Parkrun. Wanstead Flats vs Valentines Park

Just wondering if anyone can recommend one above the other. I'm more of less equidistant to both. Cheers.


  • Well, they're both flat for starters.

    Valentines is completely on tarmac paths, Wanstead is on trail paths and grass.

    What else do you want to know?
  • It's funny... I used to live very close to Wanstead Flats, and I never actually ran on the bit that the parkrun is on. Not a bad place to run in general and, yes, flat as a pancake. Valentine's Park has been known to be used by Essex County Cricket Club for one-day games. Nice place, flat, I've never run there... Do one one week, the other the next, whydoncha?
  • Both Wanstead Flats and Valentines Pk have 5k races held there. I know Valentines Pk 5k
    is organsied by Ilford AC.

    Valentines Pk would be better because of location. It might get council support and
    possible support from the local running club. Not sure about Wanstead Flats.

    Essex CC left Valentines because it didn't fit with their plans. I know they redeveloping
    the county ground and possibly using the London Olympic stadium for 20/20 games.

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Runnerman there are already parkruns at both locations.

    My pb is at Valentines image

    Wanstead is a slower surface and more twisty. Both are run by excellent vounteers!

  • That teaches me for staying out of east London. However I still go for Valentines.
  • Thanks all. Sounds like both are good but the surfaces differ. I might try Valentines for those valuable extra seconds image
  • .....gunpowder park is very is 'ackney.....Finsbury has a killer hill but what goes up must come down....I find Wanstead Flats tough but it is good....must try Valentines soon...
  • I thought I read that a parkrun was being organised in Dagenham or Havering. I wonder what happened/is happening.

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