Notfast Open 10k

Well, I'm in this year.....anyone else?

I did this one last year as my very first 10k  and it baking hot and windy, so hoping for cooler weather this year!



  • I'm in! Very windy on the "outward" stretch last year, but I recovered after the hill and had a fast (for me!) finish. Really enjoyed having a pint of Guinness in the clubhouse afterwards.
  • I'm number 27 if you want to look out for me.  I'll be the slow one at the back  image
  • i might have a go this year - i'll be the even slower 1 behind polly-polly
  • Cool, we can crawl over the finish line together  image 

    My friend's doing it, too.  She got number 1 !!!!!  I won't see much of her in the race though, she's way faster than me  image

  • doing the summer solstice at bennington this friday - then off to amsterdam for a few days so i'll have to have a serious think about the notfast run - i might need a bit of time to recover from the dutch excesses - in theory i should "fly" through 10k - what sort of time you expecting to do ?

  • My time won't be great.  I'm only 3 months back into running after 7 months out with injury.  The NOTFAST will be my first 10k this year.  I'll probably be around 1 hour 5 minutes, so one of the last ones in.....if not THE last one!  lol

    I was going to try the Summer Solstice but it's too soon for me  image  

  • Could anyone tell me what this course is like? I did the Stathern 10k yesterday which is a flat course and perfect for me. I have been busy having babies so have only been back into training for about 10 weeks. I did the Stathern 10k in 1 hour, am I likely to make a fool of myself at the Notfast? Thank you!
  • No, I'll be the one making a fool of myself!!  image  In fact, I'm half thinking of pulling out.

    Anyway, if you look here you can see the route as well as an altitude graph.  It's not the exact length.  There's a bit at the beginning and at the end where you run on the rugby ground but it'll give you a good idea.  The water stationj is at the top of the hill  image

    Last year it was really windy and scorching hot, so everyone's hoping for cooler weather this year.  If you do enter, let me know and if I do go I'll look out for you  image

  • That link is really helpful thank you. I think I will enter, I will let you know!
  • come on now ladies - do i sense cold feet ? it's not about how fast you are - it's about completing the course - what's the worst that can happen ?
  • Well, the worst for me is that I could do worse than last year, after 7 months out with injury  image   I know what you're saying but I just couldn't stand to come in last.  I know someone has to be last but I just don't want it to be me.  And my time is really bad anyway  image  I'm trying really hard at the moment without over-doing it and risking injury again but on today's figures I'll be looking at 1 hour 10, which will be dreadful !!!!  Still, I've paid my money now so I might have to just get on with it  image
  • Polly Polly

    I know what you mean having 7months out injured.I had the same only 6months with my front leg bruise since someone kick me at Brighton Marathon my 39th Marathon and pb was 4.02.I'll be there?

  • OK, sounds like we're getting a small gang of us together here  image  OK, I'm going to do it.  Last or not, at least I'll have done it.  Thanks guys.....see you there   image
  • well done ladies that's the spirit - my philosophy is nice and steady for the first 5 then blast the last mile - use it or lose ! i'll give no 27 a cheer when she crosses the line - have a good one see you there
  • Are you running this one, then?  Will you have recovered from Amsterdam?  Let me know what number you are if you enter before the day.  I'll keep my eye out for you  image
  • Polly Polly:My advice if you still in pain.DONT go to the dr's.Because them may not answer your questions about running pain. My advice Physio. Its help me with Magic Tape on my bad leg.Runnning Tonight hopefully 10miles from 3.45pm?
  • I'm not still in pain.  I had 7 months out to get over my injuries.  I'm taking it steady now to avoid injury and remain pain-free.  Magic Tape?  Hmm.  I think this may be OK for elites who have spent months preparing for seriously important races but I don't think it's the answer for amatuer pain.  Pain is nature's way of telling us to stop doing something.  IMHO, masking pain and continuing on is foolhardy.  However, if Magic Tape works for you, then that's great.  Thankfully, after resting from running, I'm running again without pain albeit at a slower pace..........for the time being  image
  • number 87
  • Great!  I'll look out for you   image
  • image helloooooooooo roll on 2 weeks and roll on cooler weather did humber bridge half today and was cooked image

    see you there jaqy image

  • Morning Angela

    imageI was so shocked I witness a young man who died on the scene on sunday with paramedics and ambulance.but he did;nt make it.Its was hotter then last year.But cooler through.I did a steady 2H.08 and I can not go any speedy in this heat.I hope Angela its Cooler for NotFast?  R I P to those who lost there lives!

  • yeah when we crossed the bridge they were still working on the poor guy

    a very upsetting thing to see image

    this was warm last year but not too bad so hoping for the same you cant miss me i'm wearing number 1 in a north derbyshire vest with my name on

    see you there

  • Angie

    I think I seen you eclipse at Humberbridge!! if not I will see you at NottFast.Its nice to see people you seen before.Look North show you the clips on Humberbridge last Night.The organiser should rethink and move the time to 9.30 or 9am before the heat kicks in more???

  • yeah i saw the look north bit

    do you do the newark half in august ive done it the last 2 years and that is always hot but there never seems to be many drop out of that maybe its because we expect the heat then but only think it will be warm in june, i dont know, but im doing newark half again this year if its on (someone told me he'd heard that it might not happen this year)

  • I just speak to the organiser and its on for Newark Half.
  • excellent image

    one of my fav runs

    not too far from home

  • We are very lucky.Its not us on the Humberbridge through? Bupa or NHS as should sponsor the event or even Lincolnsh ire Ampcopter and £10 go towards the charity and that mean more Waterstation,Spinkers,Food then ever?

    This the first time I Witness a dieing man on the Bridgeimage

    I notice some runners never take water on board at the start of WaterPoints. WHY!

  • god knows why they dont

    i take it in at every station if its hot by the time you think you need it its too late

  • anymore runs planed angie.
  • doing brinsworth 10k this weekend then sherwood pines 10k week after notfast

    burton 10k and newark half in aug

    wilne 10k and GNR in sept

    basingstoke half  great birmingham half and great south run in oct

    and the big one NEW YORK marathon in nov image

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