Stroud Half Marathon

Hi all, I know its a bit away but I am doing my first H.M. at the back end of next month. Not having any experience of these things am I likely to expect any "on course" help such a marker every KM or 5KM so that I can keep my pace steady, what's the usual? What about drink stations? do these races normally have one or two ? any other useful tips for a novice at first race ? thanx


  • Hi Cratchers

    I'm doing Stroud too so see you there! I did my first half marathon in 1999 which was my first ever race and truly enjoyed it - so will you!

    I anticipate that there will be markers every mile and drink stations and given that the course is meant to be flat, just train, turn up and enjoy!

    I'm going for a PB but I will still make a point of enjoying it!

  • Don't worry there will be markers every mile with marshals posted to guide you.
    As for drink stations when you see one coming position yourself early as it will be a bit hectic.Practice drinking and running beforehand.It is very tricky and you will have to be carefull not to inhale it as i did on my first half.
    Watch your pace on the first mile as it is very easy to get caught up in the rush and overdo it.
    Good luck,enjoy it and i will see you there.
  • Anyone got any entry info for this??
    Almost ready to run again.
  • Barkles
    Go to the Stroud AC website - full info on there, plus entry forms etc. Supposed to be pretty flat and a good "first time" course. - Cratchers
  • barkles you can enter it online on active
  • Can anyone please give me the webadress for Stroud A C
  • you can find details of the race at
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