact my foot is a little wider than most, so I was always crammed in, and with nike ID you can order custom widths when they make your shoes. Since they arrived, easily the best running shoe ive ever had, plus they have my name written on them! Not bad for £100). I much prefer the foam sole over gel/air as it should be able to take more punishment. 

    Anyway, they had some lunarhaze there, which I was curious about as they pretty much seemed like lunarglide 2's with a different design. All I could get from the nike PR people was they were very similar in design to the lunarglide 2, but rather more suited to warmer weather (lighter upper, better air flow), but with that they wernt as sturdy in the rain.....and obviously being in the UK, we have rain. So I would go for lunarglide 2's over the haze, unless you prefer the design of them. I think the price points are the same. After trying both on, I couldnt tell much difference in feel or weight. 

    No I just have to decide whether to buy a few more pairs of glide 2's incase they change the design when the 3's come out later in the year. I know the 1 to 2 change originally annoyed lots of fans of the 1's.

  • I have just been looking at the reviews of the Lunar racer and they sound pretty good.  I have never worn racing flats before but I am hoping that these will make me a bit quicker!  I'm not expecting anything drastic but I think they weigh at least 2 oz less than my wave riders so hopefully they will help!

  • I switched from Wave riders to Lunar racer 2 and had no problems Alib - they certainly are a lot lighter. Haven't got any faster ... yet, but it might be something to do with the extra weight around my waist at the moment 
  • Phil did you get the same size as the Wave Riders? The reviews seem to mention that they come up a small fit.
  • A friend recommended Lunar glides as she had been suffering with her achilles in her old Asics shoes and, since changing, has not had any problem (even on very high mileage). I've suffered with achilles ever since new 2150's came out (though no problems with earlier versions), so any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Yes I did get the same size Alib, they are a tad tighter than the Wave riders, so "yes" I think they do come up as a small fit - the next half size up for the Nike seemed too big though, I haven't suffered with my toes or anything though. The only thing I would say is that I did find I need to tie the laces using the very top lace-hole - something I haven't done with othe rrunning shoes, but the Nike's did not feel secure at first, maybe because of the lightness though
  • Thanks Phil, I would probably try to get a half size bigger then.  I have found that the size 6.5 wave riders are slightly tighter than I would like across the toebox so will try and get these in a 7.  Couldnt find any to try at the few sports shops I tried so will probably order online. 

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    If you like the lunar glide 2 I would stock up as the 3rd version looks very different and will be out in July. I think they look cool, but I'm suspect of the heel clip. If it's the same as the lunar eclipse then it's too restrictive for me.

  • Been looking at the LunarGlide and have been told that whatever pronation you are these shoes will not only suit you but will also rectify your problem.

    Now I am a Under pronating 19.5 stone rugby player who doesn't know much about running shoes but find this statement hard to believe.

    Anyoe got some good sugestions for some trainners to suit me?

  • Dotty

    Try the box they come in image

  • Cheers slowfoot. Hope with a name like that you're also a larger than life kind of guy and are talking from experience. LOL

    Would save me some money too.

  • hi guys

     Not been on the forum much recently but has any1 else had problem with the lunar swifts? My feet hurt so much after i'd ran in them. 

  • Hi Grass - I've scrapped my Swifts after beginning to get pain on the laces area of my foot - the swifts don't offer much structured support sadly - how many miles and how fast are you doing in them ?
  • i have nike lunarglide+3 for juniors and have found them the best yet. i overpronate causing pain in my knee , this has since improved on wearing nike . they have a high arch which i found rubbed my instep a little on my first few runs but is now fineimagethey are far more flexible than previous makes ive worn..
  • I've heard such mixed reviews about the Lunar range now, It's great that some people are having good experiences with them, but the lack of definition in the shoes is frightening, the lunarglides do seem to be marketed as the shoe for everyone..
  • thats true, my hubby got some similar and being twice the weight and with flat arches found they wernt very supportive at all...image..for me for long distance -perfect though
  • Hi Grass - I've scrapped my Swifts after beginning to get pain on the laces area of my foot - the swifts don't offer much structured support sadly - how many miles and how fast are you doing in them ?

    hi. I  hadn't done more than 5 miles in them. I run about 5 miles in 30 to 35 mins.  won't be wearing them again 

  • Ah, you're flying then, yeah you don't want swifts.

    I've just started using the Brooks ST5 - A great training and also race shoe.
  • cheers sprint
  • im sticking with my lunarglides thank youimage
  • I do most of my mileage in Lunar Racers, nice and lightweight. Not so great in Winter as flimsy upper and grip not great in the wet. If only they did an all-weather/trail version.

    Ran about 4 times in the Lunar Elite, a horrible shoe, stiff, heavy and clumpy, despite being marketed as a "racing" shoe! Retired them to the gym.

    Interested to try the Lunar Spyder racers too.
  • What the heck do I go to when my final (6th) pair of Equalons die?
  • Anyone had experience of the Lunaracer3?

    I need to replace my Lunaracer2's but see they have been replaced by the 3's

  • very useful guide. i've been getting a headache reading the mountains of reviews and descriptions of each model which often contradict one another. much appreciated.

  • Tried some Lunar Glides a while ago, not sure which model but they all looked the same to me.

    I find nike's too narrow though, even casual trainers I can't wear nike or addidas for the same reason.

    The idea of custom width sounds good though.

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