Anti inflammatory drugs

I think I've just diagnosed myself with hipbursitis after a bit of internet research!!

The treatment recommends anti inflammatory drugs. can anyone tell me if these are available over the counter?


  • It's not a good idea to diagnose over the internet. I suggest you go and see your GP and get a professional to look at you. A doctor will be able to recommend a course of treatment suitable to your particular symptoms.
  • I have to agree with ANTB, see your gp as anti-inflammatory drugs (even OTC ones) can lead to stomach ulcers, or worse, if taken without proper medical advice.

    I hope you get it sorted!
  • if it is painful it probably is inflammed so i doubt it'd do any harm to give them a go, just don't have them on a empty stomach. Ibuprofen is very cheap over the counter.

    or..... you could ice it regularly to take down the inflammation.

  • Please go and get a proper diagnosis from your doctor.   NSAIDS , even the OTC ones have side effects.  This is not a guessing game, it's your long term health.  Proper diagnosis first, then start looking at various treatments.
  • Go and see a Dr!

    However, Ibuprofen are very very effective anti-inflammatories BUT are not to be taken long term!

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