Speedo Q&A 3: Quiz Rebecca Adlington!



  • Hi folks,

    I'm afraid that might be all we have time for. Thank you so much Becky for giving up your time to come and answer our questions - and thanks to all of you for those questions!

    All that remains for me to say is good luck with your training and racing - sounds like lots of us have ticket applications in to see you in London next summer so hopefully we'll see you there!!


  • Thanks Becky - we all appreciate your time and advise

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you for all your messages!

    Hope they have helped!!

    Off to get lunch and get ready for another gym/swim session tonight!!

    Thank you

  • And not a mention of Ferrets utterly blinding home cooked biscuits???

  • hi

    i love swimming just like you and would really like to be an Olympic Swimmer as i love to do swimming and all four strokes especcialy breaskstroke!

    How does it feel when turning up at the olympic stadiums?

    How do you feel when winning a medal?

    love maisie imageimageimage

  • Hi Rebecca iv'e got a Question for you!


    do you have any friends in london ?

     LOVE HANNAH xxxxxxxx


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