Just started running (sort of) distance or pace?

Hi all,

Atfer watching friends in the Edinburgh Marathon at the weekend I decided to take up running with a view to entering the event next year (at a distance to be determined, maybe half marathon). I've entered the great Edinburgh Run in October to give myself something to aim for and to keep my interest up.

Aside from walking to work when possible, I'm not overly active but for some reason find myself able to run 2-3 miles at a around 11 mins/mile.I could possibly run further by have generally run out of time as so far I've only run at lunchtime. I don't think I could do much more than 3 miles at the moment though.

So, other than saying hello, I'm posting to ask whether I should focus on increasing my distance first and completely ignore pace for the time being, whether I should look at pace and not distance (I think maybe not) or whether to do the two together.

Thoughts on this and anything else most welcome!




  • Distance first, pace later. You wil injure yourself if you don't build up your fitness and stamina first.
  • Distance, distance, distance!
  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Pace it is then. Just kidding! I hear you both loud and clear. Thanks a lot.

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